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  1. ZooGirl

    Prettiest Pest Ever

    Aren't they majanos? I have some but they are speckled green.
  2. Yes, Pedro gets my vote as well! I'm surprised there are only 4 in the running. Where did everyone go??
  3. This by far has been the most interesting tank. Who knew you could do such a great job with out a big electric bill! Very nice, tiny.
  4. This is such a pretty tank, I love it! Great job!!
  5. Ann, I just love your tank! You've done such a great job of documenting everything. The tank looks beautiful. Good luck!
  6. Beautiful tank! The february FTS blows me away! Gorgeous.
  7. I love this tank! So clever!! You always do such a great job Tigah!
  8. The tank looks great Ken! Nice colors.
  9. Thanks T! I was trying to post more pics but it won't let me. Oh well.
  10. Wow, it's over. This has been so much fun for me. Something I never thought I'd do has turned out to be quite interesting and enjoyable. Thank you to everyone, y'all have been awesome! I know, I'm cutting it close with my last post but I've been out of town and I guess lucky that I checked my mail tonight! Yikes! Anyway, I know I've been MIA the last couple months because of my dog being sick, but the tank has been still going in spite of the lack of postings. The focus of this tank has always been the Dendro. I've been really pleased with the overall growth not only with the Dendro but also with the Acans which have thrived. I didn't have the best of luck with most of the zoos, possibly because of an unknown pest, but those that have survived have grown and intensified in coloration. Livestock Corals Acanthastrea echinata: hi-liter green Acanthastrea lordhowensis: gray Acanthastrea lordhowensis: neon green Acanthastrea lordhowensis: lavender, purple and turquoise Acanthastrea lordhowensis: purple and green Acanthastrea lordhowensis: true red, aqua, pink, and green Blastomussa merletti: pink and blue Blastomussa wellsi: green and lavender Blastomussa wellsi: lavender and neon green Blastomussa wellsi: peach Blastomussa wellsi: red w/green ring Caulastrea furcata/Candy Cane: neon green Dendrophyllia arbuscula Dendrophyllia coarctata/Micro Encrusting Dendro Dendrophyllia fistula/Sun Polyps Favites sp.: metallic green and tan Mushroom: purple and green spotted Pachyclavularia violacea/Green Star Polyps Metallic Green Star Polyps Palythoa sp.: brown and green Palythoa sp.: lavender, tan and green Zoanthus sp.: chocolate mint Zoanthus sp.: electric green Zoanthus sp.: fire and ice Zoanthus sp.: green galaxy Zoanthus sp.: lime green and pink Zoanthus sp.: orange and yellow Zoanthus sp.: pink Zoanthus sp.: steel blue and green Zoanthus sp.: ultra pink Inverts Coco Worm: red and orange Coco Worm: pink and red Stomatella varia Snails Trochus sp./Red Banded Trochus (2) Thor amboinensis/Sexy Anemone Shrimp (4) Tunicate/Sea Squirt FTS 12-7-05: FTS 1-13-06: FTS 3-30-06: Dendrophyllia Fistula 11-14-05: Dendrophyllia Fistula 12-7-05: Dendrophyllia Fistula 3-6-05: (you can see a third baby growing in this pic.) Pink Zoos- before: Pink Zoos- after: Dendrophyllia arbuscula: Dendrophyllia coarctata:
  11. ZooGirl

    Linka Star

    I don't know, but I think it looks cool. Great pic!
  12. That's pretty clever! You did a great job. I like the racing stripe. Tank is pretty too!
  13. ZooGirl


    I have a rainfordi goby and mine will eat pods and pick algae off the rocks but also eats cyclopeeze or mysis everyday. I imagine yours starved because I think they need a more established tank. That's too bad, they're really a cute fish.
  14. Very nice macro shots! Wow, you really did a good job on the move, your tank looks great!!
  15. ZooGirl

    Dendrophyllia arbuscula

    Thanks everyone! Nope, no flash somoney. It's towards the back of the tank but up high near the light so it kinda does look like there is a light just on him.
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