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  1. Computer fan for lighting? -help!

    I have another Question if you will: Where is the heat from a power compact most concentrated? Is it toward the ends or the middle?
  2. Computer fan for lighting? -help!

    I was thinking of getting this fan Thermaltake BlueSmart , which comes with a manually adjustable speed dial, but i might just get the variable voltage like you said to reduce energy/heat. Thanks for the tip, helped a lot.
  3. Hi, jut installed a new 32watt PC retrofit on my jebo r338 (Current USA SunPaq). Looks and runs great except it gives off more heat than anticipated. I was wondering if anyone knows of a power supply for the computer case fans aside from the ones designed to power a whole computer. Any leads, comments? Thanks for any help in advance, I'm looking diligenntly...
  4. I'm in the process of upgrading my lighting and want to get some additional heat exhaust. Since i have a Jebo R338, I am working with about 2x2 inches and wanted to know if anyone has these fans? How are they powered? I want to know what sort of power supply i may need. if anyone can help it'd be great thanks
  5. True Watts Per Gallon

    I've wondered that myself but think it relates to tank volume rather than water volume. When you add rocks, it increases surface area thus lowering intensity so it would seem like more rock = more light rather than the opposite. WPG is a really general term since you can have a 20 gallon tank that is 3feet tall and 5 in wide, or a 20 gallon that is 3 feet wide and 5 in tall with the same light, but in the end depth (distance from light) is actually what determines the amount of light they get. I think watt-per-gallon is more a commercialized term rather than a real and accurate way to provide lighting. I guess it's a rule of thumb that works with most "normal" shaped rectangular tanks.
  6. Another Nanocube horror story...

    This thread sure scared me out of JBJ!! They should include a fire extinguisher with the hood jeez!! How can a company call itself reputable with these kinds of fatal flaws in their products? Also if JBJ almost burned your house down because of their incompetence, then sue them. It sounds very serious.
  7. Anyone seen/have the JEBO Odyssea tanks?

    I when i said 'made' i meant fabricated. That sounds like a flaw in the materials.
  8. Anyone seen/have the JEBO Odyssea tanks?

    I have a Lifetech r338 which i found out is actually a Jebo r338(was gift). It is an 8-gal bow front acrylic. The main problem I have with this tank is the extreme lack of adequate lighting. Damn thing only came with two 8 watt floros. Ouch! Only 2 watts/gal! I hear it is optimal to have what? atleast 3-7 watts or more/gal. My macro alga are growing "fast" relative to other stuff but still very slow and I think my new (3 weeks old, first coral ever) parazoanthids are dying due to lack of lighting (also removed 2 hitchhiker crabs). Strangely, I haven't really had any problems with nitrogenous wastes considering I'm using the stock filter only with weekly water changes. My conclusion is that a tank is a tank whether it's made by a bunch of sweatshop workers or Einstein, but lights/filtration is something u really cant afford to cheap out on (unless you just find the bomb ###### with good prices) if you want a successful tank. To replace my lighting I've ordered a 2x32watt Current USA sunpaq retrofit kit. Only 90-100 bucks for mine, or 60 for the 1x32 watt with dual actinic/10k Just hope it fits the hood, or it's dremel time. Disclaimer: I'm still a beginner/reefing student
  9. Stop Damsel Cycling!!!

    PS: Man, just read all the posts, and Eric Borneman's article. Thanks for the education. I kinda want to take my fish and shrimp out now for a few months.... When you get these things as a suprise birthday gift and you know nothing about it except your brother (who gave me it) telling you "just throw this stuff in and we can go get fish/cool stuff tommorrow," you simply don't know any better. Although I have registered 0 ammonia/nitrites/20-30 nitrate and my fish look unstressed, my parazoanthids (yellow) don't look too good, although the zoanthids seem to be doing fine. Borneman's explanation of cycling was especially informative and useful. (Nitrogenous compound release & uptake rate not registered in water test, only absolute concentration. Cycling not complete until Nitrogenous compounds from dead matter is no longer released.)
  10. Stop Damsel Cycling!!!

    I used bio-spira and it worked overnight. Ofcourse I was a newb and went ahead and bought a damsel anyway, which ended badly. Good thing for conscienceious aquarists like yourself. I wish they had ppl like you in front of fish stores telling ppl this stuff.
  11. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    I was an "other." I had a nano-reef thrust upon me on my b-day. My pockets are empty but life is rich.

    That is a damn fine looking tank. Unortunately, if that is 20lbs of liverock, it means it has little or no porosity, reducing surface area for bacteria/organisms. I have the same jebo with around 7-8 lbs liverock and it is atleast as full looking as yours. Maybe u just have it arranged in a dense manner to0.