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  1. White geometric pattern

    I was hoping that someone could help me out with what this is. it just appered on the glass of my tank yesterday
  2. penguin water dispenser

    does the water bottle screw in or does it just sit there. if it just sits there if you cut a hole in the top it wont hold water anymore.
  3. fs dual 175 mh

    price drop now asking 125.00
  4. fs dual 175 mh

    this light is still for sale if anyone is interested.
  5. fs dual 175 mh

    I am selling a cool touch dual 175 mh ballast with 2 bulbs and sockets. im asking $200 pictures can be sent upon request
  6. ato

    thanks im building the air powered ato and have everyting but the floatswitch if this switch is being used then im golden thank you for the help.
  7. ato

    does anybody have any experience with this float switch or a suggestion
  8. ato

    im building an ato like wetts battery powered. and wanted to make sure i was ordering the correct floatswitch. im looking at the FLT015 on http://www.chicagosensor.com/ would this work or do i need to find something else
  9. Coolest Mandarin ever

    sweet fish. thunil could you pm me the web adress for the site you found that on im working a night shift and need something to do to fight boredom.
  10. Williams 5.5 nano

    yea update not much just new pics. added a blue background and a topoff which im still trying to tune i may need a new valve this one is a little finicky. im also checking on prices for some bulbs. or i will order a new fixture ill find out in the morning right before i get my suite hemed
  11. Williams 5.5 nano

    as promised here is the update first fts a little closer and a quick shot of my freshwater tank
  12. Williams 5.5 nano

    quick update ill post pics tomarrow or tuesday depending on when i can get my computer hoked back up im at work right now. problems with the wireless so im hard wiring the computer. i have rock in the tank and did manage to get one small pice of liverock to help seed with. now its just time to wate i get money on friday and will be buying a light instead of building. if there are any reefers in al let me know so i can buy or trade and not have to order online in a month or two thanks
  13. North Alabama reefers

    anybody from alabama
  14. North Alabama reefers

    i was wondering if there were any reefers form the North Alabama area on here. Im in the shoals area but original from Huntsville. and still have family there. just wondering.
  15. t-8 bulb question which one

    i am building a light for my 5.5 and am planing on using Coralifes t-8 18" bulbs. i was wondering what color range would be better for the tank. this tank will mostly be zoos and plays. and maybe some soft corals. Hellolights has a couple of different color temps available and i was wondering which would be better to use the 10 or 20,000 ones. id like to get at least three if not four bulbs on the tank both bulbs are 18 inch 15 watt NO bulbs. should i do this or would i be better off going with a compact florescent bulb like the Current USA 12" Dual Satellite hood. thanks for the help i couldn't do this with out the help of people like you.