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  1. nice little filter for you pico lovers!

    i would rather the elite mini. It is submersible, and it is really really small. Adjustable flow rate up to 58 GPH. Has a built in venturi which i stop a valve cap on so i didn't get micro bubbles in the tank. The bottom half of it comes off where there is a small filter material. This would also be very good for making a mini skimmer for your nano or pico. 8 bucks at petco
  2. 20L owners - help me out!

    I have a 20L with a 10 sump. I got a mag5 on it with a 4 foot lift feeding to two returns and I have a CPR r2 on there as well. 175w HQI MH over it. Lots of water movement. everything seems to like it though....softies, SPS, my fish....etc I also have 2 neon blue tubes (for computers) which are about 12 inches each. They are build into PVC pipes that were cut in half parallel to the legnth of the tube. These are the reflectors. fixtures to hold them on the back of the tank are made out of acrylic. You barely even notice them there when you look at the tank (the fixtures and thin piping) But when you turn off the tank its nice and blue. These are what are called fake actinics
  3. emerald crabs

    im not really sure what to say about this. I have a 5 gallon nano, i have 1 descent sized male emerald crab...about 20 hermit crabs...from blue leg, red scarlet, red leg...and about 25 snails...astrea, nassarius, and others... snails are usually just cruising around under the sand, or on the glass, hermits knock almost any coral over that I throw in the tank. I am also planning on upgrading though, but I have had no water level problems, and the emerald is scared as hell of my 2 clown fish