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  1. new addition to my coral crew!

    thanks. rics more beautiful than acans, maybe. but more beautiful than dendros? nahhhh
  2. just picked up this rock of ricordia.. $20 for 8 of them:happy: ..they're nothing like acans or dendros but hey, they look pretty to me:D they came with some mini brittle stars too! oh so sexy:P
  3. hammer falling apart?

    my hammer coral just recently split into 2 heads but i just noticed that a little part of the flesh has fallen off. it looks like a mini hammer coral and is just as healthy as my other 2 heads but it doesnt have a branch or skeleton.. just a round ball with 7 "hammers" ..is this normal? maybe its a way the spread themselves around but i've never read anything on this type of propagation in hammers. has anyone here experienced this?
  4. MB7 lighting

    i was wondering too ..would 1x32w be good enough? or would i need to get 2x32w retrofits for a minibow 7
  5. how big isn't a nano-reef?

    i say 30g ..there was a thread on this a while back
  6. WTB: 2x32w PC fixture in SoCal

    hmm..looks like no1 else is selling wheelin u got a PM
  7. WTB: 2x32w PC fixture in SoCal

    hmm..im really looking for something nearby that i can pick up ..but if u got the top offer we can work something out
  8. im looking for a 2x32w PC fixture-bulbs included would be preferred-for my new MB7 somewhere in socal for pick up. thx:happy:
  9. Needs 70w MH set up

    really? hmm.. then how about just for a 70w MH ballast? i cant seem to find any shops around here that carry MH ballasts
  10. 3 different setups for sell in SoCal

    Would u sell the nano magnet cleaner thinger for the 2.5 separately? ive been lookin for one.
  11. Needs 70w MH set up

    hey, im looking for a 70w MH set up for cheap(under $100) in the SoCal area for pick up only. can anyone hook it up?