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  1. Interested in the complete halide setup if you part. Thanks!
  2. PM sent I can pick up all either tomorrow evening or Saturday. Thanks!
  3. Sale pending. Thanks guys, the guy I bought it from gave me a good deal so I figure I'd pass on the good karma.
  4. Hi all, recently upgraded so I'm selling my 14g oceanic biocube. Comes with live rock, sand etc. pictured as well as ocellaris clown and pink spotted watchman goby. Various small frags of zoas and gsp as well that have stuck around the tank. Hood is retrofitted with 2x panorama pro LED strips, 1-50/50, 1 blue. Stand in decent condition, there's a little wear where the door slides on the bottom but nothing that can't be fixed with a little touch up paint. Also comes with koralia powerhead and heater, ready to go system. There are a couple aiptasia here and there FYI that can be nuked. System has been going for roughly 2 years straight, with a move in between. Lots of great spaghetti worm, copepods, fauna etc. Asking $125 for everything as is $100 for dry system without rock, fish, etc. Local pickup please in Julian, CA. If you want the dry system I can also bring it with me to work in San Diego. Also willing to take partial/full trades for ebo-jager heaters, koralia powerheads, lighting for a 24" wide tank, 24w"x24w" aquarium stand, various cool sps/monti/zoa frags, etc. Just shoot me an offer! Thanks!
  5. I'd be interested in a Miami hurricane and am local. Thanks and good prices!
  6. Inbox full I'd like the konas, purple deaths, blue eyes and sticky punch shipped priority since I live close. Thanks!
  7. Any tips on how to get these guys off the rocks? I have quite a few that need some relocating to more visible areas of the tank/for trading.
  8. Hi all, anybody interested? The bulb is 6500k, its been used about 6 months, asking $30 plus shipping. The bulb is square pin and comes with the retrofit reflector. I might also have some spare bulbs, but they are straight pin. Thanks for looking.
  9. No prob, I saw the thing about Jeff's Exotics too but I've heard too many bad stories with shipping that I'd rather just head down that way sometime.
  10. What do you think about ordering from saltwaterfish.com? lmk. Thx.
  11. Jim, tried to send you a PM but your box was full. I'll send to your e-mail as well to see if you can get it there, my e-mail doesn't work but you can pm me back here at nano-reef whenever possible.
  12. I have some sps and zoo frags to trade if you're interested lmk. Here is a list of what I have, I'm in California but willing to ship. green body/orangish red polyps digitata, nice contrast turquoise/bright baby blue tips formosa, under high lighting turns solid baby blue, awesome color on this one green with purple tips nana, good beginner sps, fast grower neon green spongodes, plating and branching montipora neon green hydnophora turquoise/purple center zoos