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  1. back with a manifold setup question.

    Some places say 825, others 978... the box says 978, so that's what I go with... I know it's not a ton of power for two outlets, but it's whta I have to work with, so it'll have to do. Thanks for the plumbing advice by the way... that's what I needed. As for soft plumbing I was considering using flexable pvc("SpaFlex"). Jared
  2. I'm revamping a 60 gallon custom tank, with 2, 1" bulkhead placed 15" apart in the bottom. What I have to work with for a CLS is a PCX 30 pump (3/4" inlet/outlet with ~980 gph max flow) about 2" feet below the tank. I would like to get the most out of this situation (optimized flow out each bulkhead) by using a manifold, but I'm not sure how I should go about it... but this is what I'm thinking: from the outlet, go straight up to 1", have a union, then Ball Valve, then the manifold/loop made of 1" PVC for the loop. When I get to the tees, I'm not sure whether I should go straight down to 3/4 there with a bushing in the bulkheads , or just stay with 1" through the bulkheads and go down to the 3/4" loc-line outlets at the final outlet? Thoughts? I'm working on this tomorrow morning, so the sooner the better for any ideas. Thanks, Jared
  3. A few things I'm getting rid of: $15 - ushio 10K MH used for about 2 weeks. $10 - 32w square pin actinic PC bulb, never used. $30 - In-sump venturi model UTR skimmer; comes with a MJ400 w/ turbo venturi kit, and an adjustable standpipe. $5 - 10w 50/50 screw in pc, never used. $3 - Inline filter for Aqua Lifter pump, never used; I'LL THROW IT IN FREE with any other item purchased, if you want it. Paypal, and USPS. Jared
  4. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    The death was caused by allelopathy as far as I can tell. I had well over 20 varieties of corals in the tank, and their competition was just too much. That is the best explanation I can come up with. By the way, three corals came through: two unidentified acros, and one purple plume gorgonian. Thanks for the sentiments folks, Jared

    After my crash, I must drop out... I will restock at some point, but I am still grieving/confused/upset/indignant. "I couda been a contenda"
  6. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    All my frags are dead. All the chemistry says there's no reason for them to be dead: PO4 is 0, NO3 is zero, Ca is 440, Alk is 7.5, pH is 8.2, Salinity is 1.026 (with a calibrated refratometer), temp is 79-81F. I'm confused and frustrated.
  7. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    Algae tank still looks good... the sps tank, however, is completely devoid of all coral life... it has officially crashed. I believe I'm out of the runing. It's a sad day. Jared
  8. [CUSTOM] Fishfreak218

    yeah, buy those litle baby tangs up, "rescue" them even, so the LFS sees demand, buys more, and the cycle continues... genius.
  9. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    The WC was about 2 gallons, so pretty big, but not even 50%... and like I said, all parameters were matched carefully... I have a feeling it is all allelopathy/competition, despite skimming and chemical filtration... who knows... maybe I'm even keeping the tank TOO clean (skimmer, purigen, and refugium, on a BB tank with TONS of water flow and frequent WCs... that's probably pretty unlikely too though, since I'm feeding and adding amino acids regularly. I may have to restock quite a bit, but I wouldn't yet call it a total disqualifying crash. The algae tank is doing well (lots of tunicates and bivalve hitchhikers). Cheers, Jared
  10. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    No updates, as there's nothing but bad news to give. The Pink stylophora frag that has been bleached since I got it, finally died. Everything was looking OK, then I did a water change last night (all parameters adjusted to be the same as the old water- pH, Alk, Salinity, Ca, Temp) and this morning, everything looks like crap... we'll see what pulls through. Please wish me luck, even if your my competitor, because if this tank is a total crash, my wife may kill me. Jared
  11. Your Fav. Saltwater book

    Reef Secrets, by Nilsen and Fossa
  12. Scheduled Reef Chat w/ Topic Idea

    I also like the idea of scheduled focused chats. realtime discusion can be much more effective than post/reply format when dealing with tough issues like those Tigah and lgreen mentioned. Jared
  13. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    So, did you all like the aquascaping? I sure did... why am I using past tense? Because I had to stick my big, clumbsy, drunk-a$$ hands in there last night when I got home from a party with a couple frags from the host's tank, and try to get them into place. What happened next is just about the worst thing that could have happened to the tank. I pushed the single perfectly shaped piece of rock a little too hard, and broke off the entrie archway/cave behind the sytylophora. all the corals positioned and/or mounted on and around it went toppling, many of them ended up broken also. I spent the next two hours cursing at myself and trying to fix it, butthere is no fixing it. That rock had been shaped by thousands of years of water, burowing animals, and coral growth... and I destroyed it's beatifuly sculpted form in a fraction of a second with one thoughtless movement of my hand. So much for zen, dumba$$!
  14. [CUSTOM] jmorris

    I still have to improve pic quality so you can all apreciate how these fish and frags really look. Eviotea Goby Trimma Goby Acropora sp, gold/green w/ purple tips and brown polyps Acropora millipora, green/yellow Acropora sp, brwon w/ yellow polyps Montipora capricornis, orange/pink Montipora sp., encrusting, green Montipora sp., encrusting, purple Pociloporra sp., pink/green with green/brown polyps Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata (possibly Muriceopsis flavida), purple plume gorgonian Seriatopora hystrix, pink birdsnest Enjoy! Jared

    The identification of all specimens below was done to the best of my ability using multiple published and online resources. At the very least, All IDs should be accurate to the Genus. SPS tank Fish 1 – Eviotea sp. Goby, red and white w/ blue eye markings 2 – Trimma sp. Goby, solid red Inverts 3 – orange turbo snails 1 – astrea snail 2 – tricolor (dwarf blue legged) hermit crabs Corals 1 – Acropora sp., neon yellow w/ neon green tips and polyps 1 – Acropora sp., bluish-purple w/ blue polyps 1 – Acropora sp., “Chip’s Acro” 1 – Acropora sp., (stag) blue/purple 1 – Acropora sp, gold/green w/ purple tips and brown polyps 1 – Acropora millipora, green/yellow 1 – Acropora sp., brown w/ yellow polyps 2 – Acropora valida, "tricolor" (cream/purple/green with yellow polyps) 1 – Montipora capricornis, brown/lavender 1 – Montipora capricornis, orange 2 – Montipora digitata, green w/ orange polyps 1 – Montipora digitata, purple 2 – Montipora sp., encrusting, green 1 – Montipora sp., encrusting, purple 1 – Pociloporra sp., pink with green polyps 1 – Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata (possibly Muriceopsis flavida), purple plume gorgonian 2 – Seriatopora hystrix, pink birdsnest 1 – Stylophora pistillata, pink Other Cladophora prolifera (macroalgae) Refugium Inverts 1 – astrea snail numerous bristle worms, bivalves, tunicates, and other hitchhikers Macro Algae Ulva lactuca Caulerpa scalpelliformis (possibly C. serrulata) Padina pavonica Gracilaria sp. Scinaia sp. Halimeda sp. Chaetomorpha aerea Dictoyta sp. Avrainvillea sp. Equipment 2.5 gallon 8"x8"x9" main tank, and matching refugium, with about 7 lbs LR between them. The main tank has a 4" by 4" external overflow tower which uses a 1" drain and a Hoffer Gurgle Buster standpipe to drain into the 2.5 gallon mini-bow sump The sump holds an additional 3-5 lbs LR, a bag of purigen, an iceprobe chiller, a 100w AGA heater, and a slightly modified Lee's air-driven counter-current skimmer. Lighting on the main tank is accomplished by a 70 watt MH retrofit (Regent Flood light DIY) powered by a WPI electric ballast; I'm using a 14K Astralux bulb. The refugium is lit by a 27 watt DIY PC retrofit wit ha 6700K Lights of America bulb. A Mag 5 return pump runs through a 1/2" CPVC horizontal perimeter manifold on the main tank, and a 1/2" CPVC "T" manifold in the back of the refugium. I plan on upgrading to a Mag 7 for the return soon. A Mag 3.5 CLS pump is used for additional circulation, and runs through a SCWD and out 2 1/2" loc-lines each terminating in 1/2" Y fittings. There's a total of 6 fans on the system (one on the iceprobe, two in the MH canopy, one in the PC refugium canopy, one blowing over the CLS pump, and another blowing over the main return pump). I will soon be adding another fan to blow across the surface of the water in the sump. The ATO is a 2 gallon reservoir with an aqualifter pump connected to a float switch. I go through 2 gallons top off water every 4 days or so. And.... There you have it. Jared