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  1. 2.5 gallon sps pico contest entry
  2. 2.5 gallon sps pico contest entry
  3. 2.5 gallon sps pico contest entry.
  4. it's a toby, not quite a normal puffer.
  5. HELLO...OFF TOPIC gallery... I hosted it here to use as my sig pic. And quite frankly, anyone who thinks this is stupid, is missing the whole point. Sorry, I have every right to post this. Cheers, a very liberal Jared
  6. No, he's not turning into an ape, he is the missing link between ape and man, that is: "Homo x." I supose the title of de-evolution is kind of misleading though huh?
  7. finally... the missing link!
  8. Think I can keep this with sps in a 7 gal?
  9. Here's some of the nicer little things in my little 7 gal minibow: spiny tree frag, birdsnest frag, orange/red zoos, ulva "sea lettuce", curly-cue algae, and an unidentified red fuzy branching macroalgae.
  10. soon to be renovated... but really, it is pretty good as is.