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  1. old photo from my 40g
  2. Come down lol. There are ways to keep one in a smaller tank, just takes some effort and money but it can be done.
  3. He must be evil if he can stand up against the PP! nice pic
  4. Yeah, im going to go with travis here, i think its a pipe organ.
  5. Awesome shots! very sharp and exposed just right!
  6. MY FISH!!!
  7. Lol, my fish is now in 50fifty's tank...so same fish is in his picture.
  8. Let me know if it seems too over saturated for windows users...Im on a mac so i see color profiles a bit differently.
  9. Pls enlarge...
  10. Cool shot
  11. Thanks Snoop and Codetoad.. I totally agree about the DOF and I wish it was a little larger too. The original is a much larger pic (this one is cropped alot) that i didnt think anything of at first so I was pretty lucky the DOF wasnt any worse.
  12. :)

    Nice Catch! You caught that on fly?
  13. Nope, its just bleached.
  14. Your room is really warm. 80* jeez