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  1. They are cool gobies, did you get them?!
  2. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Thank you thank you!
  3. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Well it's been a while, threw together a quick video for the 1 year anniversary. Cheers!
  4. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    ok, I'll grab some photos this weekend. I've had some growth, but it's really been less than stellar to be honost. I suppose i can't be sure what the root of it is, but parameters are always in check and I have very little nuisance algae. My source water isn't great but I know it grows corals like mad, so I've pretty much narrowed it down to pH swings or the kessil.
  5. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    lolerz. My sps kicked the bucket, most of my zoas don't like the kessil, I got a skimmer (one digi that lived it coming back around), have a neat angelfish. Thats about it. I can post some pictures soon if anyone is interested.
  6. Pili

    Live sand

    This statement is completely incorrect and is misleading for new aquarists. Your microscope definitely won't pick up on the nitrogen fixing bacteria needed for cycling.
  7. Pili

    Live sand

    Live sand (ie. caribsea) is bogus. Get some dry aragonite sand with a grain size of your choosing, rinse, profit. Grab a scoop of sand from someone with an established tank to "seed".
  8. Pili

    Hydor Slim Skim Nano Queries

    So, question...what is the length from the bottom to the bottom edge of the inlet. And can the skimmer rest on the bottom or does it need to be raised up for the outlet to work. I have about 9.5" of water to work with. Thanks!
  9. I like! Aquascape looks great.
  10. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Well, I guess because it's not full spectrum it just looks weird to the eye. I wish it had some red wavelengths, just to make it a little more even, not for growth. Same here, this is more of an experiment than anything else. I do a 4-5 gallon water change weekly and change out carbon once a month. I think I want to put together a small reactor for the carbon though.
  11. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Nope, no dimmer. WSIWYG. No skimmer. Tank was custom made by chris @ PicoAquariums. Nothing but good things to say about the tank still. I've had the goni for maybe 1.5 months now, it's grown a bit. Special deal for you nips, $300 takes it. It does and doesn't IMO. Thanks though. Your tank is coming along I saw, looks good.
  12. Pili

    Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Crappy photos strike again but here they go. LEDs did not make the photo's any easier. Overall, the kessil is pretty nice. The color is growing on me, but something is still missing. The heat and power usage are way down though which more than offsets the funky feeling I have about it. I fried one sps frag with it, but otherwise everything seems ok. The PVC rack is definitely overkill now but it does the trick. tbh I'll probably keep it this way until the tank is moved or broken down. Tried to get the spread in this one. It might help. FTS, the color is sort of right.
  13. Pili

    Do you agree with nano-reef tank size rec's?

    The nuvo 8 is pretty tiny. I would keep to 1 or 2 gobies, nothing more.
  14. Pili

    My PicO Aquarium MR18

    Thanks! softies in general are a good start can be just as beautiful as any sps tank. Zoas, shrooms of all sorts, some photosythetic gorgonians, xenia, etc. Lots of movement and if you forget to do a waterchange, its ok!