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  1. nephthea frags $8 a frag (vt) will ship

    I'll take one if there are any left. Can paypal immediately. Shipped to 21666. Thanks, Eric
  2. What is the REAL Nano Cube Crack Rate?

    I have a 24g DX, set up on 6-20-2005, no cracks as of yet. I bought mine local, I wonder how many have cracked that were purchased from Ebay as compared to local fish stores. May be interesting. Eric
  3. Need Mantis Shrimp?

    Found a home for them! Have a great 4th of July!
  4. Need Mantis Shrimp?

    I have ten green ones that I am sure are Mantis shrimp. The clear/brownnish ones may not be, but I wanted to be sure before I got my tank too far along. Eric
  5. Need Mantis Shrimp?

    mushroom head, Hello. I don't really have a way to ship them. If you want to ship me a container, I can ship them back. My zip code is 21666 if that helps. I have not ordered anything for my tank and bought my LR local, so I don't have any containers for shipping. Sorry. Eric
  6. Need Mantis Shrimp?

    MattC, There may be one or two amphipods in there. The ones I could tell where definately not MS, I put back in my tank. I know the greenish ones are Mantis Shrimp, after referring to pictures, the clear/reddish ones, look the same, but are smaller and harder to see. I would rather be safe than sorry. I am still pretty sure they are Mantis Shrimp though. I can see their Praying Mantis style arms/claws. I got my LR from House of Tropicals in Glen Burnie. I got one really cool piece with lots of holes and built in caves and some Tonga rock. Later, Eric
  7. Need Mantis Shrimp?

    Hello, I just set up my first SW tank, a 24g Nanocube. After adding LR, I had some shrimp things swimming around. They turned out to be Mantis shrimp. I want other things in my tank, so the shrimp have to go. I removed each piece of LR, dipped it in fresh water and set it in a cooler. After each rock was dipped, I removed the shrimp from the FW bucket. I put them back in SW and they seem fine. I have about twenty shrimp 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. Half are a greenish color, some are clear and some are reddish/brown. I live on Kent Island in MD and if you want them, you are welcome to them. I don't really have a way to ship them, but you are welcome to pick them up or I might could meet you between Annapolis and Baltimore. If you had any cool cleaners, it may make a neat trade, but you can have the shrimp anyway. I don't want to kill them. Later, Eric
  8. Mantis shrimp

    Hello, I have my first SW tank set up, a 24g Nanocube. No cracks yet either! I added my live rock and a day or so later, I kept noticing "things" swimming around, they looked a little like shrimp to me. As I found out later, they are Mantis shrimp. I guess some people actually set tanks up for these guys, but most don't want them as they are livestock killers. After a couple days and a lot of reading, I decided to get rid of them. It appears most traps do not work that well. My tank has just been set up and I have not added anything yet, so here is what I did. I removed each piece of LR and dipped it in fresh water in a 5 g bucket, stirred it around a little and set it in a cooler. I did this for all pieces and after each piece, I searched in the bucket and removed the shrimp. I found several things in the buckets. A couple different copepods, which I put back in the tank and about twenty mantis shrimp. The shrimp are very small, from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Half are green and some are clear and there are some reddish brown ones as well. I put them all back in saltwater I had removed from my tank and they seem to be fine. They are kind of interesting to watch. Any way, what do I do with them? If anyone is around Baltimore/Annapolis MD area, they could have them. I live on Kent Island. I may see if the store I got the rock from would want them. If anyone is interested, pm me or email me at eric@sheepdogmarine.com. I guess this was not really that bad to do to my tank as it had not completely cycled yet and there was nothing in it. It seemded easier to deal with the shrimp now, than later, when I had neat stuff in there. Also, for anyone dealing with these shrimp, this method seems to have worked great. Later, Eric
  9. Nevermind, I just found out about the cracking after reading above my post. This is probably the longest post I have ever started to read. Only on page 5 now, but wanted to get some thanks out! Later, Eric
  10. Steelhealr, What a great thread! A friend told me about this site after I spoke to him about his reef tank. I have a 120 g FW tank and a 1400g Koi pond, but always wanted one of these. My wife, bless her, got me a 24g dx for Father's day. I knew a little about where to start, but I stumbled across your thread. What a big help. Thanks for taking the time and effort to provide us real newbies with all of this great info. BTW, what is with your tank cracking? Did it crack? I am setting mine up with water only first based on what I have read about them, but just wanted to know where to look. Thanks again and good luck! Eric
  11. Jbj Nano poll

    Man, I just got a 24Dx last night and now I am not sure what to do. I think I will set it up and just let it run for a couple days. Where did yours crack? Any signs of the cracking starting? Thanks, Eric
  12. New NC 24G DX in MD 3 hours running P1

    Tank looks good! I just got my 24g tonight and will set it up tomorrow. I am a newbie also, so I can't help you much. That is cool you got some neat stuff with your rocks! Good luck, Eric
  13. Aleiodubua's 12g Nano

    I like it! I am just getting my cube this week, so I have a way to go. Looks good so far!