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  1. fast growing Merletti...

    i love merletti's, i think there under rated.
  2. Bogart's 10g AGA

    thanks for the coments and compliments. Yeah, I liked the first one better too, but it was a pain to set up so I decided on the easy way out.
  3. my first pico

    those are nice
  4. New Nano guy

    Welcome to Nano Reef. You might get a mini cycle later on, or you might not just watch It closly that would suck if your clown died. Most people may critize your way of doing things but take it as constructive critism, but Im surrprised, most people would have roasted you. Good Luck Jeff.
  5. Babycakes' Custom Cube Project

    Japanese style aquascape in a cube? That will be nice, but its definatly easier said then done.
  6. MVC-013F

    the samething happened to me but i caught it at 88 Degrees. I thank everyday since then that I didnt go to work.
  7. Ricordia-New Addition

  8. Bogart's 10g AGA

    Supplementing I dont really need it, because once a week water changes keep my cal. at 390. I belive water changes is one of the keys to success. Plus if your supplementing right before a water change isnt that just a waste? If you do it right after the water change arent you over dosing? Not that its useless or anything, but if you stay religous with the water changes theres no need for supplementing. As for the MH Its pain acclimating blastos to that bright light in such a small tank. You got to start them on the side or in the shade, then slowly bring them out to more intense light. Some of my Blastos bleached when I first got them in my tank and I have PCs, so you can imagine with MH. Once they get used to the light most blastos have awesome colors. As for acans, those guys are tanks dont worry to much about them.
  9. here it is: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69690
  10. Bogart's 10g AGA

    Yes I feed cyclo. 2-4 times a week, and I spot feed mysis or silversides every other month.
  11. Yellow sea fan

    Very nice fan.
  12. 10g front view

  13. Quick Question

    Good luck!
  14. Horrible experience in a LFS

    Wow, he was pretty rude, how does he sell stuff?
  15. 20050404_3_

    cool as a cucumber