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  1. Algae and "scum"

    I have been feeding a tiny pinch of flake 5-6 times a week. Occasionally I substitute brine shrimp or bloodworms for flake. I guess it's still a bit too much. I have a stock Nano6, no skimming. maybe I will try more flow. SOmeone at the LGS suggested a sand sifter of some type. Can anyone suggest a small one that won't overload mys sytem and is relatively hardy?
  2. Algae and "scum"

    Help a brother out. Any livestock I can get to control it? Any other suggestions? Please?
  3. Algae and "scum"

    I have had my nano up for about 3 months now. Everything has been going great until recently. I am starting to get a heavy growth of maroonish algae on the sand. it looks slimy and has stranded here and there. I am also starting to get some on my rocks. On top of that, I am notincing a heavy (bacterial) scum on the surface of the water, which I have never had before. I am keeping up with water changes and I change a small carbon packet about once a month. I have cut back on feeding, but it hasn't seemed to help. I also cut the photoperiod to about 8 hours. I have 3-6 various hermit crabs. (they fight alot) 1 little yellow clown goby 1 peppermint shrimp various frags.
  4. Epoxy Putty Can Kiss My @SS...

    Can I FE, put the gel on the rock base of a small frag, then glue it to a peice underwater in my tank? I have a peice of LR that I can't move and I am wondering how to get coral in my tank.
  5. Marine Epoxy alternatives.

  6. Marine Epoxy alternatives.

    The other day I bought a little zoo frag for my tank. Cost 6 bucks. Then they tried to sell me a big 16 dollar stick of Marine Epoxy to to attatch it with. I declined. Now I am kind of regreting it, as They little frag keeps falling down. I don't think Superglue will work, as I don't want to take my LR structure out if the tank. Are there alternatives/ cheaper products?
  7. Pump just stopped.

    Have no idea how to take the magnetic impeller off. There was no obvious away to crack that sucker open. I did, however, manage to fix it. I took it out. (that was incredibly hard to do for a man with large hands. They shoulda made it easier. They could have set it in concrete and it woulda been easier.) Then I jammed the outflow pipe into my sink faucet and turned it on full blast. Then I got a mini screwdriver and manually spun the impeller a few times. Seems to work fine now. Now I have to get the blasted thing back IN. Thanks for the advice, guys. The LFS was closed, I don't think my corals would have lasted the night, they were looking decidedly droopy.
  8. Pump just stopped.

    I came home fomr my work today and my pump had just stopped pumping. It was still plugeed in, but not making any noise or anything. I put in an old pump I had laying around, but I don't even think that thing is putting out more than a couple GPH. Anyone have any advice on fixing the old one?
  9. I think my shrimp may have a parasite. (no pic)

    I am not super worried about it spreading, unless it can jump to my crabs or my fish. I see the sense in keeping a QT tank. Butmy main tank is only 6 gallons. I will learn to start inspecting the shrimp better, though.
  10. I just got a peppermint shrimp today. I was checking him out and I noticed a large lump on his side. it is oval and white. It covers the area from just behind his head all the way to where his segments start. It appears to be underneath the (skin? chitin?) because you can see the shrimp's surface patters overlayed onto the white 'thing'. It is only on the one side. Is this a parasite? Will it spread to my hermits or goby? I will have to tear the tank down to catch the shrimp and I really don't want to do that.
  11. Stop me before i buy a damsel!

    I just had to get rid of my Pink Talbot's Damsel. It was a wonderful little fish, but it contstantly flung sand all over my tank. My corals were angry.
  12. Hm... should half a krill worry me?

    Same thing happened to me the otehr day when my emerald crab found himself a 2" long dead X-Mas tree worm. I let him it his fill then took out what he dropped.
  13. R.I.P. Barney

    It is a tad odd. Neat tank, though.
  14. alright to filter?

    nah...go ahead and run it.
  15. Nassarius Snail and Black Sand

    siphoning helps alot.