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  1. @Aquatic Spendthrift They are not photosynthetic! I am actually feeding them every day, alternating between oyster feast (which they seem to love) and reef roids! When I feed oyster feast, they seem to extend a bit more afterward (wanting more!), but it could just be coincidence. @Firefish15 Thank you! Yeah so I'll get a few better photos of these guys soon; my fiancee has a better phone camera than me lol, so I'll have to use hers to take some better photos! Next on the list (probably next month, going slow to make sure nothing goes wrong) is a harem of Catalina gobies!
  2. And actually, here's a few more good ones with the blue actinics on!
  3. @Firefish15 Took a few days, but here are some more pics, plus a FTS as promised! Tried to give perspective with this 10ml syringe I feed these guys with!
  4. @Firefish15 Yes! I will take a pic when I get home tonight 😄
  5. Okay people, BIG UPDATE! In fact, perhaps the update YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! First, let's get stats outta the way: Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Ammonia: 0 Cycle Complete? YES! For about a MONTH now, the cycle has been complete and I was in kind of a "hibernation" mode (aka the holidays), so I didn't do much but let that macroalgae grow. ~~~HOWEVER~~~ Recently, a fellow hobbyist and I were talking about strawberry anemones and that they had some extras to give away. WELL, I GOT THEM YESTERDAY AND THEY ARE FANTASTIC. The true test of this tank begins! I'm hoping the failsafes of the sump and bio balls are enough to handle daily feedings of these beautiful specimens! Ok ok, on with the photos! The first two are from when I first put them in the tank (about an hour later). The last 3 are from this morning! More pictures to come soon 😄
  6. @caas1496 Thank you so much! It's definitely appreciated :). Not too much of an update YET, but I am working on getting some Strawberry Anemones from someone in the PNW! Those pics coming in a few weeks 🙂 In the meantime, here's what I think is Coldwater Caluerpa growing in the tank from the shells I got off the coast. I thought everything on here was 100% dead, but...life finds a way I guess 😉
  7. Not sure who is still following this, but FINALLY, after 3+ months, THE DAMN THING IS CYCLED! Ammonia at 0, Nitrites at 0. Testing Nitrate tonight. Regardless, I've been waiting WEEKS for Nitrites to go down (constant purple until last night, after I went out of town and came back!). Anyway, I'm super excited and need to revisit my livestock list 😍
  8. Just an update, folks! Ammonia still at zero, but Nitrites still sky high :(. One issue I found is that these snails POOP SO MUCH! I took a turkey baster to my "rubble" rock that's my substrate and it's filled with snail 💩. I'm going to vacuum this all out (it's been there since I put the snails in) and do a 2G water change when I simultaneously suck this all out. Hoping my nitrites get a little better with this. I guess I'll be "vacuuming" this tank somewhat often...or will be getting rid of some snails 😶 Also. I'll get a few pics again! The diatoms are slowly going away as well, so it's definitely positive signs! I started the cycle on September 10th. It's been 3 MONTHS for a 10 gallon coldwater to cycle!!! Crazy. I considered adding more bioballs (I probably will) to the sump and have changed/cleaned the filter floss twice thus far. Getting there, but I am super impatient!
  9. @Christopher Marks Yes definitely! The ammonia is now @ 0! Nitrites are still super high though, so the wait continues... 😅. And to answer your question YES, in coldwater environments, biological processes (such as ammonia eating bacteria multiplying), move much much slower and hence a much slower cycle! This cycle has been going on since SEPTEMBER 10TH! Talk about patience... lol
  10. @Firefish15 No worries at all! For most everything I use Salifert, but for Nitrite I just got an API test kit because it's so simple.
  11. Hey all, not much of a huge update here, but here's the ammonia/nitrite as it stands now: Ammonia: 0.5 Nitrite: 2.0-3.0 Diatoms (I think that's what this is) are BLOOMING right now; a lot of sites I am seeing are saying that reef tanks usually have diatom blooms after the cycle is over, but I'm not quite seeing that yet. If this goes on another week, I may add more bioballs to the sump to increase surface area for "good" bacteria. Anyway, here's a few pics to keep you interested 😉 Happy Thursday!
  12. Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates; I'm still going through a pretty intense cycle. Ammonia is SLOOWWWWLY going down and Nitrites are up! So we are indeed still in the cycling period. The good news is, the anemone isn't affected AT ALL. Neither are the snails, they are totally happy and a few of the tiny ones are growing 😱. I have a bit of a brown algae problem right now though (I'll post some pics of this), but I attribute it to the natural cycling process as a whole. Tank puberty 😉 Also, just for those curious: I have compared my electric bills from last year to this year and have noticed no big difference in energy consumption since having this 1/15th HP chiller. The myth of coldwater tanks being more expensive is hogwash! In this tank, I have 3 plugs: One for lights, one for the Sicce pump and one for the chiller. Eventually I'm going to add my DIY controller I've been working on as well 😄 Happy Tuesday!
  13. You know, I usually just use an excel spreadsheet; Apps are cool and all, but I absolutely hate typing data in on a tiny screen 😩
  14. Thanks @Firefish15! Btw I just ordered a cheap nitrite kit to go along with the ammonia one lol.
  15. That GSP looks great, I wonder where you got it from?????
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