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  1. Variety red/green/pink zoas under 200watts of PCs.
  2. [STOCK] Agent003

    Yea, the forum update nixed them. I plan on putting them back up in the near future.
  3. [STOCK] Agent003

    You are correct, I was looking at the 50/50 Realux. You have 19 of the JBJ - well, now you have 17
  4. [STOCK] Agent003

    I realized that I need new bulbs, and saw that nanotuners was out of stock on the 18w 50/50. I guess everyone had the same idea at the same time.
  5. Aqua C Remora Pro w/ Surface Skimmer Box

    I will sell to local pick-up before shipping it if anyone near by wants it. I am in San Diego. Dibs will only be held for 24 hours to expidite the sale. Here's a picture. I haven't cleaned it yet because I just took it out, but I will clean it today.
  6. [sOLD] I'm selling a one year old Aqua C Remora Pro w/ Surface Skimmer Box. I replaced the pump a month ago, but the original still works and I will include that as well. All for $125. I live in San Diego, but can ship this item as well for the actual cost of shipping, which I estimate to be $13-$20 for Fed Ex.
  7. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    This is my first time back to the thread since I PMed with both of you. Like I said, my goal is to find a good home for the acan so it won't be hacked up and sold for profit. I now know that selling it inexpensively is about the least reliable way to prevent that from happening. Like I said to fish2223, other people PMed before he did, so if he wants me to sell it to the first person that PMed me, that isn't him...although he did PM before Uchiha. I just want to do what's right and now I have to figure that out.
  8. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    I'm basing it more on the best interest of the coral. There are two people (Fish[Dennis] and Uchiha) that will be great keepers of this coral, and so I based it on whether the coral would have to be shipped. Fish has an amazing tank and I know he will be a great keeper of it if things fall through locally.
  9. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    He actually lives just a couple miles from me... small world.
  10. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    The polyps themselves as a cluster are about 4 1/2 inches across, but they are round...the piece is like half to 3/4 of a baseball. The piece is mounted to a piece of rock so that it has room to grow. The piece with the attached rock is probably about 7 inches.
  11. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    I'm hoping that someone will want the whole piece. I know I could butcher it and sell the frags for a lot more, but IMO the piece is better off as a whole. Plus, that is the wishes of the original owner who sold it to me... he gave me a great deal in favor of keeping the coral safe as a whole.
  12. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    If you know any potential buyers that will take good care of it, please let me know. I'm more interested in finding a good home than the money.
  13. 30+ polyp Lord Acan for sale

    The person that sold it to me gave me a great deal, so I'm going to try to pass along the generosity. I think $2k is a bit outrageous for one of these...they grow so fast.