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  1. Help, i thought I wasn't a noobie any more!

    Thanks everyone for the information. So in general, I should target feed (turn off the pumps in the nano) frogspawn and other LPS corals at least once or twice a week, and feed them small amounts of frozen brine, right?
  2. Help, i thought I wasn't a noobie any more!

    Maybe it was the putty. I didnt cure it, but it was specifically for reefs. I followed the instructions, but honestly, I'm so not ever using it again.
  3. Help, i thought I wasn't a noobie any more!

    How often? I feel only brine // cyclopese to my fish, so I would imagine it got some, but target feeding, not so much. Guess I better read up already.
  4. Help, i thought I wasn't a noobie any more!

    Yeah, I have a test kit, I just loaned it to someone who is starting their tank, time to steal it back. The tank is doing better through....grrrr.stupid frogspawn!
  5. Headboard

    That is sweet, does he have any trouble with the pump noise or anything?
  6. Help, i thought I wasn't a noobie any more!

    I'm hoping not. Today things are looking better, everything is out and doing well except for my big GSP, which is almost totally closed, but its not looking dead yet, just ###ed off. Another day, another water change. Hopefully good luck.
  7. So I have my nice little NanoCube 12dx. It is lovely and makes a really great addition to my office at work. I've had it fish free for 6 months and my GSPs and a little start of pipe organ are doing great. I added a little Yellow Clown Goby back to this tank and he lives happily. Then I get a flatworm infestation, and being foolish, I belive the LFS when they say that a Scooter Blenny will eat them. I did have a TON of pods, so I figured he could eat up for a week and I'd train him to eat frozen brine shrimp. As you guessed, he never ate a single flatworm (which I just siphon out during my weekly water changes) and he now loves the frozen brine shrimp. At least I rescued him from certain LFS death, even if he is in a small tank. I wait a month, and life is happy. Everything is great, so I add a few little frags of zoo's and shrooms, and my first "not super noob" coral, a very nice frogspawn. It is very, very happy and looks great for about 3 weeks. Then the suck. I tore my ACL and Meniscus playing soccer and I missed a weekly water change, but no worries. The tank looks good, I'm back at work, and one of my co-workers kindly topped off the tank and fed the fishies (probably overfed, I'm sure). Anyway, so just before my knee thing I got some of that reef putty and glued the frogspawn (and various other corals) to small rocks so they could get off the sand. In general, they all got put back exactly where they were. On Friday one of the heads of the frogspawn totally receded and died within 24 hours. The next day, the second head looked really bad. I did a water change and everything, but the second head died also, and now (go figure) some of my corals (half the GSPs) look really bad. Am I just an idiot? I do very, very regular water changes (twice a week, 1 gal each) with RO/DI water. I have very low algae growth (enough for 1 turbo snail) and run a 11 hour photocycle. I've recently replaced my bulbs, and everything. No cyanobacteria or anything else bad, except the flatworms (which are in decline, thanks to my predation). Ideas? More info on the corals. I have 2 GSPs (one huge one, on top) and one small one (just below) that are the only corals in the top half of the tank. They're all completely closed. I have an umbrella leather (looking marginal) on the bottom, with some Green Center GSPs around it (looking great). A regular mushroom (looking poor), some zoo's (looking great) a small pipe organ (looking great, growing well) and a hairy mushroom (growing like crazy) as well as a new frag of clove polyps (growing too!). So there isn't any consistant decline in the more sensistive corals, so I'm just at a loss.
  8. Bye Bye Sebae Anemone

    Really, really nice. Thanks for the info on how to keep one...
  9. My Yellow Clown Goby

    My Yellow Clown Goby doesn't touch pods -- ever. LOL! He sits around and has always eaten readily, but not too much. The other day I added a Scooter Blenny to my tank and started feeding him frozen Brine Shrimp. The Goby goes CRAZY for these guys and often eats 8 or so of them, until he is so fat he can't hardly swim.

    Mine got stuck in there for an entire weekend and still is doing fine 6 months later. They are amazing lazy, funny, and strangly trauma resistant little fish.
  11. Chromis!

    People // websites always claim that they do better in large groups... I'd be tempted to get something with more personality if you're looking to add any more fish...they always seem really boring to me unless they come in large groups.
  12. Dumbest purchase I made for my tank was

    So I'm about to become an LFS Employee, only on weekends...I'm about to be the darkside...muhahaha! "You can fit at least 3 Yellow Tangs in a 24dx!"
  13. reef health deteriorating...need advice

    Not likely. If you had ammonia, then expect to see nitrite next, then nitrate. I would assume that things will settle down and everything will slowly start to recover. Any ideas on the cause?
  14. reef health deteriorating...need advice

    As you should be! Do daily water tests. If your ammonia is not going down then you have a serious problem (like a still-decomposing dead thing). If your ammonia levels are going down, expect some nitrite to appear and then nitrate...if you can get to this point without your corals dying, even if they don't look great, be encouraged. They won't start to look really good until everything is back to normal. Have you tested the water today? Post results...
  15. reef health deteriorating...need advice

    I'd doubt that the shrimp skin is the cause - I've left them in forever and not had an amonia spike. Something much more serious must have happened to start a cycle again. Are you sure nothing has died (did a frag fall behind a rock, is a fish missing) a small snail or crab probably wouldn't start a cycle, but a turbo snail could...