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  1. (2) MP10w ES + More items

    Auto Top off has sold. Light still for sale.
  2. (2) MP10w ES + More items

    Apex system is sold.
  3. (2) MP10w ES + More items

    Also have an auto top off system from AutoTopOff.com $20 shipped http://autotopoff.com/products/ST1/ It is the 1" version ***SOLD****
  4. I am selling the following items: (2) MP10w ES. Manufacture dates 06/28/12 and 07/02/12. $190 each shipped via next day air. ***SOLD**** (1) Santa Monica Algae Scrubber $50 shipped Priority Mail http://www.santa-monica.cc/HOG5-Hang-On-Glass-UAS-Upflow-Algae-Scrubber--12-Cube-feeding-per-day--MAGNET-VERSION_p_21.html (1) Apex Jr with Temp Probe (this is the non-screen version, controlled via your computer.) $70 shipped via Priority Mail ******SOLD******* (1) ReefBreeders controllable Photon Light. Bought in December 2012. 120 degree Optics $250 shipped Next Day Air http://reefbreeders.com/it2040.html Sends PM if interested. Thanks.
  5. I am looking to buy a chiller for my 55g tank. Id rather not buy new, so I am seeing if anyone has one to sell. I can paypal money, and send a pre-paid UPS shipping label. If anyone has one for sale please send me a PM. Thanks.
  6. It didnt work for me. I killed a lot of it, but then after about 2 months it started to come back (even with the magnesium at 1800). I also lost some corals (sps's and a brain coral). I ended up having to tear the tank down and clean the rocks really well. I had them in RODI water for about a month, and then baked them in a portable oven to kill anything.
  7. Best place to order glass?

    Go locally, it will be a lot cheaper. I got 2 piesces of my sump (like 12" squares) for $17 total. Places like glasscages.com will charge a lot more, because of shipping.
  8. (SUCCESS) PJ reefs Kickstarter

    What will be the cost of the PJ reefecosystem? I'm interested in doing the $150 package, but am curious about what it will cost to get the corals in there.
  9. (SUCCESS) PJ reefs Kickstarter

    I'm in. I really like the idea nd can't wait for the kickstarter
  10. InTank Biocube 29 package deal

  11. I am selling the following package : http://shop.mediabaskets.com/BioCube-29-Pa...BC29-Bundle.htm $60 shipped with free second day air!!! It also comes with the top pieces to the media backet that helps disperse the water over the entire thing (I don't think he sells it on the site anymore). PM me if you are interestted. Paypal is zidion@msn.com.com
  12. To much flow for a 29 Nano Cube?

    I've quickly learned you have to gauge it by how things are doing in the aquarium. For example. if you are fish are hiding in places where the flow is too low, then yes you might want to turn it down. Also look at your corals, if they are shriveled up, then it might be too high. You your wavemaker is not controllable, you can always try pointing it in a a different direction, or slightly up towards the top. I had to do this with my 450 so that it wasn't throwing sand around and tearing corals.
  13. I have a hood I am willing to sell. I used it for about 2 months until I bought my T5 light set up. I have contract through UPS too, so shipping it would be cheap and easy. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  14. live copepods

    Try to find a mandarin that will eat pellets/frozen. I found mine a local shop. He loves spectrum pellets.
  15. Biocube 29G and Koralia 750?

    I have 750 in mine. I have it on the right side slightly pointed up. It creates a nice flow IMO, but a little too powerful. I think a 550 would have been perfect. I have my frogspawn below 750 and it seems to like it there. I tend to move my corals around though when I get them to find the best spot. Some love the water flow, and some hate it.