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  1. Best Mail Order for Small Frags?

    Even though they may not have everything you are looking for, there are quite a few excellent places you could choose from. My favorite online vendor is coralfanatics (they have some fantastic zoas and palys - my greatest weakness ). If you email Deidra, I would be surprised if she didn't get back to you with what she might be able to put together for you. I'd say all of the sponsors I have tried here are great as well and they often offer discounts to NR members. Phishybusiness for example has almost everything you are looking for I believe and their shipping has always been impecable in my experience.
  2. Hypes' 40 Gallon Zeroedge

    Beautiful tank I'm curious how you feel it compares to the cadlights tank? By how it compares I mean not just by the appearance (obviously it has a slick design) but the maintenance demands, accessibility to areas of the tank, flow (what pump are you using), value for the money etc. I ask because I am thinking about purchasing another tank in the not so distant future and both of these are included in the options I am considering (although I loathe the idea of cleaning acrylic).

    Wow! That is a beautiful tank....I wish I lived near you. Out of curiousity, what kind of tank is it (ie. manufacturer, size)?
  4. new FTS 72bow

    Fantastic tank!
  5. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday Nano-reef! Thank you for getting me started into what has become an incurable addiction
  6. FR $9-29 Aussie Acan Lords and More!

    Wow! Those are amazing I hope I can save up some money before they're all gone!
  7. Belated Two Year Update

    Very nice! I especially love the staghorn It's so refreshing to see a mature tank in all it's glory!
  8. Thank you very much for doing this mvite! I just noticed in a previous post that it said to add our own names...so here ya go! Softies Tempest willyboy crad190 greeneyes Jombo Gvtv44 Burks callaro rileyrayne mr.fishman01 althefishguy anonymousadrian soundman jmitchell ojyarumaru coralcrazy mitochondria ReeFur henrlee big_fat_mushroom Longinus Alesia Buehler diggman08 SPS waveguy2 Weetabix7 BigByrd this1fish KWoo008 EL CHUPACABRA Pickle010 suppressive fire cuncator NanoClown raleej337 antiant ecotoxlady LPS wav3form bucknellreefer MDeth varanus37 dtfleming sleepy EtOH_is_good VermontReef kigs Secondgen FateX9 G-Force Reef Gator hecsrt-4 mascencerro eklikewhoa der1311 Atwater Tiepilot68 zerocool5878 Prowland
  9. 4 Month Update BC14 FTS under 150W HQI

    Gorgeous tank!
  10. Tank growth in 4 months

  11. Bobalouy's new 20L

    Hey Anthony The tank is looking fabulous! How is fatherhood treating you? I bet you're pretty busy! When you get a chance can you respond to the PM I sent you?
  12. Clowns

    Those clowns are absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Toomin's 45g reef tank

    Love the tank! Try to limit the number of hermits you put in the tank and make sure you add lots of empty shells as some hermits can become snail killers to steal their shells.
  14. KMitch's Holy Grail 22gal Reef

    Hope to see some updated pictures soon
  15. DSCN0491

    LOVE it!!