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  1. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Thanks N-R for helping me explore the best hobby ever. And thanks to Marine Depot also!
  2. Best website for dry goods?

  3. My tank a year later ! My clam is still alive !

    PC 96 watt on a 10 gal.
  4. Continuing Reef Tank problems

    I would ditch the purchased sea water and go with tropic marin salt. best salt invented and absolutely no ammonia or phosphates. now are you using tapwater ? or Reverse osmosis ? If you are using tapwater that might be your problem. tapwater has phosphates and amonia in certain areas. you can bye reverse osmosis water from your local supermarket or purchase a system. Also you said red sea salt, that stuff is crap. I bought some and had an amonia problem. do a lot of water changes with clean saltwater made from reverse osmosis water and tropic marin or instant ocean salt. You might also have to many fish, so don't buy anymore until this problem is resolved also vacuum your sand bed and add some live rock if you have none. make sure you get cured live rock. also cut all suplements these can be overdosed causing random fish death. Run your skimmer 24/7 what model do you have ? Cpr bak-pak, auqa c remora, and coralife super skimmers are great models. And if you have any dieing corals remove them. How long have you had your tank ? You might still be going through your cycle your tank needs to run for at least 4 weeks before its ready to go. live rock starts your cycle.
  5. Skilter Filters? Any good?

    They are very poor filters please don't waist your time or the money. Good skimmers are CPR Bak-Pak, Auqa C remora, and Coralife Super Skimmer.
  6. Agency looking to work within the Hobby

    This guy is a scam artist. Look at his website, So unprofessional ! He also has no page rank, wich means google thinks his site is worth nothing! I'm 16 and my website looks better, his site is obviously a template. And If thier claims of working with sony are true, why don't they show any of thier work??
  7. Tropic Marine pro reef salt

    Use an SG meter. but i think it is 1/4 a cup per gallon
  8. Installing a RO/DI

    The water tastes great ! the tank is where all the clean water goes. The system is a little tricky to install but I'm sure you will get it. The auto shutoff stops feed water when the tank is full.
  9. Harrison's first nano reef !

    I have not posted in a while, but my clam is still doing great I should have some pics by tomorrow
  10. My New Clam

    Croceas live on rocks not sand sand can get in them and hurt them. My crocea loves being on his rock, he was unhappy in sand.
  11. Oceanic salt horror story

    I believe this story because something close to it happened to me... I started off with instant ocean but soon switched to tropic marin. In between those two I tried oceanic because an lfs recommended it... It is by far the worst of all. It had ammonia in it and caused a mass algae bloom and one of my fish died also. So i returned it, and had the store test it and every package in the store, all came up with heavy ammonia. Buyers beware! On a side note I love the results I have had with tropic marin.
  12. Please help my tank is in danger.

    I'm just afraid the damage has been done, if it is real low and spikes then it will shock the corals even more.
  13. My brother messed with my system and my lights were off for about two days, "I was on vacation," and my photo synthetic corals look terrible. I think my ph wen't way down because of the photo period was all screwed up. What can I do ? My leather and xenia are all shrivled. I'm starting to think I may loose about 100-150 dollars worth of coral.