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  1. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Well I have a few new updates but no pics for now. I decided to go ahead and enlarge the drain to 1" so I used my dremel to open the hole enough for it to fit. I had to remove my overflow to get to it but it's all back together now. I will water test it one more time then move it inside. I still need to decide on a few small things. The main thing that sucks is I need 2 more gas cans to get the water home. Hopefully this weekend I will get the salt water in it. Then I will be able to order my live rock.
  2. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Well I have not been able to do much but I have done some work on the stand. The plumbing is pretty much complete. Here are a few quick pics.
  3. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Well I have an issue. Apparently cracks have developed around the return holes. I'm not sure what to do about it. I could bond some small squares around the holes to cover the cracks. I'm not sure that will be enough though. So I might just go to my LFS and get a 15 tall and have it drilled. ETA: Well I decided to fill it with water and at least test it out. I got no leaks except the bulkheads because I didn't teflon tape them yet. It was minor drips anyway. The pump more than keeps up with the drain. I did not install the overflow yet though. I assume this will actually decrease my flow due to the weight of the water being less. I might have to go with a 1" drain as has been suggested. We will see. I need to research how to measure GPH since with the current drain system it's just a little slower than the pump full blast. According to the pump specs at 3' it pushes 450gph. Now it's 32" from the bottom of the pump to the returns. How much loss do you think I have due to pushing it out 2 returns?
  4. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Yeah I actually put a light inside the tank after the first coat to see where the thin spots were. Once it dry's I will check it again for any thin spots. Well when I was building the sumps I actually planned on 3 baffles each side. I was going to leave it as it but I could just add a 3rd baffle to the right side to keep the sand in it right? I didn't think about the sand blocking the flow. Thanks for the heads up. I figured based on other peoples issues with bubbles I would build additional baffles. This way the flow won't disturb the sand as much.
  5. Worked 12g Eclipse

    I got a little more work done. The sump is finished, I finished painted the overflow and I painted the back of the tank. The Sump - it's not pretty but I think it will do the job. The overflow is painted and just needs to be installed. The tank is all painted and ready for it's final cleaning. Then the big water test and my first attempt at getting my levels set.
  6. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Thanks! I like them too. My OCD will kick in if things are not symmetrical LOL Hopefully this weekend I will get to see it in action. The light should be here also.
  7. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Thanks! I'm not sure how quiet it is but it's certainly big. If I had not removed the baffle next to where the pump was going to go it wouldn't have fit. I will let you know once I start my plumbing tests how loud it is.
  8. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Well I had some time to do some more work. I installed most of the sump panels, and got my first coat of krylon fusion on the overflow. I'm hoping the whole thing will be ready by this weekend or so. New Quiet One 2200 in the sump Getting the space between them consistent About the paint the overflow First coat of paint. I plan to paint it at least once more maybe twice depending on how it looks
  9. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Wow thats a huge statement. I have done a lot of reading trying to get to this point. I just want a nice system that makes it easier to maintain and I can keep most things that I might want. The livestock will be very basic at first. I should have my light by this weekend. I will build an aryclic top that will cover the system. I want to use 1/2" pipe to hang it. I thought that would be the case since the pump will keep the level in the tank stable. The drain is a 3/4 however I have been toying with upgrading. How large should I go? I just bought another new pump as it seems the new maxi-jet utility pump only puts out 75gph at 4ft. I don't think the pump will be more than 2 feet from the returns but I picked up a quiet one 2200 today while I was out. I'm thinking it will push a lot more water. All my flow is going to come from my sump. Would I be better served using a closed loop and the sump? If I added an additional 1" drain for the sump and used the 3/4" for the closed loop? I have another thread where I was trying to figure out how much flow I could get.
  10. Over Flow and Return sizes for 12g Eclipse

    Cool I'm looking forward to it.
  11. Over Flow and Return sizes for 12g Eclipse

    Wow thanks If you work with glass be careful as I cut the crap out of myself last night working with my baffles. I have since started wearing a set of work gloves to reduce blood flow LOL. I'm worried now that even the maxi jet utility pump I bought won't give me enough flow. I have a regular maxijet that might have to go into the tank also. I won't know until I get all the plumbing and the sump done though. I have seen that type of overflow. It's very trick for sure. You should start a tank thread also. I liked the look of that overflow but it seemed to need a lot of tweaking which I wasn't willing to deal with at this stage. I'm excited to see how your's works out though.
  12. Over Flow and Return sizes for 12g Eclipse

    Here is the topic I started to track the build. Those are pretty large. Are you planning on keeping SPS or something that likes plenty of flow? My 12g Build
  13. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Good point! I guess I just figured the evap would happen in the sump but 1/4" isn't much room to play with. I will deepen them before I attach the overflow.
  14. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Thanks me either. I dropped by my LFS this weekend to try and get the GF excited about it and managed to get excited myself. LOL
  15. Worked 12g Eclipse

    Yeah this was my first fish tank ever when I went nuts with Freshwater. I can't wait to get everything running and see how it works out. Thanks! Definitely agree on the krylon. I went looking all over for it this weekend but couldn't find any. I was over thinking the issue LOL I will hit walmart tonight and pick up some. I'm planning on painting the back of the tank and the overflow. I'm thinking I might have the make the teeth a little deeper. Does anyone think there will be an issue if they are only about a 1/4" deep?