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  1. 5.5gallon w/refugium

    That rock is Sweet. Looking good. If the three main pieces in the back are labeled going left to right A B and C... Have you thought of moving rock B to the side so that the arch is makes with A is in the middle of the tank. Then moving rock C to the left side and laying it down so that it was sort of slanting towards the front and middle... Seems like it would be a little more open and you'd have a tonne more room for sweet zoos to grow out on rock C. haha, that was too involved. Looks great, good work.
  2. My 40G build...

    That's all for now. Once I'm settled in I'm going to lay everything out and take pictures. That should be in a week or so. I'm hopeing to have rock in the tank within 3 Weeks. Stay tuned, and thanks for following this thread so far.
  3. My 40G build...

    The two tanks will both sit on a short stand (~one foot) At the same level. Around both tanks will be a sitting area... lots of pillows. Specifications: System: -40G Breeder (display) -30G long (sump and fuge) Lighting: -250W HQI pendant (14K hamilton bulb) -72W PC (display) -72W PC (Fuge area) Nutrient export: -Either a Euro-Reef or an ASM, thoughts? -Xenia and Cheato Fuge As for flow... The tanks are on the same level. Water will flow from the display to the sump through two 1" bulkheads at a 6" Depth. The return is a Panworld external pump rated at 1,200GPH. The return is routed through an OM squirt and then to two Y returns. As the tanks sit at the same level, in order for there to be motion from display to sump, the sump water level will be a little lower then the display. My calculations suggest that a 2"-3" differential should be sufficent for the flow I need.
  4. My 40G build...

    Here is a plumbing schematic...
  5. My 40G build...

    Yea yea... I know. There are a tonne of these tanks going up now. I'm sure your asking "why should I care". Well... This is going to be a super exciting thread because this tank is secret. That's right... I live on campus at a certain pacific coast university that has a rule: "No pets except for fish in tanks under ten gallons" So in addition to a front row seat to my outstanding animal husbandry and workmanship, you're also going to be treated to a non stop thrill ride (i.e. My RA came by today, it was scary but he was only handing out fliers for a dance so I told him to go away). Haha... that was a ridiclous paragraph, I apoligize. Anyway... on to the preliminary tech stuff.
  6. plumbing_specs

    plumbing specs for new system
  7. My 30G Tank Setup. Need some guidance.

    I suggest you go with choice two... in particular the reef optix pendant.
  8. Internal filter?

    Don't do it.
  9. Thanks for posting that, I really enjoyed it.
  10. when is live rock too old ??

    The longer rock has been in a well established, well maintained tank the better. It is preferable to have rock from an established tank rather then freshly cured rock. Consider yourself lucky.
  11. Acrylic or Plywood sump/refuge

    Acrylic isn't too difficult to work with. I think you could get it done more quickly with arclyic and end up with a nicer product.
  12. finished ac500 ref

    I've always fround the impeller for the AC-500 to be quite noisey. Might try cleaning it. Also, it pops right off... for mine I replaced the impeller with a MJ powerhead, and was very happy with it. Might be too late for that unless you want to take it apart.
  13. What Stand for 24g?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/24-GALLON-NANO-CUBE-AQ...1QQcmdZViewItem saw this on ebay... dunno if you'd like it... take a look.
  14. group buy anyone?? skimmers, MHs

    I'll need to do some reading about ASM skimmers... but I might be intersted. Will let you know.
  15. aquarium exhibits?

    Monterery bay aquarium near the bay area has a million gallon shark tank.