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  1. My new light came in, I am super happy with this 144watt....$59 and free shipping, took two days. These REAL REEF rocks are poppin'!! Can you spot the little emerald crab in the center? Came with a very cool hanging kit, but I like it on top....(that's what she said.....)
  2. Aiptasia in the sand is an easy 'physical' fix, but I have been fooled thinking I removed all the ones on my rockscape, especially mixed with other corals. I usually do a 'physical' and then 'chemical' make sure. "chipping" at your rockscape under water is not always easy...nor is taking rocks out if the system is established. Keep us in the loop!
  3. Welcome back, I have heard very good things about WWC.....will be placing an order soon....
  4. Great options, none as fun a a laser!!...Zap!!...zap!...zAp...!!!...hehehehe...just ask the Captain! ...although P. shrimp and A-X will work better.....
  5. brake out the laser!!...zap!....zap!!!
  6. The tank is 24 x 19.5x 16.5...and I decided on a 144 watt full spectrum LED. On ebay, yes assembled in China, but with 48/3 watt made in U.S.A. leds and only $60, I pulled the trigger. There were a lot of good reviews, even after 18 months ...comes with brackets and a hanging we'll see come next week. My birthday is on the 30th, next week, this reef is my present to myself. :-)
  7. There is something magical about starting a new reef, new aqua-scape, new ideas, technologies, advancements in the hobby etc, yet the initial passion remains the same. For me, if I can't get back under the water some where (sorry fresh water don't count) the least I can do for my sanity of spirit, is to have my own lil' section of the world under the sea in my own living space. This is bringing such peace to me on so many levels.
  8. The new green emerald crab arrived with his buddies, here he is, in all his glory, sittin' on his butt, eatin' shrimp, life is good huh?
  9. The new rock, Real Reef 2.1.....looks amazing!
  10. Hey all, I hope this is an ok place to post this. I have just started a facebook page called G.F.D.I., a place to share stories and pics of your under water adventures. Even stories about how you need a piece of it in your home and /or office, via a clear box with proper life supports and live stock. Nano-Reef peeps can spread the word even further for and their passion for this hobby! Thank you
  11. Very cool, my live rock is not live so I ordered some 'Continuum Aquatics Bacter Gen-M Marine Microbe Culture' and 'AlgaGen ReefPods Tisbe Live Aquacultured Copepods'... that will kick this system into high gear....then the clean up crew will arrive....10 Nassarius Snails and 10 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
  12. This is what I had built a few months ago, now for sale....just postin' for shitsandgiggles....
  13. Thank you C79 That is with only 26 watts of LED's right now, will be getting more of course, just on the fence of which one to get, I don't wanna spend more than $250.00.
  14. IPSF looks like a great place, thanx W7.
  15. My 14lbs of Real Reef...this stuff is very cool, zero negative impact on global reefs and looks better than I thought it would. Tank is still a bit cloudy.