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  1. ...or just wait until your tank is more established, biologically speaking, and settled in more before you plug it in, giving your existing filter/pumps time to create a rhythm, they will be the main cycle for water exchange anyways, while the added power head is just that, an addition. IMO, the need for for hyper-circulation, especially in a nano type tank, is for the well being of the critters, more bio load (corals/fish/inverts), increased circulation is desirable, say as you build your system and add your larger corals. ...just a possible option.
  2. New additions.... A gorgeous Duncan coral, about 15 heads.. A kenya tree.. a mushroom, thinks it's a green metallic but as I shot these, he was seeking inner beauty as it were, I'll get a better shot of it later... and the GSP on the back wall are growing very quickly... ...and I bought another percula with a great story. 2 1/2 weeks ago I bought the first one and ever since I put it in, I was sad that I didn't buy the other clown that was in the tank with it. I went back a couple of days ago and the clown was still there and they are getting along great! Click to choose fil ....slow and steady....will wait another month or so before adding anything else. Parameters are great, copepods are still in the thousands and everyone seems very content.
  3. 100% positive that pic #1 are alien pods, hatching their young under the sea away from our eyes, I would monitor those closely and #2 may be the antenna they use to communicate to their home planet....maybe....
  4. Ya good point, except the coraline was stuck to the back of the GSP mat, or vice versa, so it is what it is...and the GSP is already starting to grow, it loves not being walked on and eaten, who would'a known...hahaha
  6. very cool.....
  7. glueing was a success, all GSP are out and fully 'waving' to come, when I get back from work....
  8. Ya, your right, the 'rubbery mat' they form while growing is only visible, didn't wanna pick them up for pics. The back of the tank I bought them from had thick coraline on the entire back before the GSP spread, and as the owner of the LFS, (MVP in Kalamazoo, Mi.) removed the sheet of GSP for me, a good amount of coraline came off, gonna help me seed this tank. On a side note, I had never added copepods before, this tank is over run with Tisbe's from Algagen, the substrate, all the walls and the water one is going hungry that's for sure.
  9. Here are the three pieces, filled with GSP, which most are not out do to my over active c.u.c., mostly the blue legged hermit crabs, then my emerald eats the coraline, so I want to glue these on the back, so they can grow and spread, hard to do when they are in all the time. The second pic will show the 'thiness' of the 'sheets' of coraline. I just got some glue, gonna do it with no looking back...hahaha.... The GSP are amazing when they aren't getting messed with, all they ask is for a chance to live like any of us.... :-(
  10. Hello, question: Has anyone here ever crazy/super glued (gel of course) sheets of coraline algae with green star polyps to the back wall of their tank before? These new additions are getting walked all over by my c.u.c. and my G.E.C. keeps munching the coraline, even though he is well fed, bastard!hehehhe..... I bought one large sheet that was on the back wall of a tank at the LFS, tore it into three pieces, about 3 x 3inch each. Thanx
  11. Zoa's are nice and/or mushrooms....I love xenia, but there will be people here that don't, green star polyps are easy...but there is plenty of info on livestock sites about water parameters and such, just read, read, read and compare what you have read to what your LFS says...meaning intermediate, medium or advanced corals...soon, the fun starts.... ;-)
  12. I picked up this clown, a small xenia frag (already growing) and a huge piece of coraline algae blanketed with GSP, ripped it in thirds and laid them on the substrate here and there. Found a very cool LFS, the closest one 45 minutes away, with some great corals and prices, MVP in Portage near Kalamazoo....and just gonna take it slow, the temptation was hard though...hehehe....
  13. Colorfully cute clown calmly catching cascading copepods.....
  14. ...and lets not try to 'reinvent' the wheel here, people have been housing marine life for millennia, without test kits and fancy filtration, only aeration and strict husbandry. Here is one of many articles on the history of fish keeping, very interesting and a good way to appreciate our hobby and the advances that have been made to 'improve' our hobby, but not necessarily to reinvent it. The old Thai guy I bought my aquarium store from talked of keeping highly successful reef tanks in the late 50's early 60's with just air stones.