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  1. Red Sea Max 130D with LED Retrofit Hood and a lot more for ($750) pictures below (I think it would be too expensive to ship - so local pickup is best - Kansas City area) • Stand (used but like new), Tank & hood are new -- never used & have a second drilled tank(used) that can be a backup • Brand new Bubble Magus Skimmer (NAC 3) • Brand new Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 return pump • Brand new & fully plumbed return custom made to fit in the RSM stand sump. *the return goes directly back into the tank - so no worries about overflowing as that could happen if the return only went to the back chamber. LED Retro fit hood (Never used -- Everything is brand new except the stand) (18 Royal Blue, 24 total white (22 CW & 2 NW), 2 moonlights, 4 Violet & 4 UV -- 54 Total 3W LEDS) 7.2" X 20" X .48" black anodized heatsink from MMM metals. (I have devised a perfect fit) Fans -- (2 X 120mm fans mounted on the hood with external fan covers) -- on own plug to turn on or off separate from lights 1. -12 X Cree XP-G Cool White (manually dimmable with separate Pot or 10V dimming) -- Inventronics 40W driver @ 700mA - [4-80 degree optics, 2--45 degree optics, 6- no optics] -12 X Cree XR-E Royal Blue (manually dimmable with separate Pot or 10V dimming) -- Inventronics 40W driver @ 700mA - [6-80 degree optics, 3--45 degree optics, 3- no optics] -2X Cree XR-E Royal Blue (sides) -2X Cree XR-E Nuetral White (sides) * 14 blue dimmed controlled (whites and blues on/off & dimmer control separate) * 14 white dimmer controlled 2. 4 X 3W Edison UV - Rapid LED - On/Off driver (not dimmable - on own channel (has own plug) [no optics on UVs] 3. 4 X 3 up - 3W (2 -- Seoul Semiconductor Cool White 1- Avago royal blue -- 45 degree 3 up Optics) 12 total 3W LEDS. (2 in back corners -- 2 in front corners) on one channel (has own plug for on/off -- these do not dim) Powered by a Meanwell LPC-35-350 - Rapid LED On/Off driver (these are in the front and back corners to spread the light beyond the normal retro fits which only put light in the center window -- this ensures even light coverage throughout the entire tank) 4. 4 -- 3W Rapid LED True Violet (420-430nm) also on own plug and dimmable. [no optics on Violets] SMD rigid blue led strip for moonlights (2= 5050SMD 3-chip LED) = manual dimmable remote on the moonlights #1 & #4 are fully manually dimmable or can be switch to accept a 0-10V dimmer (can be controlled with an Apex for gradual ramping up or dimming) All are on their own plugs to make it easy for turning on and off a particular channel. German made high quality cables from Binder. Extras I will throw in: Eheim Quick Vac Pro Aquarium Vacuum - $56 to buy new - never used it Entire test kits RSM Marine lab with full tests I have a couple Calcium and an Alkalinity test Full spectrum saltwater PH strips (at least 20 left) Full Kalwasser Hand held Hannah PH/EC/TDS monitor (over $120 new) Hand held digital salinity monitor Milwaukee MA887 Digital Seawater refractometer (over $100 new) Fluval 106 filter (I used it for running carbon) Getting out of the hobby I also have a couple bags of sand and have lots of really nice shaped dry rock -- you can take what you want
  2. FS:Fluval FX5

    This was periodically used when I wanted to run carbon on my 120g. $100 plus shipping 10 lbs of carbon & new silicate media included
  3. I have started selling off all my stuff and am getting out of the hobby. This is the first item. They are about $370 retail. It is like new and has not been used much at all Just out of the water on lights I built. (although the probe is waterproof so you can measure par all over your tank) You will not find a better deal on one of these at $240 shipped (continental US only).
  4. $200 plus shipping which is a great deal. These run $325 retail. Was using this on my 118 gallon custom tank. By far the best skimmer I have used. I can send pictures if anyone is interested. Specifications: * Body size: 6″ * Footprint: 8.3″ x 9″ * Height: 22″ * Rated for tanks 100-160 gallons * Modified cone neck design designed for easy transition of micro bubbles into cup * Powered by Italian made Sicce PSK-600 pump * Air Draw: 23SCFH + * Wattage: 30w
  5. I have had some requests so I wanted to post an update: Items still available now: DIABLO SX 160 Protein Skimmers – (Excellent skimmer) -$250 Avist Apex compatible ATO - $25 I have not taken down the tank yet so these will be available in the future - Have to finish my LED upgrade on my Red Sea Max and NC6 to transfer stuff from the tank and take it down. Water Blaster HY 7000 Circulating Water Pump – (best pump I have ever had) $150 118 gallon custom acrylic Tank & Stand - local only in KC (price TBD) Custom made LED light AquaEuro USA PS135 Pin Wheel Protein Skimmer - $85 Kessil, all of the Apex Controller & modules as well as the MP40 have been sold.
  6. The base unit is $310 - I just threw in the lunar.
  7. I will cut you a deal on the base and the ORP. You probably don't need the extra 4 VDM channels, How about $320 plus shipping for the base & lunar along with the ORP probe? Give me your zip and I will check on shipping tomorrow.
  8. I thought this was sold but I was a couple days late on taking my tank down and the buyer backed out. I took it off tonight and it is ready to go. Base Unit -$310 VDM - $60 ORP Probe -$25 $395 total is a steal ( if you bought it new) The base package has: 1 - Apex Base Unit 1 - Apex Display 1 - EnergyBar 8 Power Strip 1 -Temp Probe 1 - LAB Grade pH Probe - (not the standard probe) 1 - Lunar simulator Module (I have a string of 3 moonlights) - throwing this in with the base New is $525 VDM $99 ORP Probe $75 Lunar simulator - $50 3 Moonlight string -$40 $789 total new
  9. I am working today but will get back with everyone a little later.
  10. I am taking down my custom 120g acrylic tank and selling all of it off. I will be breaking all of it down next couple week and all will be available on July 1st. All prices do not include shipping. I am located in Kansas City. Available now: Vortech MP40W ES Propeller Pump - $310 Kessil A150 sky blue with arm - $135 AquaEuro USA PS135 Pin Wheel Protein Skimmer - $85 Available after the July 1st -(just need some time to tear it down and get my RSM up and going) Water Blaster HY 7000 Circulating Water Pump – (best pump I have ever had) $150 DIABLO SX 160 Protein Skimmers – (highly recommend these skimmers) -$250 Neptune Systems APEX Aqua Controller with Apex moonlight module as well (no light - just the module) - $310 Apex Wireless Module - $40 2 Apex VDM’s - $60 each (supplies the 0-10V controls for the lights) Avist Apex compatible ATO - $25 Custom made LED light(will post specs in the next few days – this is a very powerful light) Made from two 108W JBJ Unibody lights and utilizes an aqua illuminations EXT mount from the back of the tank. All fully dimmable by 0-10V with 7 controllable light channels. All Inventronics drivers. (200 Watts) On each HeatSink 16 Royal Blue Cree XP-E @ 700mA 2 Bridglux Cool White Arrays 2002 8 Neutral White Cree XP-G’s @ 700mA 2 Epiled UV @ 700mA 1 SIBDI 3w 450nm Fuji Purple 1 SIBDI S35-U U60 Super Actinic 400-410nm@ 700mA 1 SIBDI 3w 430nm Deep Blue @ 700mA 1 True Violet 420-425nm @ 700mA Blue Moonlight 1 Red Orange (2.3V) 1 Pink (3.6V) 1 Amber Sunrise/Sunset affect- $425 Will sell Controller, modules and light all together for - $700 As for the tank, stand and sump. That has to be a local sale where someone can pick it up. I would give someone a great deal on it and sell for $700. I forgot I have the - will throw that in for anyone who wants to buy the Apex.
  11. WTB Mp40

    I have one I can sell you. I am taking down my 120g custom. It is a new wireless model. I have it controlled by an Apex and have the wireless module for it as well. $340 plus shipping - It has been used for about 8 months. Currently is on my tank but can easilty pull it off.
  12. DIY Reef Controller

    I honestly would look at some other options as well as the Arduino as they are so limited on what they can do, especially with the coding language. I like the Fez boards from GHI. They use the Microsoft .net Micro Framework so you can even do all the programming in C or even Visual Basic. They are considerably faster and much easier to program and have a lot nice addons that work well with the boards. GHI GHI board comparison Tiny CLR Not sure if you have considered using a stamp from Atlas Scientific: Atlas scientific Not saying an Arduino will not work. It will and many have used them for controller builds. And use a rail-to-rail op amp. More granular steps and much smoother and faster operation. (bigger range from pos to neg) If you go an Ardiuno route, PM me as I have some extras including a very cool touch screen I no longer need from Liquidware and a little illuminato (which functions just like an Arduino) I would sell both for a steal... I will also look, but I may have an extra ph stamp laying around.
  13. Lowered the already really low prices All are brand new and never used. Aqua Euro USA Classic Protein Skimmer 250 (retails $260) – bought it and ended up a little big for my sump-so don’t have the original box. My mistake is your gain priced to sell - $150 shipped. Marineland 100 skimmer (new in box - $151 retail new) – I thought I had it sold locally and they decided not to buy it. - $80 shipped. Esshops 75 berlin sump (new in box - retails $130) - $80 plus shipping including: (I sized these for an RSM 130D so it fits perfect in the stand. I decided to go with a new custom tank and do no need them) *shipping included only applies to continental US. I can post pictures later tonight when I get home or email them to you if you are interested.
  14. WTB skimmer, return pump, Led clamps

    I have a brand new Marineland that handles up to 100 Gallons. These are descent skimmers and compact. I aslo have a brand new quiet one 2200 pump. I bought these to setup a sump on my RSM130D, but have bought a much bigger tank and do not need these. So I greatly reduced the prices... Marineland 100 skimmer (new in box - $151 retail new) - $85 shipped. Quiet One 2200 does 594 GPH - (new - retails for about $54.95) - $30 shipped Will do both for $100 shipped which is well less than half the price.
  15. I really do not need this stuff so make me an offer...