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  1. This a photo my daughter took at Shed Aquarium in Chicago.
  2. It is one of the new 24" Coralife Aqualight Pro 250W MH with 2X36 Actinic. I had to build a special bracket out of aluminum to mount the front of the light due to the shape of the corner tank. Used rust proof paint. I am going to build anoher one and use marine grade paint, but this one will be fine for a few months. I used aluminum L shape strips from Lowes.
  3. Finally the 54 corner bow is up and running. 2 months
  4. 20L

    Is that a 24" CA Orbit fixture? How did you mount it on a 30" tank? Is it just sitting on top of the glass cover?
  5. Hard to see in the photos, but looks like it could be a type of hydriod.
  6. I love the idea of raising the lid on a nanocube. It has to help with the water temperature quite a bit.