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  1. Islandoftiki's Hawaiian adventure!

    Stockly's? Glad to see they're still around. I kinda thought they'd close after petco came in. Check out Place of Refuge down south. Great place to snorkel, caught a toby with a 5 gallon bucket for my tank. Also check out Pine Trees surf spot near the Kona airport. Very rocky but some cool tank stuff. I left my live rock with zoas and clove polyps down there when we moved to Oahu. I've lived in every county in the state and honesty Kona is the best place to be. Oh one more thing, find Hyashi's You Make the Roll sushi joint off Ali'i for some fantastic but affordable sushi.
  2. I'm not proud of this but it really happened. Six years ago, my female Ocellaris Clown took a good size chunk from my hand and left me with a scar. Yep, it actually hurt. Photo taken with my iPhone... I know its hard to see.
  3. Petco Friend and Family sale.

    rskrams at hotmail dot com thank you!
  4. hey matty, im right behind you. just picked up the same tank as an early christmas/wedding present... curious about your lighting retrofit and if youve found any info about the stock lights. i live in hawaii so i cant have corals or anything other than fish really but just wondering what might be able to live under the stock leds... happy reefing.
  5. AWESOME way to keep your zoas/palys healthy!

    hey i think its a good tip, and it actually makes you get up close to your corals to see how they are (unlike an overpriced piece of hardware)
  6. Mirage's 40 Gallon Stretch Hex

    Ok, well these are from 2004 - 2006. I loved this tank. one of the first aquascapes: 2 columns led to... a great big arch i started off with PC lights and ended up with a 250w MH pendant and a little walmart blue neon nightlight on a timer for moonlights. By the way, nice job with the drilling and painting, it looks great
  7. Mirage's 40 Gallon Stretch Hex

    My old tank!!! I loved this tank for its aquascaping, so many different angles to look at stuff! i should try to find pictures (couple years ago). your gonna love it!!!!
  8. Nano Cube 6 gal

    well i just got my nano but ive done 3 things so far: 1. i got rid of the stock moonlights and rewired my own leds that fit where the old ones are and have their own power cord so i can use them and put them on a timer. 2. i changed out the stock powerhead for an aquaclear 301 that was in my big reef tank (made a pretty noticable difference and fit perfectly in the back compartment). 3. i did the cassette tape case skimmer mod - which is working great so far. hope that gives you some ideas - im looking to upgrade the pc lighting (maybe an additional 18w PC?) but im not sure what will or wont fit in there yet.
  9. fan makes grinding noise on startup???

    same here! back right fan. dang jbj just got done rewiring the moonlights and now ive got this! oh well still love the cube.
  10. NC 6gal. factory moonlight mods

    alright just one question - anyone know how many volts the moonlight leds are on the nanocube?
  11. NC 6gal. factory moonlight mods

    yeah i kind of figured. i was looking at it the other night and it seems like its pretty tied in with all the other lights so i was wondering what resistors or other electrical components i would need to go from house AC to power down to the 2 leds
  12. Hey all i just got a 6 gallon nano cube that for the most part im very happy with, i just have one question: How can i set the factory moonlights up on its own timer? My nanocube has a 3 way rocker switch that is PCs - off - moonlight leds. i know this will require some electrical work but im wondering (before i go messing with my cube) if there is a way i can easily connect the moonlights to their own timer. Any help is greatly appreciated!