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  1. AquaStyleOnline Club

    Thanks for the response. This thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=261164 has scared me a bit, with all the meters and "tuning" and what not. so I think Im going to hold off for now. I enjoyed this thread with all of your guys setups though.
  2. LED project - first timer...

    http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=261164 After reading through this I've decided to hold off... I may be looking at a plug and play, since I don't think I have the DIY skills for one of those builds. Any recommendations for plug and play units for a 10g?
  3. LED project - first timer...

    Tank: 10g Kit: http://www.aquastyleonline.com/products/Aq...mmable-Kit.html I would like to try to DIY this into my hood but I think I'm going to have clearance issues. I'm not a DIY'er but I like the idea of this project so I'd like to start planning it out. Here is the hood in question: Measurements 17 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 2 1/4 I have a few worries, though: Never soldered before. Should I walk away now with my pride? Will this good contrict light too much? Should I switch to glass tops and DIY a new "holder"? I'm going to have to tear off the top for the heat sink. How do I protect this? Should I just buy this instead? http://www.boostled.com/collections/par30-...ar30-reef-lamps The goal is soft coral. I am moving in a couple of months, and I may or may not try to add this to the 40brdr system I have waiting in storage.
  4. AquaStyleOnline Club

    I've never soldered before. Just forget it and walk away slowly?
  5. I don't think it's the tap water. How would chemicals build up if one were constantly doing water changes. You are removing the bad chemicals, even while you are adding them.
  6. So I rent the place where I live. I set up a 65g reef and was always worried about the weight. My friend just built me a sump, which holds 35g in water. The total system will have 70lbs of sand, over 75lbs of rock, and 100g of water. I will place it perpendicular to the floor beams. It will be in the corner of a room, beside the stairs. Right below it will be the heating/cooling system in the basement. How do I take away my worries? I rent this place.
  7. Removed this piece completely
  8. Hey all, Last week I lost an Acro. It was covered in black slugs. This week, I am starting to see some white/clear slugs on my Monti. They are eating it, and I've lost a significant portion. I want to treat the coral using this method: http://www.talkingreef.com/forums/sps-cora...nudibranch.html Good idea?
  9. The beginning of a 65g REEF

    March 16th 2009 Will be getting rid of all the equipment and putting it in my homemade 40g BRDR sump next weekend!
  10. Black bugs on Acro..

    I have an Acro which is slowly losing all it's colour. I believe it is because my water quality when I first added it was a lot worse. But today I noticed a bunch of what looked like little bugs on it. I've heard of monti-eating Nudis. Is there something which feasts on Acros? I didnt see em again tonight now that the lights are on. They look like little slugs almost, but are very small.
  11. Star polyps closed for over a week

    As long as the mat is still nice and purple, they are fine!
  12. Can different torchs touch?

    ^do you like to watch it? Just playin. I will move them closer to one another. They will have their own little section.
  13. Can different torchs touch?

    Thanks lads!
  14. Can different torchs touch?

    I have 3 torches in my tank. They take up a fair amount of room. Right now one of them is getting awfully close to my LTA. Could I put them fairly close to one another? Within the polyp-touching zone ( ) Thanks for the help!
  15. 15g Seahorse Tank

    Can't wait to see them ponies!