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  1. nice pic of sunset monti
  2. man i love the pigments in Rics
  3. those are the super rare spongebob bananas and thats not an orange its a really rare pearl
  4. my wife says its all the hormones in the food!!!
  5. Well these guys have turned brown since getting them. Gonna put a 250w 10k with 2x24w T5 actinic to see if I can get them to color back up
  6. Saved this guy from a nano that wasn't being taken care of. Tits doubled in size in 1 month. If I could just get the fire shrimp to leave it alone at feeding time.Lol!
  7. Not sure what they call it but reminds me of a candy cane
  8. Full tank shot of my AIO after 3 monthss
  9. had a little nano in this for a bit then it ended up in the garage. the lighting and other items i used have since be canabilized for other projects. it is mabe of black acrylic and has the bubble front. makes the corals inside look huge. the front is in good shape just is dusty from sitting in garage. 15.00 takes it
  10. sorry the mag 7 is already sold
  11. heres one of his tanks that somones selling on ebay. only a buck with no reserve. i was able to ship mine with an extra custom oak canopy metal halide,chiller,and UV minus the stand for 65.00 (although POS buyer snaked his way out of getting billed some how and UPS came back on me for there money)!
  12. hi all. got some bulbs sitting around collecting dust and need to move them. Aqualine SE 1000w 10k bulb-3months old-50.00 ushio SE 250w 10k bulb almost 2 months old-45.00 Aqua Connect SE 250w 11k bulb 5 months old- 35.00(very similiar to Aqualine another good german brand) shipping is extra but not alot about 5-6 bucks 4 new 1" blue bulkheads(double slip) 4.00 each Mag 7 pump used for water changes great shape-40.00-SOLD
  13. not parting the set up out. if i can't find a buyer then i'll stick it in a box and put it in the garage for a later date. bulb is a PSL 10k and is about 5 months old
  14. well i'm tearin down my mini bow and moving it all to a 40gal for a few months till i move then i'll be setting up my new 60 gal cube for everything. heres what i'm including. tank: 7 gal minibow with painted blue back and original hood lighting: 70w electronic Fulham HQI ballast and 10k bulb all stuffed in a regent pendant that mounts to the wall behind the tank with 2 screws. also throwing in a 32w PC ballast and a new 50/50 bulb, just buy and endcap and the original hood is set up for it. Filtration: modified skilter 250 with surface skimmer and airstone,pump combo- wooden airstone needs to be replaced Top Off: i'll include a custom hang on float switch for top off just add a powerhead and its ready I'm asking 160.00 firm willing to ship if the persons willing to pay for realistic shipping. probably run around 25.00 depending on where you live. heres a link to some pictures heres pics of the pendant(note i replaced the WPI ballast with the fulham about 6 months ago)