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  1. These are nice little tanks i set one up for my youngest boy. Stock light even grows softies fine.GLWS
  2. Any LED tech heads wanna help trouble shoot?

    Ya. I opened it up and with all the resistors and diodes and crap only thing i could identify was the optical eye for the remote. Ya the bulb was a used bulb. And the seller did give a full refund. I just hate to toss it when it might be a simple fix. Thanks for the info guys.
  3. So i bought this used Ledwholesalers.com par 38 grow bulb. Model 1325RB has 9x1w red(660nm) and 3x1w blue(420nm) the light is dimmable but didnt come with the remote control. When i got it only the 3 blues will light. I disassembled the light and found a nice confusing circuit board. Since i had no idea what i was doing i put it back together and had forgotten it. Well im wondering if the missing remote might have something to do with the reds not working. Does this sound feasible? Or more likley the red channel chip just burnt out? Any help? I use they bulbs over my fuge and would like to fix this if possible. Thanks
  4. Selling a pinpoint wireless thermometer with 2 wireless sensors. You can add up to 4 sensors. 30.00 shipped Paypal as gift or add 3% for fees.
  5. Broke down my cube. Tank is 18x18x18 beveled edges and black silicone in the corners 3/8" glass. Drilled with 1" center overflow. Tank is made by Aquarium masters out of cali. Comes with a badass solid oak stand that was custom orderd for it. Sump is about 6g and is acrylic and made by me. There are ZERO scratches on tank and stand. Theres a conduit light hanger painted black that i made attached to back of stand and i will include that as well. Local pickup in Redmond Or. Price is 200.00 firm.
  6. Breaking down my cube. Selling a 2 month old nano 425 koralia.asking 25.00 shipped. Paypal either gift or add 3%.
  7. Breaking down my cube. Selling a 16" LED by evergrow. 1:1 blue/white. 3 fans 90 degree lens. Non dimable. Asking 90.00 shipped. Paypal either gift or add 3%.
  8. Breaking down my cube. Selling 5month old jbj ato. Comes with everything in the box. 70.00 shipped. Paypal either gift or add 3%.
  9. Breaking down my cube. I have an aquamaxx HOB-1 skimmer this thing worked great and is easy to clean. Perfect shape. 160.00 shipped lower 48 only. Paypal either send as gift or add 3%
  10. updated list. once i can get all livestock sold i will sell the equipment