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  1. FS: RO/DI Unit

    Moved to a new house recently, this was from my old house, I have not used it in a few years and honestly cannot tell you much about it. I am willing to try and answer any questions you may have about it. I am asking $25.00 plus shipping and handling (PM me to figure out the cost). Thanks, Travis
  2. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Made it back from vacation with no losses in the tank. However, I got to thinking and I decided to head to the dark side of things and try a nano-sized freshwater planted tank. So I ordered all of the equipment for that yesterday and will be starting a new journey sometime next week. https://instagram.com/p/BWQy3hEABQU/
  3. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Heading out of town for a little while, the new shrimp is starting to cleanup a few bits of aiptasia in the tank, but also has done a number on my prized Frogspawn...he left a few remnants, keeping my fingers crossed that it makes a rebound.
  4. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    It has been awhile since I have offered any real updates to the tank besides pictures. I have been very busy with the end of the school year coming up and working a second job. So I had a major...my MP10 Powerhead has stopped working. I looked in my tank last week and noticed the propeller no longer spinning, however, the dryside components seemed to be functioning fine. So I emailed the company and explained the situation, they had me take pictures and supply some other information (to which I don't remember registering my device, so kudos to them for still taking my damaged wetside). Any-who...they sent me a new wetside and instructed me to return the damaged wetside; which I will be shipping out today...this process, not because of them, but because of me, took about a week to get resolved. New wetside works fine, so not really sure what happened to the old one as it doesn't seem like there is much that could go wrong with a wetside that would not be visible when disassembled. Also was able to pick-up an Aquariclip for my phone, boy does this thing work wonders for phone photography. Now I just need to hone my own skills. I would highly recommend one for someone looking to take better pictures with their phone. Lastly, I seem to be having an issue keeping inverts...well shrimp and a Porcelain crab. I had a Peppermint shrimp for the longest time and then it disappeared...then I got another Peppermint shrimp, it too disappeared...then I decided to try a Porcelain crab...which has disappeared...not sure if it is a water issue or predator issue...all of my snails and hermit crabs are untouched....maybe I will wait a few months and try for the shrimp again, as they truly are my favorite.
  5. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Just an update and a question... First things first...did a water change and will be doing another one today....ordered new chaeto, along with some other goodies, expected to be delivered today when I get home from work. I also adjusted the light schedule down to 9 hours a day on my rear chamber that houses the chaeto. I have learned real quick the Pulsing Xenia spreads like wildfire and basically does what it wants...In a previous tank of mine I could never get it to grow, now every day I see a stalk popping up somewhere in my tank, so I need to get in there and tear that out. Got a few new heads on my various Zoanthids. Last, but not least, I have something (bi-valve, mollusk, etc.???), no clue what it is to be honest....I have attached a picture and circled it in green...basically when I walk near the tank it closes and retracts up into the rock work...which is what the poorly drawn arrows represent on the picture...anyone have any clue as to what it is?
  6. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    I checked my water tonight... PH: 8.2 Ammonia: .25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 Not sure how I got that high with my nitrates. I just did a water change on Monday night, all my livestock seems to be fine. I only have two fish and a few snails/crabs...I guess it could be my filter floss trapping it. I only feed the tank some reef chilli and brine shrimp once a week, very small amounts. My cheato is in the middle chamber and I bought the magnafuge light and peeled off the black background on the back outside of the tank in order to have the light solely on that chamber. I'll be doing another water change tomorrow.
  7. IM Nuvo Owners Needed!

    Check out my link in the bottom of this post. I love mine so far.
  8. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Thanks for the advice. I will try the light schedule switch tomorrow, but it may be too late for this batch of Chaeto...I will also take a look at the water parameters. Also got the Instagram links to work properly...apparently you need to make your account public.
  9. Instagram Names

  10. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    It has been quite awhile since I have offered any sort of update. I recently went to TPP/TFP in Lancaster, PA and purchased Frogspawn, Pulsing Xenia, Candy Cane, some Bumble Bee Snails, and a green Feather Duster; all of these are doing fine, except the Xenia will not pulse in my tank, but has already started to spread. My various Zoanthids are all starting to spring new polyps, which makes me excited. One question I have, as I was cleaning out my tank, I noticed that my Chaeto always seems to turn to mush, which is not the way that is comes to me when I buy it...what am I doing wrong? I leave the fuge light on it 24/7...should I reduce the light cycle? Any advice would be welcome!
  11. Pulsing Xenia - Health Check

    I am in the same boat. Bought a nice chunk of it this past weekend and it seems to be fine, just lacking in the pulsing action.
  12. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    @Lula_Mae , I tried putting in just a standard link, but it kept showing up as just that and not the video player within my post Just wanted to document some growth so I can look back at this thread in a few years and laugh at how excited I was after seeing a Zoanthind sprout just two new polyps and grow just a little bit.
  13. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Decided just to post a few pictures and a video * here as a minor update. Things are doing well and now my plan is to just let things grow and mature on their own for the next few months. The only addition I was toying with was adding Frogspawn if I came across some. *No longer understand how to add a YouTube link that plays within the thread.
  14. travoose's IM Nuvo 10: Vacation.

    Central PA weathered the storm and I was even able to get my shipment of coral delivered on Friday! I ordered from Cultivated Reef, and once again I am happy with what came. I ended up ordering more Zoanthids, Ricordeas, Mushrooms, and I even ventured to order some Clove Polyps. Out of everything I ordered all is doing well, except the Clove Polyps, hopefully a little more time is all it takes, but I have heard these do not always ship well; so I knew it was a risk I was taking when I ordered.