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  1. I was lucky enough to go to a local custom furniture store and showed them the schematics of the tank, told them the style I was looking for, and how much weight it needed to support and $85.00 and three months later I had a custom stand built.
  2. Another option is to setup a refuge in the back-middle chamber. You get a light on it and grow macroalgae which will help keep water parameters in-check. Again, just another option, as there are many.
  3. Following just out my pure interest in GSP.
  4. If jiff312 doesn't want it, I will take it.
  5. The corals that I have added on Friday have since started to open up, so this inspired me to make a video...enjoy!
  6. I finally added some corals to my tank. I will add more pictures in the next few days as things start to open up.
  7. Watching sports, playing basketball, kayaking, and fly fishing. Technology also consumes me, luckily I am a technology teacher at a local high school and I teach a night class at a local college. I also, when I was younger, was heavily involved in fireworks shows around my area during the summer, but now that I am married and have a house I don't have as much time as I did.
  8. ID Help So I was looking closer at my tank and found these little guys (sorry my picture is not the best). I was thinking Zoanthids...Any guesses?
  9. Just made another addition to the tank...
  10. ^^This person speaks truth^^
  11. Being new to all of this and not the smartest guy in the world...I'd get the AutoAqua Smart is what I got and it is pretty much fool proof, comes with the pump too. Just place the it where you want the water level to be at and turn it on and the rest takes care of itself. I got a 4 gallon plastic container at Walmart for a few bucks as my reservoir and every time I do a WC I make sure to top it off.