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  1. New Tank; Par30 or Par38?

    Thanks, Adam. Just got back into reefing after trying a 40 long a few years ago (didn't work out too well). I'm amazed by the new options like LED lights and Vortech's. Anyhow, looking forward to putting the first corals in...hopefully have learned from my mistakes and got my fingers crossed
  2. New Tank; Par30 or Par38?

    I'm new to LED lights but this week I set up a Mr Aqua 12 gallon long with PAR30 lamps (BoostLED 40 degree optics with 4 royal blues and 1 cool white). Looks great so far. I like the fact that the lighting is not too uniform and diffuse like PCs or metal halides. It's definitely got some bluish cast but looks quite natural. Just that one cool white really balances things out. According to their PAR measurements, this should be plenty for most coral. My tank height by the way is only 9". Mark
  3. My new coral!

    Man, do I envy you! Amazing coral!!
  4. aquascaping and inverts?

    OK, interior decorating ain't my strength but here's what I've learned....the gap between the rocks may look better if you don't place it dead center. Just move it off to the side. The rock bridge could be a bit better if it is less horizontal. You have a good start. As someone else already said, get a little more rock - it'll give you more to work with. And don't ask me to post a pic of MY aquascaping - it's not there yet either Mark
  5. 3 months later, my hh goniopora.

    Nice, very nice. Looks like you're really succeeding with goniopora. What's "hh", by the way?
  6. hitchhiker1

    I have a bunch of these in my tank. Bought them from IPSF. They're sold as strombus snails but Ron Shimek says they're probably something else: columbellid snails (Euplica or Pyrene species). They eat algae in my tank and do lay a lot of eggs - got little baby snails all over! They don't get very big though, maybe about 1/2" max. They're cool. Enjoy.
  7. I recently got some Tonga live rock marketed as "Tonga deep water" rock and yes, it has orange coralline. First time I had seen orange. Maybe your deep water theory is correct. Mark
  8. Hi, My scopas tang looked just like your yellow tang earlier this year. I had moved him temporarily to a smaller tank. I never really knew what caused it but the guys on wetwebmedia thought these cases were caused by bad nutrition and low salinity. I tend to believe it was a cominbation of stress, bad diet (for a tang) and maybe slightly worse water quality. In any case, when I transferred him back to the main tank and started feeding him gracilaria, the reddish color disappeared after a few weeks. Let us know how it goes! Mark
  9. Horrible things destroying my tank!

    Jane, Looks like amphipods. Yes, they multiply like crazy but are good for your tank. Don't worry, they eat detritus - they don't kill corals or anything. No need to eradicate 'em. They're helping you clean the tank. I have no idea what's wrong with your platythoa, though.... Mark
  10. Pulsing xenias disapeared overnight

    Garf, Hmm, the worm seems to have tolerated fresh water well enough. How about going in the other direction and dipping the piece of live rock in which the worm lives in a hypersalinity dip. Basically dip the rock in salt water that's about 1.035ppm. The extra salt might irritate him enough to vacate the rock and bam, you can nab him. Mark
  11. Live Rock From Petco

    Hi, Check out http://www.macro-algae.com They sell 10lbs of cured Tonga live rock for $50 shipped. I bought some this week and am very satisfied. No smell and one of the rocks was very big and porous. The live rock at my local Petco looks pretty dense and doesn't have much life. And my Petco prices it even more than yours. Mark