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    independent pro wrestling, electronic music, pond fishing, guns, container gardening, nano reef tanks, terrariums, visiting LFS and not buying stuff.

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  1. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

  2. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    yeah, I love the Nanobox..the color is really something that I never am not amazed by...I have a diffuser on it currently which made it even better. as a caution i would say...i love it but i dont have anything to compare it to....but dude, that last hour as its fading down....it is really, really just unbelievable. and yeah 'unbelievable' is an overused term, but im using it correctly here. I think if i were in your position, I'd go nanobox duo...OR if I could hang something, I'd get the nanobox-t5 hybrid he does.
  3. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

  4. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    added about 8 lbs. of rock from @debbeach13 to add a bit more verticality to the tank...worked out well i think. back to grow out mode...apologies for the slightly wacked-out color, although about an hour before lights off, with the Nanobox Duo, this isn't totally, wildly outlandish. I think in 18 months, this tank will be exactly like i wanted. Wouldn't mind stuffing a small clam, a cool colorful plate coral, or maybe an ultra lobo in here...maybe a large but generic big green frogspawn in the back left. would consider a mummy eye chalice on the sanded somewhere too.
  5. burtbollinger

    need just a rock or two of Walt Smith 2.1

    Thanks for the help, new rock added...just what it needed.
  6. burtbollinger

    need just a rock or two of Walt Smith 2.1

    my quote is saying 19 bucks..as well...If I paypal'd you 20 would you be willing to ship? My zip is 63301. no rush, but Saturday would certainly work.
  7. Anyone have any extra? I could use 5-7 lbs. or so...and don't see anywhere to buy that small of an amount. I could basically use two more rocks.
  8. burtbollinger

    ATO failed to top off

    i wouldnt trust a JBJ auto top off on a toilet.
  9. burtbollinger

    Need more blue & purple corals

    purple stylo for sure. super easy as far as SPS goes
  10. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    few updates... gave up on my monticap today...gave it a month to rebound, no dice. clearing out space for something else. too much acropower causes mild diatom blooms. my green stylo acting slightly odd...fingers crossed. a bit of flesh blew off it last night on the rear where it gets less light? is this a sign of it going downhill or can it recover with stable parameters? most upsetting...i trimmed it, but a tiny bit of skeleton poking through my space invader ? the only change eliminating the direct sunlight from the skylight...is maybe a slight alk drop to 8.4 spiked up to maybe 9.1....is that enough to cause issues?
  11. burtbollinger

    Curve Elite Skimmers Have Landed ✈

    big fan of the earlier Curve 5...very effective on a Reefer 170.
  12. burtbollinger

    silly clownfish

    good move. i've heard of clowns dying from encounters with glue.
  13. burtbollinger

    Fusion lids

    i'd figure out a way to close the gaps with a DIY method and live with the Fusion lid. The world of DIY and custom lids is a PITA...and I wouldnt use glass.
  14. burtbollinger

    Just venting...

    skip the second opinion moving forward and trust yourself. she probably makes 8 bucks an hour, has little need to be testing magnesium on a regular basis....and has a lot going on.
  15. burtbollinger

    What aquarium should I get?

    I'd hold out and keep saving for the Red Sea Reefer 170. Buy a few less corals at first...stock slower.