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    independent pro wrestling, electronic music, pond fishing, guns, container gardening, nano reef tanks, terrariums, visiting LFS and not buying stuff.

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  1. burtbollinger

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    i'll pass. it was a simple question. the mesh looks to have some divots/waves in it, etc as well, which would drive me nuts, although its very hard to tell much from that video. I'll stick with eggcrate.
  2. burtbollinger

    Which reef test kits do you use?

    Red Sea Pro for Calcium Salfiert for Magnesium Hanna DkH Checker for Alkalinity Elos for Nitrate
  3. burtbollinger

    Got some free MP10s - how should I use them?

    Placing high up in tank...but i wouldnt do that....they not really built for aiming up or down. I'd skip that tho...simply dial them down to the lowest they go, and have one on each side of the tank.... OR, use one, and keep the other for storage/parts. one of your exisitng SunSuns for the surface. I'd not do what you're doing tho...I'd personally be running a skimmer for oxygenation and using the 2 MP10s dialed down and at mid level in the tank. IF NO sps...I'd use do the same and use one...the other for a spare. Dump the SunSuns, and get a battery back up.
  4. burtbollinger

    Removing Acan coral from frag plug.

    agreed thats the safest approch, but very little risk giving it a push off the plug...in a perfect world, the glue gives...it clean breaks off the frag. I'd put the odds of that happening at 75%. if, after that mild but firm push, it doesnt budge...THEN go with your plan. just my 2 cents.
  5. burtbollinger

    Removing Acan coral from frag plug.

    no harm in first attempting to give the acan's base a single moderately firm push off the frag plug...but if it seems too solid and does not detach...best to leave it be...you should know quickly if you are gonna damage the actual coral. worst case for me has been not giving up soonered and ending up pushing a thumb thru the coral skeleton and kiling it....avoid doing that. if not the above, maybe just trim off the bottom peg part of the plug. This has worked well IME...
  6. burtbollinger

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    how much?
  7. burtbollinger

    ? About yellow polyps

    one man's treasure and all that....IME, I like to maximize color in the limited space available. Personally, I'd introduce aptasia on purpose before a paly. (unless I was going for a very specific, wild softie look) anyway, please remember to be careful harvesting...when folks talk about toxins, that specific strain sometimes used as the poster child...not sure if that's accurate or not tho.
  8. burtbollinger

    ? About yellow polyps

    i wouldnt let them near my tank....invasive and IMO they USUALLY cheapen the look of the tank. I had to shut a tank down over invasive trash palys. never again.
  9. burtbollinger

    First Reef Tank Build IM fusion 20

    go for it...IME, they dont like too much white light. YMMV
  10. burtbollinger

    First Reef Tank Build IM fusion 20

    VERY good start...also, very good idea thinking about COLOR as well. Lots of people get too wrapped up in just filling the tank they don't think about color variety until its too late. my 2 cents on encrusting montis, just from personal experience only...PITA. I prefer the caps. Also, dont discount the ease of purple stylophora for a beginner SPS.
  11. congrats, tank is beautiful
  12. burtbollinger

    Why is my Clownfish beating up my Duncan coral?

    Can’t hurt a Duncan easily. They don’t tear as easy as frogspawn, torches or hammers IME. Duncan will figure it out I think....give it time
  13. burtbollinger

    Why is my Clownfish beating up my Duncan coral?

    Hosting. Mine host a Duncan (or vice versa). Check video in my tank thread via my sig. IMO a duncan hosting a clown is ideal. Very cool looking and the Duncan will learn to ignore it and won’t damage ive been fearful of clowns damaging torches but Duncan will be just fine.
  14. burtbollinger

    Is this what you're looking for?

    i'm looking for this...any idea what it is?
  15. burtbollinger

    burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    yeah, i over shot it for sure...was just waiting for a bloom to occur to tell me when to dial it back. I still plan on going back to Fuel once i finish this bottle...if nothing else for the A-B test.