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  1. if you can do that, yeah. i'd certainly make a call to UPS and explain the situation.
  2. My clownfish is in an established 2 year old reef tank....only 1 of two fish in the tank, a Red Sea Reefer 170. she's about 1 year old. ususally eats like a pig....LRS Reef Frenzy Nano No new additions, no changes, parameters are rock solid. sHe hosts a large duncan colony...and stays in it all the time....and is doing so right now. 10 days ago I heard a large splash, and I saw the clownfish at top of the tank...she had jumped up and out of the tank a few inches, and then landed back in the tank....she then swam down to the bottom of the tank, but not back inside his duncan, which she never, ever leaves. I watched her for about 10 minutes and she just sat there looking totally out of it...like she was totally stunned. something was very off...reminded me of a bird hitting a window and sitting there half knocked out. eventually, she swam back into duncan, but it was almost like she lucked into it. My vibe was that she could not see all of a sudden or something...sometimes I still feel like that's the case. Anyway...she's been back in the duncan ever since but she will not eat.....zero interest in food. It's been about 10 days now. again...no external signs of disease. no new additions....nothing. could that leap have scared her into not eating? the other fish is an aggressive royal gramma but they MOSTLY live peacefully.... i was thinking of pulling her out and putting him in QT and treating with API general cure, but i dont see ANY signs of anything. i feel like why put her thru the stress. i turn off pumps and blast food right at her with a syringe and she will barely look interested in it...VS. past behavior of voracious eating. also, its not possible that she's grazing on live small creatures in the tank...because they're really not in the tank. WDYT? you can see her here...other than not eating at all, this is what she still acts like....
  3. unfortunately, my RFA moved on me last night....moved off the sand and sorta up and to the back...where he was touching the frogspawn. I think he was kinda scrunched where he was. Because I couldn't move the RFA, I ended up bisecting the branching hammer and moving half of it to where the green stylo was....otherwise the RFA and the full sized hammer would be touching all the time. The green stylo had a lot of shading in the back so trashed it, but not before I took a nip of it and replanted it for a new potential grow out.
  4. ATO is the single biggest game changer I've experienced in this hobby other than maybe an RO/DI
  5. yeah, I love the Nanobox..the color is really something that I never am not amazed by...I have a diffuser on it currently which made it even better. as a caution i would say...i love it but i dont have anything to compare it to....but dude, that last hour as its fading down....it is really, really just unbelievable. and yeah 'unbelievable' is an overused term, but im using it correctly here. I think if i were in your position, I'd go nanobox duo...OR if I could hang something, I'd get the nanobox-t5 hybrid he does.
  6. added about 8 lbs. of rock from @debbeach13 to add a bit more verticality to the tank...worked out well i think. back to grow out mode...apologies for the slightly wacked-out color, although about an hour before lights off, with the Nanobox Duo, this isn't totally, wildly outlandish. I think in 18 months, this tank will be exactly like i wanted. Wouldn't mind stuffing a small clam, a cool colorful plate coral, or maybe an ultra lobo in here...maybe a large but generic big green frogspawn in the back left. would consider a mummy eye chalice on the sanded somewhere too.
  7. Thanks for the help, new rock added...just what it needed.
  8. my quote is saying 19 bucks..as well...If I paypal'd you 20 would you be willing to ship? My zip is 63301. no rush, but Saturday would certainly work.
  9. Anyone have any extra? I could use 5-7 lbs. or so...and don't see anywhere to buy that small of an amount. I could basically use two more rocks.