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  1. tank in a corner nook good idea or not - lagoon 25

    I would not put a tank that large there...NO WAY would I jam it against the wall. what does your gut tell you? follow your first instinct.
  2. lighting a 36" long tank gets a bit more involved....once I really dived in to what i wanted lighting-wise vs what a 36" tank requires I opted for a RSR 170 or a Lagoon 25. as far as "innovations" to me, the Red Sea Reefer series brought me back...I put off getting back in until I found a tank that did it all right (for my needs)....I consider it one of the best things to happen to reefing in the past decade. I used to be like you but came to appreciate both skimmers and sumps....would never ever go back. RSR does it all well...you're not settling OR breaking the bank...which is something I think was missing @ 2008...super clean, customizable to grow with you, plug and play simple, proven long-term quality, sump, attractive and rugged stand....super well built. That plus an off-the-shelf LED light solution and a decent skimmer...it has been a joy diving back in. Toss in even a basic controller and you're set. Maybe also look into a plate of Marinepure. just wanted to put that out there as you are still in the discovery phase.
  3. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    yeah, I've always heard that and tried to follow it, but I'm not gonna skyrocket the Calcium well past just because. My salt mix already has elevated calcium....and every time I test I'm well over 470....not looking to bump it higher. Randy Holmes Farley has mentioned quite often that some tanks are going to consume more alk than calcium. This has been my experience as well. that said, when I manual dose the alkalinity I do an eyballed 5ML of each CA and Alk. I just cheat a little and sometimes under measure the CA by a ML or so. As far as dosing the ATO....Weekly, when I add just the small bit alk. component only to the ATO....I sometimes add a splash of just CA to the tank...just to counteract and half-respect the balanced addition idea. anyway, this thread details this quite well...http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1812240
  4. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Still hand dosing. Instead of messing with Kalkwasser....I put about 8ml of the ESV Bionic Alkalinity portion of the 2-part in my ATO water bucket....which lasts about a week. Tank definitely burns thru Alk. faster than Ca. Also hand dosing about 5ml of Alk. and Cal. only about 2x a week. Keeps my Alk. steady at about 8.7-8.8. Aslo doing a weekly water change of 8 gallons of Fritz RPM, which seems to mix around 8.5+-

    not an expert with the hydra, but what is that UV so high vs the blues? I wonder if anyone has researched what an overkill of UV does to corals over time.
  6. What CUC loves Red hair algae

    I'd get 5-6 astrea...and a nice handful of cerith. I've got 8 or so astrea, 3 narrarius, and or so small maroon-ish leg crabs. also ordered 15 florida cerith snails which will be here soon...might be too many.

    IME, I'd never ever use a leather to determine the health of the tank, lighting, etc. I'd really look into intensity....not just your length. I'd have my daylight/midday period be about 5 hours....running the whites very low compared to the blues. some blues can be on well before and after the whites lessen for the day.
  8. How often should I clean the pump?

    I clean my pumps once every 4-6 months.
  9. Cleaning dry rock?

    tap is fine.

    what is your white to blue ratio on your lights? Hydra 26 is a lot of light for a tank this size.
  11. Soft Corals closed polyps

    I had a leather sit and not open for 8 solid months before I returned it. Not a fan.
  12. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    final corals starting to be added...here's a quick video update...music added due to kids yelling in the background. Added a red/blue with yellow center acan frag and a torch from Cherry Corals. 15 cerith snails from reefcleaners on the way this week. Just a few small splashes of bright orange/yellow via leptoseris and red via setosa and acans and I'm done...then just a waiting game for it growing in and out.
  13. kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170 - Tank is here!

    the microbubbles will be temporary...marinepure there might dissapate it some. you can not trim it I guess, but i think I'd much rather have it trimmed and submerged VS. a portion sticking out of the water.
  14. kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170 - Tank is here!

    curious why not put the plate in the small area in between the areas in sump where black sponge went? ditch the black sponge I'd use a large knife and carefully trim off 1.5" of it, then put it in there...take the excess marinepure and keep it in the sump or bury it in sand. (always helpful to use in a pinch for a QT tank) tank looks great btw
  15. kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170 - Tank is here!

    how does this work?