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  1. the same velcro you are using...so far so good at 5 months...but there's not too much that's really heavy really.
  2. Tunze with the optical won't overflow (skip the nano version) ....no brainer choice IMO
  3. Switching from RSCP to Fritz was a super smooth transition...and the more I use Fritz, I actually like it better than RSCP.
  4. no...its pretty darn clean. your drop test is never far from my mind. my obsessive stirring and cleaning for much of the past months was good in that regard.
  5. so stir....but in moderation? i also just worry what is 'normal' to be battling at 5 months in.
  6. Red Sea Reefer 170 running Natural Sun setting...Nitrates @ 7-10. Phosphates read 0.00 (Hanna Phosphate Checker), Alk steady at 8.5. Basically parameters are perfect as I want them to be. That said, I am getting and have been getting a mild diatom bloom over the past 2 months...its slowly getting better and is slightly starting to shift into a big of a more green color, but is this to be expected on a tank at @ 5 months? (tank was filled in mid-December) Am I still in the uglies stage? Its been so long since my last tank I can't remember. WHat really kicked the bloom into high gear was over feeding about 2 months ago, but is the ramifications of that seeing diatom blooms STILL? Around this time, I was also stirring the sand too much. I still stir it but much less vigoroursly. Should I not stir at all? Finally, 0 TDS from a new BRS RO/DI unit...using Fritz RPM salt...changing out 6 gallons a week on a 40g. I was thinking about laying off the water changes and seeing if that helped....but is that a bad idea? Rock is Walt Smith 2.1 dry rock, btw...sand is Tropic Eden Tonga Reef Flakes. Flow is a Sicce Synca 2.0 and two MP10s.
  7. Mixes fairly clean to 8.5 with nice high mag. levels, and 8.5 is what I want to run my tank at and dose 2 part to maintain. RSCP was mixing at 11, and I didn't want to be that high and I didn't want to bother with RS blue bucket. Plus LFS guy who seems smart raves about it. Small batches and 50 bucks for 200g also had my attention.
  8. Switched from RSCP to Fritz RPM. I like it so far.
  9. The last time I had fish die like you experienced, it was due to rogue emerald crabs.
  10. I use an 8 x 8 x 1 plate from Marinepure in mine. Hard to say if effective, but i like the idea of it. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/marinepure-ceramic-biomedia-plate.html
  11. I like the idea of stepping your game up, mastering moderate-level corals...and going for a nice medium sized healthy colony of frogspawn, purple tipped branching hammer or green duncans basically research, understand and act like someone who isn't a beginner. Or....just get a nice green leather.
  12. yes....an battery backup is an ideal solution to pair with the MP10. agreed...
  13. Right off the bat, slow down. good news, youre on the right track...but no need to order anything tonight. Props on going with a top quality tank, but I'd really, really save up for the 170 with the Hydra 26 Vs. the RS Nano unless you absolutely can only have a 20g due to landlord or something wierd. For the cost of 2 nice corals, you're tremendously impacting the piece of equipment (the tank, itself) that will most impact you over the next 5+ years. (also, you could maybe get away with the Prime HD on the 170, btw)... Not only that, but I think I'd go with a Red Sea Reefer 170 vs the Red Sea Max 170. Having a sump vs. an AIO is superior in my experience. Less stress. Zero compromise and 'will it fit' dilemmas. You don't need to buy the skimmer right away...well worth the extra money to buy full fledged equipment built to work in sump vs. compromised equipment built to jam in the back of an AIO compartment. I did AIO's for a decade...never again...will always have a sump...and for that, nothing better or easier than a Reefer 170. You may think now that the Max will be easier and that the Reefer is overwhelming...but this is not the case. In the long term, the Reefer is going to be much easier for you. Trust me, the minute you pull the trigger on that Max, it gets real...and the realization that you have no room and your equipment is a series of compromises built for jamming into a small space is gonna hit. As far as other stuff....Hold off on shrimp for a long while. no emerald crab. 3-6 snails well after the cycle. don't rush the CUC. don't buy into the one CUC per gallon junk either. I would not waste my time with a lawnmower blenny. I'd get a bicolor or tailspot. for substrate stirring, use a long stick. Personally, I'd go with a classic clown pair and then later add a royal gramma for the flash of color. You also need a good auto top off....I'd go with the Tuzne Ossimolator...not the Nano one, the full one with the two sensors. This is not mission critical, as I THINK you get a very basic ATO with the tank which you can use for now...or use forever if you like it. You are also gonna want a controller for your heater....this keeps your controller from overshooting and cooking your tank. Either splurge on a Reefkeeper Lite or go for a cheaper alternative like an Inkbird. Runaway heaters will do you in if not. also, you sound very green...you need to really start researching and continue to ask questions here before every step and purchase you make. this forum is a good resource....use it to its fullest. You can also PM if you need...I'm running a new Reefer 170, and did an obscene amount of research on the Max and the Reefer series.
  14. MP10
  15. YOU ALSO NEED REFRACTOMETER CALIBRATION FLUID. i'd advise you to continue ask questions moving forward on every aspect of your setup, no matter how basic it may seem. people will assist. I say this because thinking of adjusting your salinity by sniff test indicates you have a lot to learn. please ask and please begin your deep, deep research into the basics. do not do anything without asking first. no question is too basic at this stage.