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    family, my house, professional wrestling (njpw, pwg, roh), fishing, corals, flowers, videogames
  1. i use a reefkeeper lite on display and an inkbird on my qt. you may just need an inkbird for the heater.
  2. need a basic controller and a quality ATO.
  3. So, I dosed around 12 ml last night and tested this AM. It brought my dkh up to 8.8 from 8.3, which seems close enough to my target. Realistically, my tank is only dropping @ 0.1 per day...which would be dosing about 2 ml. daily to keep it steady (rough math) With such a small amount, should I even bother? seems ok to just do the once a week dosing after a water change? (until I get more corals putting a drain on the dkh)
  4. I have switched salts and the new mix makes my tank's alkalinity sit at 8.3 after a water change. Prior to the switch it was sitting at 9 after a water change. I'd like to keep it at 9. I have some ESV Bionic here I just cracked open, and I did a dose of 11 ml of each part to bring it up to 9. I only have 1 small LPS in the tank currently, and in the past, with almost no corals, it has taken 7 days for the tank to drop from 9 to 8.4 or so. So...is it OK for now to just dose up the alk. to 9 after the water change once a week, and let it ride back down to 8.3 or so over the course of the week, or should I attempt to do a daily dose keeping it at 9? I would think If I did 11ml daily dosing with almost no corals, it would overshoot my goal of 9?
  5. this is normal. mine has it too.