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    independent pro wrestling, electronic music, pond fishing, guns, container gardening, nano reef tanks, terrariums, visiting LFS and not buying stuff.
  1. Any shrimp in tank? alk swing? acans can also just be weird sometimes
  2. Thank you for documenting and for the clear explanations...pulling for you and your tank. any thoughts of pulling the sand bed?
  3. STOP LISTENING TO THAT LFS IMMEDIATELY. a lot of these stores are a notch above a used car salesman or GameStop. "They recommend I strip the water clean for a little" WOW. remove that ROWA stuff. playing games removing nutrients in an LPS dominant tank is a bad bad idea. Don't panic. There's nothing wrong with your tank...but an overreaction could cause something to go very very wrong.
  4. Looks good. I’d recommend a good ATO and a Hanna dkh checker
  5. id not get a fish for the purpose of cleaning flatworms in a 15 gallon tank. i'd not get a fish for that purpose in a 30g. I'd stick to your original fish stocking plan and get it under control manually and with a treatment of something. just my opinion.
  6. If your concern is that the left side is too vertical and steep to place corals on...I agree that it is. it does look nice, but as the tank matures, real estate becomes a primary concern IME id day give it a try and don’t epoxy it all together. Change it later if you find it problematic
  7. Done it 3 times... move it last. HIRE A LFS TO ASSIST. Worth it.
  8. slight re-arrange. ditched the fungia and a branch of gold hammer...not looking to be on 'brown jelly' watch. also moved some stuff out of the way of the space invader. frag swap tomorrow....planning on more yellow ricordea for the bottom of the tanks and some rasta zoas for filler.
  9. ecotech pumps with the battery backup reefkeeper lite (no longer made) so at least an inkbird for the heater the game changer...a decent power inverter, a powerstrip and extension cord in trunk of car. stuff happens...turn on car, plug in power inverter, run the extention cable into house, and plug in heater and pump. this has saved me 2x in the past year. numerous frozen water bottles in the freezer https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UFERZKO/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I'd be hesitant to use GFO in a 6g unless i was having major issues...and then I'd just to water changes instead.
  11. a goby could do that...i've seen "reef safe" gobies do shocking things to LPS> a comback is possible. just feed (a reef roid paste dusting) a few times a week if the mouth will take it and keep in a moderate/low light and flow area. such a slow growing coral, i'd personally toss it in a hidden corner and revisit it in a year.
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