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  1. FS Coral and Fish assortment in CA

    Any interests on my set up? It will have to be local pick up in 91350 Santa Clarita, CA Its $400 for everything (livestock, sunpod 150wt MH, 24g aquapod) minus the stand. PM me an offer this set up has to go.
  2. For pick up or meet only. Corals: 2 Torch, several mushrooms on rocks Livestock: 3 clownfish, 1 pseudo, shrimp, asst snails and crabs. I've had this set up on a 24g aquapod (150wt MH) and 12g Nanocube. I will be moving into another residence so all my saltwater hobby will be at the moment scuttled. I will try to post some pics later but if u wanted to see how it looked like months (?) ago checkout my thread in the all in one tanks. Anyway everything has to go including the aquarium so pm me if interested. Also its very important that this sale is for pick up only so if u are close to Santa Clarita, Ca dont miss this great deal. 150wt MH Sunpod, 24g tank, 20lbs+ live rock, 15lbs live sand, (15 head )torch frag, (10 head) torch frag, red/green mushrooms, some gsps, 2 paired ocellaris clown, 1 pseudo, 1 coral banded shrimp, several nassarius, several scarlet hermit crabs, 2 turbo, 1 astrea, and so on.
  3. New guy with AP24, (Photo)

    HQI lighting like the Sunpod would do wonders for your Crocea. Brighter tank = More attractive tank. Like your aquascaping -- clean job.
  4. Pic's of my 12g nc dx

    How are you going to go about lighting for your chaeto? Thats a nice tank. I really like the variety.
  5. light timers

    I like the coralife digital PowerCenter timer.
  6. New AP24

    Off to a nice start. If space is an issue just acquire smaller frags.
  7. Pros and Cons of Open Tank?

    Pros- Ease of feeding. Doesnt trap heat. Cons- Alot of evaporation. Fish jumping.
  8. I have 2 (paired)Clarkiis and 1 bicolor pseudochromis and they get along real nice. They have been together around 8 months or so in my 24g aquapod.
  9. 24g Aquapod Pic

    Thanks for posting this link - its a smart modification. Very kind words thank you. Your tank especially the rock placements looks stunning and I am sure your fish appreciates all the hiding places.
  10. Irish's Aquapod Documentary

    Nice aquascaping. If I had to redo my 24g I would definitely try to mirror yours. Please continue with the updated pics as u progress.
  11. My New biocube 29 set up

    There are several people in this forum that go without skimmers in their nanos. I do not run protein skimmer on my 24g and rely on 5 gallon weekly changes.
  12. My AP24

    Fantastic tank - looks incredibly healthy.
  13. Todays photos coral shots

    Nice shots. What camera and what lens did u use?
  14. Introducing Myself and My new AP24

    Very nice start. I like the clean up crew variety.
  15. 24g Aquapod Pic

    The stock pump of my AP 24g lasted almost a year. This morning I discovered the busted pump. No wonder people replace the stock pumps luckily I had a spare mj 1200. Anyone else kept their stock unreliable and hot running pumps in their AP 24?