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  1. Looking for exciteing fish for ten gallon tank

    from what I understand, a sixline will live in a ten gallon but be much happier in a bigger tank. Personally, I love my clown's personality.
  2. I love how all the little frags of sweet coral make the tank appear pretty big. I've always wanted to try a tiny tank. Looks good!
  3. 3g octopus

    Are these a common species? I would love to get a dwarf octo. Can you give us more info on dwarf-specific related care? Thanks, and awesome tank/octo.
  4. Free CAD software

    I believe you are looking for sketch up...http://sketchup.google.com/
  5. Bubble Tips

  6. Quick fix to make tank look less empty

    Maybe a mangrove atleast until it gets too big.
  7. Amazing freediving Bubble rings!

    wow...pretty amazing.
  8. Torch or Frogspawn?

  9. help! I have no clue where to start

    Sounds like you're off to a pretty good start, you might be able to get away w/o a skimmer for a while, but eventually you'll probably want one. The overflow contraption will work (or it will if it is what I think it is) and as for the live rock, you're just gonna see how well it fills up your tank (people approximate around a pound per gallon, but it depends on the density of the rock and how you want your aquascape to look). With this being said I haven't had experience with tanks larger than 12 gallons, I just do my fair share of reading. Read alot, and you will find the answer to your questions. Hope that kind of helps.
  10. Difference between Acan and Acan Lords?

    Acan is to dog as acan lord is to golden retriever
  11. Poll: what level does your perc swim?

    High to Mid High
  12. Cool Clownfish Background

    Thanks man.
  13. Replacement bulbs for NC12 DX

    nanotuners.com rocks and sells good bulbs.
  14. How do you keep cheato in its chamber?

    cut one of the sponges and use it as a screen