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  1. Fuge pumps

    Looking to set up a 10g fuge on a 29g. My ? is...What brand of pump should I use for the return? I'm looking for a pump that will return a little less that 300 gph at 4 ft. I have done some research and have found that someone thinks that every brand of powerhead/waterpump is better or worse than every other. Thanks in advance for you help
  2. ~~ Beginner FAQ ~~

    Good Call! When I first started my reef the only info I could find was either too complicated or too elementry. Can we find a happy medium! Just a thought
  3. A Special Note to Newbies!

    Good Call! When I first started my reef the only info I could find was either too complicated or too elementry. Can we find a happy medium! Just a thought
  4. One part of my polyp colony is pinkish brown! The rest is bright green. I have seen whole colonies of each color but never both colors in the same colony. Is this common? I will have a pick soon but I'm wondering if this is normal, and if not what can I do? Thanks in advance for any and all help with this.
  5. New Coralife 150 watt MH clamp on light.

    I was at a local shop and the owner recomended this light to me for my 29g in an effort to keep some SPS. (previously I was looking at an orbit light but I have desided that I want to keep SPS, and do it right) I'm still kinda new to the nanothing so I figured I would poke around here to get some info on the light. For the most part, it seems people are somewhat happy with the light. There seems to be some small problems (light spill, small mods), but the recent discussion of UV had made me a little more cautious. I'm buying a new light eitherway. I'm putting a 20g tank under my 29g to use as a fuge, by way of a CPR overflow. I plan on using my current light to light the fuge. So can anyone give me some direction on this light? Or any alternatives? It seems like practical response to industry demand. So can we start an UP or DOWN on this product? 123 GO!
  6. 25" CPR fuge on 29g

    I did the math and it will be about 30+ lbs. on the back of my tank. I think I'm going to go with my original idea but I'm going to build a shelf to support the fuge. thanks
  7. 25" CPR fuge on 29g

    I'm thinking of buy a the 25" CPR fuge for my 29g. I've heard of people going with smaller HOs but my experience is that more=more. My question is, will it be too heavy? I plan on placing my hang on prizm on the back to the fuge to get it out of my tank.(plus there will be no room to put in directly in the tank. I was also thinking about running my canister out of the fuge as well. I have it all planned out but, I'm curious if anyone has tried this before? Thanks aaron
  8. Setting up first fuge

    I'm setting up my first fuge and need a little advice. I'm getting a 14" CPR from a guy at the shop I go to. Right now I'm running a canister filter and have read that its sort of counter productive. I plan on replacing it with the fuge. Will this be big enough for my 29g? Should I still use some kind of mech filtration? What should I stock it with? I have a prizm pro skimmer as well. Do I still need this? Lookiing for insight and how others have their fuge set up. thanks
  9. instant ocean or reef crystals

    What do you guys think of tropic marin. I love it. It mixes well and loaded with trace elements. Just wondering if anyone else uses it.
  10. New...kinda

    A guy at the shop I go to is going to sell me a CPR for 40 bucks. I think I'm going to take him up on the offer. I have never set up a fuge before so what should I know. I get the basic idea, but dont know exactly what to do. thanks
  11. New...kinda

    I'm running a 55 watt 10,000k light. I want to upgrade soon, I've been thinking of an orbit light. I've also been thinking about dumping the canister filter for a hang-on fuge. Thanks for the imput.
  12. New...kinda

    Hello all, I'm kinda new to the whole salt water thing. I've had fish since I was a kid but I'm trying out the reef thing for the first time. I've had my tank for about a year. All my inhabitints have stayed alive. Two clowns, cleaner shrimp, bi-color blenny, firefish, and some green chromis, plus small hermits, sand sifting snails, and a couple of turbos. The fish are doing fine but I'm just now starting to get into coral. I have a green soft star pollup and a rather interesting looking cup coral. I'm looking to do more. I have seen some very impressive setups on this site and figured I should join to get some advice and direction. I will be posting pics soon. Any and all advice welcome. I have received a lot of confliting advice and opinions from the three different shops I go to so I wanted to see what worked for you. If you think I might be doing something wrong, if there is something in my set up that I should consider changing please let me know. Thank you
  13. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    I've been using a swing arm for the last year and have never had any issues.