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  1. FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    Case hardened would be pretty dope.
  2. How is my scape?

    Looks really nice the only thing i would consider changing would be to make one of the islands slightly taller. I'm a fan of asymmetric look.
  3. WoWScrnShot_020411_232539

    no one gets this fail
  4. WoWScrnShot_020411_232539

    lol i thought this was witty but im not sure the guy knew what i was talking about
  5. Electricty help needed

    It's of the light it is the circuit breaker
  6. Electricty help needed

    Hi I have been trying to set up my new 3gallon tank but my 24 watt light constantly trips the switch if anyone has had this problem and knows how to help me it would be very much a. Thanks!z
  7. SeaClone 150 or ASM Protein Skimmer?

    Get the ASM-3 and you are set much better than the remora its a man's skimmer.
  8. Rock/Flower Anemone Lighting?

    Rock Anemones dont need light they are strictly carnies.
  9. Mystery Snail - Nerite? Was Hitch-Hiker

    those are the best i had a large bright orange one
  10. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    HBD NR love you guys!
  11. Clam went bad

    My ideah atm is a spearing mantis i have heard a clicking noise for a while now not knowing what it was i have lost all my snails except the burrowing ones. Do spearing mantis break the shells of stuff they eat? I really dont think the clam died from lack of food for he died literaly over night. The 20 gallon refuigium currently has a plenum in it and is doing sooo good i am putting all my corals in it. I will be removing all the sand(tossing it) and rocks without corals will go into cooking for 2-3months. I hope this solves my dilima. My tank will be bare bottom for now on.
  12. Clam went bad

    I have had a couple random overnight deaths this seems like the only fix.
  13. Clam went bad

    I dont think my sixline did it i had fed him last night. mby though.
  14. Clam went bad

    I have had a 4in. dersa clam for about 4months now it went from looking awsome at night to bad and shrivled in the morning. Tank is about 2years old 30 gallon tank 20 gallon refugium 18gallon sump. 30 gallon tank has 250watt MH and sump has Euro Reef skimmer Bio load 1clown 1 sixline. doing a 10 gallon water change ATM no idea of what happened. Is there anything i can do to posibly save it. FW dip maby things dont look good.... thinking about ripping apart tank and making it sandless and cookign rock with out corals on in it expeirenced reefer leeve me some suggestions pls.