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  1. FS: Zoanthids in SoCal

    You got any left if so ill take: 2 - Metallic Eagles $20 2 - Reds - my FAVORITES $20 2 - AoG palys $20 2- True Blue $10 Ill be at the sw-cfm. Tnx, Greg.
  2. Paypal payment sent. from kokob007 at msn dot com Thanks, Greg.
  3. Didnt see my name. Need paypal info. Greg.
  4. Need 1 please, how are we going to do this pickup at the door, need paypal info. Greg
  5. Damn sry to hear that bro. Hope you get back at it soon. Take care.
  6. 72 Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front Evolution...

    Love the tank! Mike how noisy is all that stuff you got in there. what is the loudest thing in there?
  7. Dendronephthya and Scleronephthya lighting

    I second on the zeovit system check that out. They had success with them. seen couple of german tanks that kept them for a long time.
  8. Cheap, quality live rock?

    Look for local reef clubs and ask them to sell you some. you can find them at reef central try there.
  9. Carbon-good or bad?

    Just do water changes. will fix all your water problems. Finall!!!!!!!
  10. What is the appropiate MH to get?

    3/4 hose, From the pump i got a check valve then got a (swcd squid) or what ever its called, connected to 90 degree barb wire fitting on each end of the tank, cut two holes in the back of the hood for the fittings then connect that to a u tube and back up to the tank. kinda weird to explain it will try to get pics tonight. Just saw your setup shao-lin nano its kinda like your except with 3/4 hose going to the sump/fuge instead of the fluval you got. oh and i got a cpr overflow on it, just cut up the middle section of the hood fits perfectly on the middle chamber. but i wouldnt do this cause the cpr overflow is a bad design you gota run a aqualifter pump to it and the pump stops working sometimes.
  11. What is the appropiate MH to get?

    Got 150w hqi retro from lampDR. on a 24g with two fans on the sides where the 2 vents are. one blowing in one out. I set my heater to 79 my temps are 79.8. doesnt go up down nothing. i run the lights 9 hr a day. I also have 20g. refugium with skimmer, cheatos, rubble. One quiet one 4000 back to the display. I think the fuge/sump helps alot with the heat. working for 6 months for me so far. ambient temp usually around 70,s i dont know how its going to get in the summer probebly have to get a chiller for it.
  12. fiji mud

    I agree with lgreen. Although alot more critters will live and benefit from Mud in turn have more life in your system.
  13. Best kind of Macro Algea

    Def. Chaeto! Tried mangroves, Chaetos is much more efficient. Just gota keep harvesting the chaeto, but hey you can always bag it and sell it here. they grow like crazy. i throw whole bunch away every couple of weeks.
  14. Refugium? DO I REALLY need one?

    I use to have allot of problems with my tank, algae, salinity going up and down, Ph unbalanced. After I added the fuge everything became normal, added a auto top off, Skimmer, Cheatos, Carbon (24/7) fuge Lights are on reverse photoperiod from main (helps with the ph). It made my tank more stable and less of a work to keep up with the Maintenance. I think it can only benefit your system.
  15. How to put a fuge on my 20g?

    I got a 20g rectangular tank $20.00 return pump $30.00 ebay, clip on worklight and bulb $15.00 home depot, they also have arcylic sheets for $5.00 for the baffles also get a GE Silicone for the glue (couple of bucks), Cpr Overflow probebly around $50.00, you will also need aqua lifter pump for it $10.00, 2 return hoses (3/4" thats what the overflow fitting is) couple of bucks home depot. Throw in live rock rubble, sand, Macro algea and there you have it. Kinda expensive but there is no way around it unless you go for the CPR Aquafuge deal that Accord86 posted above. Good luck.