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  1. marineland 12" LED light

    ive been looking at those as well and they do seem like the better purchase long term right on! I do as often as i can, which is about every other week or so. but the lack of rain is starting to take a tole on it
  2. anyone have one or know if it's worth a damn for a pico? seems about equal to the 18w pc i had on my 2.5
  3. You could build a decent tank for half 6k
  4. 2.5g return?

    Well alright then.
  5. 2.5g return?

    2.5 gallon?? hmmm pest tank? no, zoo garden!
  6. 2.5g return?

    Im really considering starting it back up, any suggestions? (no n00b ones please)
  7. hey everyone!

    wow, its been a while, but ive been sorta awya form it all, but im back, in black. haha.
  8. pagoda

    very nice pic, and fish!
  9. How much water into nanocube 24

    pic of whats happing?
  10. 1 Quart Pico Reef!

    how bout a tang? JUST KIDDING!!!, but seriously, I agree with FF218, a sexy shrimp would pretty sweet.
  11. $1,000 POLYP?

  12. @#$# Emerlad crab #$#$#

    you know,i just saw the title of the thread, and i thought, why do people still buy these things, even after all the threads they see, like this one
  13. Free