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  1. 75 Gallon uniquarium build

    Nice to see another uniquarium up and coming. Check out my old posts about my 40 uniquarium. Haven't updated it in a while, but it is still running and the livestock has changed quite a bit. Mostly leathers, sofites and some LPS and Montis. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;hl=uniquarium Go to page page 3 a scroll down a bit to see how I setup my fuge lights for ideas. Good luck!
  2. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday N-R! Couldn't do it without you. Met so many wonderful people here.
  3. SCNRS - "Cinco De Frag-O"

    will be there with a bottle of Patron. Shots On the hour, every hour.
  4. Which ATO to go with? Tunze Osmolator or JBJ ATO

    I have both and both work well. I only bought the Tunze because of my space limitations on one of my tanks. I haven't had any of them fail yet. Knock on wood...
  5. My 50g Long

    What's the dim. of that tank. Cool.
  6. Just got my Typhoon III

    Got mine late last year. It's a great product so far. You will love it.
  7. LPS Coral - How to Remove Flatworms

    I use Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Cure, and just to be sure I add 1 or 2 drops of Flatworm Exit by Salifert to the water and let the coral sit for 15-20 min and during that time swish the coral around a few times. You should also inspect the coral with your eyes for anything else that might not have been taken care of with the dip. Freshwater may work, but I believe it really stresses the coral. I say wait and get the Tropic or even just the Salifert. Either one will work to get rid of the FW.

    Nice tank
  9. 100G SPS Photo Gallery

    WOW!! 2 400W, those fans actually keep the temps down? Nice tank and corals.
  10. 40 uniquarium

    I added him last. So the hawk does not bother anyone except for the time I had to babysit my wife's redhawk fish. My hawk tore up the red hawkfish. Had to take the red one out. So i guess don't put 2 of them in a small tank. Otherwise it's a great fish to watch, just likes to hang out.
  11. Asin's NC6

    Start a prop tank thread too...I'm bored
  12. Asin's NC6

    just messing with you
  13. Asin's NC6

    Post some pics of the frag tank then....
  14. FR New Corals and Ebay Auctions

    that pink is nutz!
  15. The SCNR thread

    I think if the fish dies he should get some store credit.