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  1. delete pls

  2. delete pls

    how much do you need? i'm interested and local.
  3. Free Coral: Frogspawn? So Cal

    I will take the frogspawn if it's still available. can pickup right now!
  4. What kind of corals do you have? Im local and might be interested in the livestock.
  5. ya dont worry about tracking. I trust u
  6. FS: Modded XBOX Gauging Interest

    heh, he's right. doing what you are doing is wrong and illegal. rip, copy, burn, do what ever, i dont care. but at least KNOW that it's illegal. Pretending it's not could get you in trouble if ur not careful
  7. FS: Modded XBOX Gauging Interest

    Not interested in the xbox since i have one but where do you get the HD cable? What's it called? googling HD xbox comes up with a bunch of xbox 360 results
  8. WTB: Cheato

  9. WTB: Cheato

    Anyone got hookups on cheato in Southern Cali (LA/Ventura)? I just need a handful for a 12gallon NC. Im in the valley (san fernando) and can pickup if you're near. Thanks!!
  10. Best way to break LR

    chainsaw ~randy
  11. ...with the frogspawn. Finally! they are hosting!!! sorry for the crappy quality. I dont have access to the good camera tonight. http://public.clunet.edu/~rho/upload/clowns.mpg ~randy