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  1. clicking sound?

    Or a Mantis shrimp... Do a search on them if not familiar with them - although considered a pain, they are quite remarkable.
  2. First Set Up -- 01/16/04

    My girlfriend wrote all the text; and I agree in it's ambiguity. I have maintained salt aquariums for ten years and know the spectrum/WLengths needed by clams and which bulbs achieve it. I will agree that MHs look great and have an extra boost, but on a nano? I would state that it would be more damaging to the livestock in a 12g. If proof is needed, check the before/after pics of the candy and the frogspawn pics are en route. All stock are rescues from dying frags/colonies in private and store tanks - and have flourished under my care.
  3. First Set Up -- 01/16/04

    mantisreefer, Kind of funny that I have PCs on the tank and not MH, but the clam (as well as everything else) has had incredible growth. So much that one year after setup, we have begun selling more than buying; including selling the clam bc it had 2" of growth. Check your information and helpfullness in the future. I can appriciate corrective information, but from-the-hip critisism, especially when wrong, is unwanted.
  4. The Candy Now

    mantisreefer, I did a search and found it to go by both names; as well as a slew of others. Notice that this coral is the same as the shrivled up pic; 1year after rescue.
  5. Along the Way

    One of the set ups along the way. The rose out grew the nano, the clowns went with her.
  6. The Candy Now

    As of 04/17/05
  7. candy better

    Candy filled out, just before it split into two heads.
  8. First Set Up -- 01/16/04

    Bought all out of a set-up store tank. Everything was pre-cycled. This is only a 12 gallon.
  9. Candy Rescue

  10. First Set Up -- 01/16/04

    This was our first day. Bought the Nano, Live rock, sand, clean up crew, a clam, a $5 candy, mushroom tonga piece, and a wierd low light croral we knew nothing about(I know, duh!) and the reef began.