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  1. Snail/Nudie Thing

    Dear 666 After I posted the thread, through another source I actually found out what the thing was. So please don't assume anything thanks. Either way i took proper precautions by not touching the creature. I don't know how it is in the USA but in Australia, we are in some places, allowed to collect creatures from our beaches. I posted the thread to see if you guys could identify it while also looking through other sources. (I thought you guys would also appreciate how pretty he is) And in the meantime my other sources responded first. But thanks for your concern (seriously). I think I'll leave my findings to the Aussie web sites
  2. Do you know what this is ???

    Animal Lover No its not illegal. In sanctuary places it is but at most public beaches you can take them. (Thats how most of our LFS get their invertebrates). Thanks guys for your help I've found out what it is. its a Rose Petal Bubble Shell. I'm gonna give it a go but monitor his health.
  3. Snail/Nudie Thing

    I know tinyreef. Maybe he just didn't understand how easy it is for me to put him straight back if I think i can't look after him
  4. New tank critter ID?

    Yeesh. At night I hear a like tapping sound. Its like tap tapitty tap
  5. Snail/Nudie Thing

    Thanks!!! Yeah my LFS said I could by some food from him for the little guy. If not I'll put him back Thanks for not being rude
  6. Do you know what this is ???

    Thanks fishnphilly! Actually I know what it is. I know what it eats and I know that if I'm not confident I can look after it I'll just go down to my beach and put him back! Thanks! By the way its a Rose Petal Bubble Shell.
  7. Do you know what this is ???

    moves like a snail. ripple things don't move. He has a mouth and slug like ear things. He curls up when he's sleeping. I'm pretty sure its not a nudibrach
  8. Snail/Nudie Thing

    I posted this in the beginners forum but figured that this could be the place where I can get my answer Do you guys know what this is? Found him when I was snorkeling. Will he survive? Just want to know whether I should keep him or not He's soooo cute
  9. Do you know what this is ???

    yeah he moves around the tank. Sometimes buries himself in the sand and other times he's moving around my rock and glass. what angle do you want? 1st one is a top angle and the 2nd is a front on view. I haven't got my camera at the mo but I'll try get some different pictures
  10. sig banner

    first upload your image to a image host go user cp edit profile copy paste get the host adress in IMG brackets If that doesn't work then i dunno
  11. New tank critter ID?

    crack your tank?? How can that happen? What does that?
  12. Do you guys know what this is? Found him when I was snorkeling. Will he survive? Just want to know wether I should keep him or not He's soooo cute
  13. Too many pods

    Yeah well out of the 5 that I deal with in my area 3 have told me that they try to get their mandarins on live or frozen foods and if they can't they usually tell you. Depends on the LFS I try to deal with the ones that don't talk crap just to get a sale
  14. Too many pods

    No actually we've been through it a million times already ok you have your opinion and it has been disproven by this discussion and the other one. So I just go and quote sihaya. Please read approx three posts up . I'm sure now that if crystina were to contemplate getting a Mandarin she would know now how to look after it. Don't know about your area but most aquariums where i'm from don't sell you a Mandarin if its not eating some kind of frozen or live food anyway. So I guess we have achieved some thing here haven't we?
  15. Too many pods

    For a proper discussion about Mandarins in Nanos http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=54632 Its not the worst advice. Maybe for people not willing to put the effort in.