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  1. penguinsix

    Full spectrum LED layouts

    The 7.5 cube layout would work better for 13x13x10, no?
  2. penguinsix

    NC12 led lighting ideas.

    I'm looking at getting the following: 4x CREE XT-E 3UP 2x OCW's with 120° optics 4x TV's with 120° optics and 3x Inventronics 25w drivers Should I stick with the 3up or go with 4x cree xm-l and 8x cree xt-e royal blue?
  3. penguinsix

    NC12 led lighting ideas.

    I've been out of the hoby for about 4 years now and decided to jump back in with a NC12. I was able to find one used with custom led's on my local club forum. However, I don't know if I should stick with the leds it has now or switch to something else, or simply add a couple of tv leds as the colour seems too blue. Currently it is as below: 6x cree xp-e q5 (cool white) 6x cree xr-e d3 (royal blues) with adjustable dimming on both white\blue using a Potrans 24v 6.5amp DC power supply (FS-15024-1M) to drive them all. I would like to be able to have the blues/whites on separate power supplies, but, depending on the price/how much extra work it would be I don't have to. LED layout: If anyone has any thoughts on any possible changes it would be a great help. Thanks.
  4. penguinsix

    20H: a 10g upgrade

    I'm starting to run out of space in my 10g and since I found out I can have as large as a 20g tank in my dorm I have been formulating possible setups for one. It is going to be bb maybe with egg crate or rubble but I don't want that detritus build up. It is going to have a 10g sump and a 5.5g fuge. I am planing on a CL with a genx-mak4 and a return pump being a quiet one 2200 with a scwd. It will be lit with a 150 mh, until I upgrade to 250, and a pair of 24'' t5 actinics. It will be mainly sps with some zoas and lps. Equipment: 20h aga tank 10g aga sump 5.5 aga fuge 150w MH (to be upgraded) 2 - 24'' t5 actinic genx-mak4 quiet one 2200 scwd CSS 65 (may upgrade) Livestock: 1 - pair false perc clowns 3 - dragon faced pipe fish maybe something else? Corals: Various acros Various montis Hammer Acans Blastos Various zoas. I guess my only question as of now is will the mak4 be too much?
  5. penguinsix

    Best LFS in Boston area?

    The best LFS in boston would have to be Skipton's Pet Center. But for other local LFS check the BRS where there are many listed.
  6. penguinsix

    150W H.Q.I. Retrofit

    Was the bulb and ballast used 8 months, or were the amount of time they were used different?
  7. penguinsix

    Large Coral Pack forsale....CHEAP!

    from the rules at the top of the page: Prohibited uses: • Selling large quantities of corals, frags, "frag packs," or new equipment. • Advertising items for sale at a business website • Advertising auctions • Posting items for sale on a weekly basis.
  8. penguinsix

    FS in Philadelphia

    pm sent.
  9. penguinsix

    FS in Philadelphia

    What color k are the bulbs? Is it a dual ballast or 2 single ballasts?
  10. penguinsix

    Phosban question.

  11. penguinsix

    Phosban question.

    I just got a phosban reactor for my 10g because I can't rid myself of diatoms, I am using rodi with little to no tds. I don't want to run all 150 grams of phosban at once because that is 15 times as much as I should use. I was thinking of only using like 10-20ish grams at a time in the reactor. Now my question is would this be too little in the reactor to create too much motion causing the phosban to turn to dust? Or should I just run all 150 grams and hope for the best?
  12. penguinsix

    How many of you own mantis shrimp?

    I have one in my tank at work.
  13. penguinsix

    A 10 Gallon Mantis Nano

    I am thinking of replacing my 70watt MH with a 175watt MH. I will have a 14, 15, or 20k bulb. My only concern will be heat, and the fact that the bulb will only be about 5-6 inches from the water. I can make a new hood no problem, and plan on putting 4 fans in the hood, 2 in, 2 out. Any other suggestions?
  14. penguinsix

    Bearded's new 10g AGA

    When I first got into the hobby my original intent was to keep seahorses, I spent over a year researching them and then decided they weren't for me because I didn't have enough time. But one thing I do know is that the tropical species, like H. erectus, I'm not positive on the other two as I wasn't planning on keeping them, will do fine in a tank with temperatures of 78. As long as the tank is at least 18 inches tall for breeding purposes. A 15 high or 20 extra high should be fine. My original response was intended for the secondary tank he was going to put up.
  15. penguinsix

    Even more stuff!

    How much for the 175w MH retro - PFO ballast, reflector any bulbs for this left? Also can I get a pic? What would shipping be to 02302?