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  1. Had a fun Saturday crafting a custom canopy to house my new Nanobox small retrofit. Really classes up the look of everything and is quite functional. I am proud of it.
  2. I have kept them over the years and have them now, it has just been on my mind lately. I have been cavalier in the department of not wearing protection but have had no ill effects. I always rinse my hands before and after they enter the water and I clean my siphon as well. It was always my understanding that zoas contained less of the toxins than true palythoa etc. and I have avoided those because of that. That is the case right? Just wanted to get facts straight.
  3. I agree it is important, I have never once heard of Xenia containing toxins. Has there been any evidence to support it? I feel as if the quoted man may have been mistaken. As for keeping zoanthids is it even worth it?
  4. I am quite tempted now to get rid of my zoas after all of the mess surrounding palytoxin poisoning. Is it worth it to keep them?
  5. Looking good! New update coming very soon, and a little spoiler is that is now Nanobox powered!
  6. New photos with a couple other additions, now to let it all grow!
  7. Extremely impressed with this build, a good representation on knowledge gained.
  8. Yep, I knew that but thank you all for the advice!
  9. I do not run anything in the second chamber, the floss is in the first right at the surface skimmer. The chemipure is sort of hanging right below it in the same chamber. Not a problem I am happy to help!
  10. I took out the sponge and its contents and am running filter floss in the 1st chamber as well as a bag of chemipure elite tossed in. Thats about it.
  11. Coming right up on 2 months. A few more frags added including a green ricordea, cloves, acans, and a larger zoanthind colony. Everything else is doing well and am noticing growth. Religous weekly water changes around 15-20% and feeding reefroids as well as a frozen reef mix biweekly. The purple psuedochromis had to go back to the LFS for eating a sexy shrimp. I was bummed but found a great bicolor blenny to round out the triad. I was able to replace the sexy shrimp with 2 more that are constantly doing their thing. All in all, things are going great and I am very much enjoying my 6th tank in almost 15 years. One day I will outgrow this one and will consider a larger tank, maybe around 40 gallons.
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