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  1. 70w MH Group Buy for Pico Contest

    Tigah, Did you manage to find out about shipping to the UK for Fras? As I would interested in joining in the gb but live in the UK too. Thanks
  2. ViA AQUA 11G

    Tank looks good. How high is the metal halide bulb above the water? Peter
  3. Help needed in the UK!

    Kim, Good to see fellow uk nano ppl. I also had a struggle to find a nano. First got a via-aqua 380. 11 Gallon. These are not too bad, however I am now changing to a 15 gallon rena 60 litre tank. I think the extra lenght will be much better the nano cubes are a mission as there is not much space to work. By the way check out www.ultimatereef.net a british site with good forums. Would suggest checking out the compact t5's. A lot of bang for your buck. Let me know if you need any other information. Whereabouts in the uk are you? Peter
  4. UK nano newbie 4.5G

    Hi Guys Good to see the UK nano reefers out and about. I have currently just set up my third nano, using the interpet compact t5's. They are very good and a decent price too. Ordered them from all4fish which is the same as surreypetsupplies. Also have you been on UltimateReef there is a load of good information and tips for UKers.
  5. UK DIY Compact T5 retrofit

    Hi EddieW What are the component numbers for those Compact Lampholders and the clips had a look on rs components but wasn't able to figure out which ballasts would work? Looking good so far, nice to see a fellow UK nano user. Peter
  6. UK reefers

    Yip I am also from the UK. Living in Cardiff. The frag swap idea would be a definite winner.