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  1. ac20 question

    Thanks Cody. I appreciate the help.
  2. ac20 question

    Before I order one of these, can somebody tell me what the max glass thickness it can accommodate? I can't find any information on this anywhere on the web. The back panel of my aquarium is 3/4" acrylic.
  3. the ultimate pico tank!

    Payment sent.
  4. the ultimate pico tank!

    Looks like the pics were deleted from Photobucket.
  5. the ultimate pico tank!

    Nice! Do you have pics of it up and running?
  6. I'd like one too! Please PM me back!
  7. WTB: used remora nano skimmer

    As the title says: looking for a used remora nano for my tank. Will pay fair price. Thanks.
  8. Looking for an acrylic tank in the 45, 50, 58, 60, 65 gallon range. Must be no longer than 36", at least 18" wide, and 16" to 18" high. Must have black acrylic background. Prefer pre-drilled with at least one internal overflow. Must be willing to ship to Pittsburgh, PA, or be local enough for pick-up. Would consider buying matching stand (if black), but not required. No canopy needed. Thanks.
  9. Troubled

    It's sometimes called "light diffuser" and can be found in the lighting section of Home Depot (and elsewhere), near the utility flourescents. The store near me carries at least 2'x 4' sheets.
  10. Would a coral beauty be ok in a 12 gallon?

    Take it back to the LFS ASAP or you will have a dead fish on your hands.
  11. MH won't stay lit!

    Problem solved! Bad contact inside the ballast. Thanks for everyone's help.
  12. socket-safe lubricant?

    Says it's plastic safe...
  13. WTB: black acrylic internal overflow

    Cool. SoCal Creations say they can fix me up with an appropriate overflow for about $40. Thanks.
  14. socket-safe lubricant?

    Couldn't find dielectric grease, but the guy at Home Depot recomended 2-26 eletrical grade lubricant by way of substitution, which seems to work really well.