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  1. LED fixture and Tunze 9002 skimmer FS

    USPS Tracking: 9405 8096 9993 8132 6105 70.
  2. LED fixture and Tunze 9002 skimmer FS

    LED price drop: $135 OBO.
  3. 1. For sale is a used Micro-Reefs Elegant Series 72 w LED neutral spectrum reef aquarium light fixture. This light was used for less than a year and is in EUC. There are some minor salt stains and rust on a couple of screws. The connector where the power supply plugs into the fixture is a little loose; I've sprayed it with contact cleaner and that seems to have helped some. This light has two power settings (toggled by the main power switch that turns off some of the LEDS--see photos for display of both power modes); additionally, the light can be ramped up or down from that baseline using the supplied keychain remote. The fixture has a built in fan. The fan is very quiet and changed rpm based on the light intensity. Light can be set to come on with an external timer (none included) at the last specified intensity, but is not otherwise programmable. The light ramping feature is purely manual. The neutral color spectrum looks very nice. This is a fixture for smaller nano and pico tanks. It is suitable for growing SPS. The fixture is 7-3/16" x 6-7/8" x 2-3/8" in size. It can be mounted using the supplied hanging kit, or placed directly on a lid. The hanging posts are removable and can be swapped to the bottom of the fixture for use as legs to lift it off the surface of the lid. Additional technical specs are shown in one of the photos. You can also search online for more information. Does not ship in original box. Fixture, power supply, remote control, manual, and hanging kit are included. Will be well packaged for safe shipment. $150 shipped priority mail anywhere in the U.S. 2. A used Tunze 9002 skimmer (unmodified) with InTank collection cup (original cup also included for those so inclined). This venerable skimmer is no longer in production. I'd continue using it but it doesn't fit my new AIO. $50 shipped priority mail anywhere in the U.S.
  4. Wtb: reef glass skimmer

    Looking for a deal as bundles (skimmer, pump, tubing, airstone) run less than $90 shipped right now.
  5. kimballreef

    I think I got scammed by the same person. In this case a recently registered member going by the name of Sam Kimball. Email address: kimballsam@yahoo.com. User name Sammik. No response to any of my inquires. Thankfully it was small money.
  6. wtb: Tunze osmolator nano ato

    Must be complete and in good working condition. Thanks!
  7. Tank tear down sale

    Payment sent for skimmer.
  8. Tank tear down sale

    PM'd about Eshopps and ato container.
  9. Must be in good working condition. Aquaclear 20 and proportional temperature controller a plus. Please PM with offers.
  10. wtb: nanobox mini tide plus m

    Found! Thanks RobSpeed13!
  11. wtb: nanobox mini tide plus m

    Looking for a used but fully functional Nanobox Mini Tide Plus M light if anyone has one they're looking to part with. Starting up a second tank on a budget.
  12. ac20 question

    Thanks Cody. I appreciate the help.