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  1. Wtb: reef glass skimmer

    Looking for a deal as bundles (skimmer, pump, tubing, airstone) run less than $90 shipped right now.
  2. kimballreef

    I think I got scammed by the same person. In this case a recently registered member going by the name of Sam Kimball. Email address: kimballsam@yahoo.com. User name Sammik. No response to any of my inquires. Thankfully it was small money.
  3. wtb: Tunze osmolator nano ato

    Must be complete and in good working condition. Thanks!
  4. Tank tear down sale

    Payment sent for skimmer.
  5. Tank tear down sale

    PM'd about Eshopps and ato container.
  6. Must be in good working condition. Aquaclear 20 and proportional temperature controller a plus. Please PM with offers.
  7. wtb: nanobox mini tide plus m

    Found! Thanks RobSpeed13!
  8. wtb: nanobox mini tide plus m

    Looking for a used but fully functional Nanobox Mini Tide Plus M light if anyone has one they're looking to part with. Starting up a second tank on a budget.
  9. ac20 question

    Thanks Cody. I appreciate the help.
  10. ac20 question

    Before I order one of these, can somebody tell me what the max glass thickness it can accommodate? I can't find any information on this anywhere on the web. The back panel of my aquarium is 3/4" acrylic.
  11. the ultimate pico tank!

    Payment sent.
  12. the ultimate pico tank!

    Looks like the pics were deleted from Photobucket.
  13. the ultimate pico tank!

    Nice! Do you have pics of it up and running?
  14. I'd like one too! Please PM me back!