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  1. @mikeguerrero Thanks for pointing this out, sounds like a decent deal, but can I see some examples of this setup somewhere?
  2. First off, my wife is rad! Back when I originally posted this thread I sent her a screenshot of a nice looking picotope with just the subject "yummy". Well she surprised the hell out of my with one for my birthday. Like I said, rad! Unfortunately what came out of the box from Dr. F&S was not so rad. The silicone was sloppy in many places, especially around the outer base, but even worse were several un-removable scuffs/scratches on the front glass pane. We are now debating if I should have them send me a new one or if we should just get my money back. I really love the look of this tank but I'm not going to invest the time and money to get back into the hobby if there are going to be imperfections in the front viewing glass. Can anyone convince me I just got a dud and should just get a replacement? Alternatively if I was getting the 2 or 3 gallon model from http://www.micro-reefs.com/aquariums.html what clip-on lighting system should I target? Keep in mind I am interested in quiet and total equipment cost (excluding livestock/rock) under $200 total. Also interested in what http://www.picoaquariums.com/ has to offer but I can't seem to figure out a price on anything and some links indicate the company is taking a break for the summer? Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. $150 for a 1 gallon aquarium is a good deal? Now I remember why I left the hobby... LOL! That Fluval 5 gallon is pretty slick but maybe a little bigger footprint than I was looking for.
  4. Thinking about getting back into the hobby after a long time away. I just want something small around 2-5 gallons and simple with live rock, zoos, and a single shrimp to put next to my computer monitor. I want it low tech, low maintenance, and quiet. Do any of the current packages on the market fit this bill? Is the Picotope 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005X5O4AY) any good? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am an awful woodworker, but if it only looks nice in the picture I'll take your word for it. Thanks for the good info. I could always put fans in the stand for heat transfer but I do worry about water flow around the probe. Hmmmm.
  6. Cool thanks. I agree, in a tank that small those things could be difficult anyways. I have considered an IceProbe but we'll see. I was thinking I could send one up through the bottom and then have a cut-out in the little desk stand that it hangs through.
  7. Shao, I have a two part question for you: 1) I've never owned a NanoCube 6 or even seen an IceProbe in person but I hope to have both soon. I don't plan on that much light but will probably need the IceProbe on a six gallon setup in Phoenix. So I'm wondering if in theory an IceProbe could be installed up through the bottom of the tank using a stand that has a cut-out that the outside peice of the IceProbe slides into? Assuming this would have to stick up through the display area and be covered with live rock, does the probe need more circulation around it to work properly? 2) Any interest in building one of those stands for me? If so, name your price. Thanks!
  8. I am looking to set up a six gallon NanoCube soon and notice I can get a 36 watt lighting version or a 54 watt one. With the Phoenix summer heat I am leaning towards the 36 watt version but I wanted to ask you all what could I keep in the 54 watt setup that I could not under the 36 watts? Thanks!
  9. Um, okay... Usually people are subscribed to posts that they care about .... but thanks for the advice bill.
  10. Chromis

    Tigahboy's nc6

    Hey Tigahboy, was this picture taken when you first set up the tank? If not how do you keep your sand so clean?
  11. I got a response from nanocustoms.com... "I am working on a NC 6 ICA that should be released in Feb." Hooray!!
  12. Nothing except me! Since this would be small I may consider it however the thing that drew me to this tank is how contained it is.
  13. Fish Stick: I actually just emailed them posing the question about their chillers or other ideas on a 6 gallon. I'll post back with what they say. acuoio: Thanks for the great info on the pump, I'll definately make sure I get the new model when I'm ready to get started. I fear that alone won't solve my the heat problem though since I want to run this with the top on in Arizona. I used to have an Eclipse 6 just with the stock lights and it would hit 90 degrees, luckily the guppies didn't mind . I have emailed them for ideas though.
  14. That is it but read that page again: "This device mounts in place of one of your 60mm Cooling fans in the 2004 or 2005 Nanocube 12g DX & 24g DX." It isn't for the little 6 gallon. Thanks for the warning proraptor I did read that all over the place. I will how ever take my chances in exchange for such a sleak looking setup. So back to the chiller delimma ... any else have ideas?
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