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  1. FS: Purple-tip Neon Frogspawn - $15

    My heads would cost much more but let's not change the subject let's focus on the sale
  2. FS: Purple-tip Neon Frogspawn - $15

    6 more left... Bump
  3. FS: Purple-tip Neon Frogspawn - $15

    in SF. please PM. thanks
  4. My frogspawn is getting too big for my tank and looking to sell a couple of the heads to free up some space. I had this guy for over two years and it's thriving in my tank. Very nice bright green + purple tips. $15/head + shipping. Bay area for the local pick ups. thanks!
  5. chaeto

  6. chaeto

    I will clean my display sump this weekend and would like to get rid of some chaeto. If you are interested pm me. $10 for a handful shipped. thanks
  7. Henningero: I am located in San Francisco. 2 day priority is fine. Markushka: Yes - I still have the cloves. Which kind do you want? Liams or the regulars? I don't have zoas to sell currently. only these two kinds of cloves and the frogspawn. thanks!
  8. opps... need more coffee... yes frogspawn
  9. These are growing very nicely and I need to make room for other corals. Pics are attached. Hammer coral is a very nice purple-tip variety. $15/head Liam's orange green polyps 10$/polyp. If you buy multiple polyps, make your offer. I also have regular clove polyps but they don't have the green fluorescence like Liams. they also look less "fluffy". 7$ I believe shipping would be 35 for overnight or 12 for priority but need to check with your zipcode. thanks
  10. Super Corals $15.00

    what is available?
  11. chaeto fs

    going to clean up my sump this weekend. send me a pm if you need chaeto+pods. a hdanful - 10$ shipped. can ship next Monday
  12. Sold please close

    would be great if you let us know what is left of the corals.. thanks
  13. shrimps keep dying

    no copper treatments. everything else are extremely happy, polyps are nice and open.
  14. shrimps keep dying

    thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea to evaporate the LFS water slowly. But these shrimps were from two different places so I think it has something to do with my aquarium's salinity, copper etc. I use RO/DI water. May be also my water is just "too clean". Like I said I had 5-6 aquariums before and this time I am seeing these weird things. When cycling for example, once everything is set, some green algae starts to grow right, covers the glass..? in this aquarium, no matter how I waited no sign of that algae. And I put more and more animals in there but I notice I get very little algae in this aquarium. I don't know if it has anything to do with the shrimp situation. may be I will test for copper and see if that is up.