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  1. Waiting for payment.. both items are on hold. -Nick
  2. pics available upon request (pics from my camera phone, but decent quality pics)
  3. 4 month USED Current USA 2x40w PC lighting. Includes both bulbs (actinic, and day) 2 moonlight's ballast and legs. Purchased online for $125, will sacrifice $65 plus shipping. GUARANTEED light will work upon arrival. I also have a used CPR 18" Aquafuge with the Jalli 18w PC light w/legs for the fuge, $65 plus shipping for fuge and light. This is a $150+ deal here.. Last but not least, a Mag 1.9 (bought in Jan. from marinedepot, $15+ ship) pump and JAGER 75w heater (from same MD order, $10 shipped. All items taken care of properly, and will be shipped in a professional manner. I take paypal (nicklange17@gmail.com) PM me before purchase! Thanks for looking..