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  1. Babycakes' 9g Jebo sps garden and zootopia

    wow...............................seems so long ago that i was so into this EXPENSIVE HOBBY just wanted to say i stopped reefin. due to the high maintenance, my crazy shopaholic habits on coral (clothes, shoes, etc) $$$!!, and the fact that my tank DIED under the care of one of my girl friends during winter vacation '05 (I grieved for the longest time and i was uneccessarily mad at my friend for a brief moment) so anyways. some advice to newbie reefers: -only spend what you need and not what you want -realize that saltH2O reefs are VERY high maintenance ($$, time, and research) -and makes sure you have a very well trained tanksitter if you decide to go on vacation I'll probably end up doing this hobby again in the future... but not until I'm married, have a house, and have a good amount of $$ and time on my hands. so take care guys and best of luck!
  2. Babycakes' 9g Jebo sps garden and zootopia

    nothing new to report, well i have some new sps, my rbta is now a bright reddish orange and it's bigger, and some of my zoo colonies are melting or closing......like for example my glitter zoos. i had this huge colony of new glitter zoos and they were melting so i dipped them and now there's only 1 polyp left!!! PITA! and my new solomon clove colony was closed so i dipped those too, now they're not opening and they have shriveled stalks...god. so other than those losses everything is fine. oh yeah, i submitted this photo at www.nanotank.com contest. if you have a membership there, vote for me! i really wanna win a nanocube6
  3. glitter zoos

    this was the last good photo i had before nudis got to them and the dip. now there's only 1 polyp struggling to not melt *cries*
  4. mr. nice guy

    awesome! gives a whole meaning to pretty but deadly
  5. Proraptor’s 60 Gallon Cube (24”x24”x24”)

    i vote you get a picture your crab and change it to your avatar
  6. 72 Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front Evolution...

    that's why you NEVER tell your significant other how much $$$ you've spent! it's like a general reefkeeping rule btw, your tank is looking excellent
  7. pookstreet's custom 30G acrylic tank (lotta pics)

    kenny! your big white rock is looking awesome
  8. Custom Overflowing Tank for Clams

    i can't wait to see this tank stocked
  9. Unique Blasto W morph for trade

    booooooooooooooooooooooo. i've always wanted a piece of that blasto *cries*
  10. --> winniebagel's 30G long upgrade <--

    *Knock Knock* anyone home? winnie! update! hope you and your tank is doing well
  11. uchiha's 40R

    Daniel! it's been several hours since you last posted...where is the FTS?!? lol
  12. In need of an iceprobe and controller..

    try pointing a fan towards your tank and set your place to a cooler temp
  13. Babycakes' Custom Cube Project

    so 12" wide and 9" deep for the overflow box? sounds good! means i more room on the sides to figure out the plumbing. what pump are you using, kenny to drip your kalk/top off water? could i drip kalk/RO on my 10g right now? i got an aqualifter for my dosing right now, will that be fine? yeah daniel! hi! yeah, it's a new project for me and i haven't even been reefing for a year yet! i must be crazy.
  14. uchiha's 40R

    Daniel!!!! you're alive! great pics got any more? like fts?? lol. do you only have one perc for now?
  15. Babycakes' Custom Cube Project

    9" on the overflow box? what's the min. width i need on it? i'm rethinking the sump return placement...maybe if the pipes were a pretty dark grey color or black i'd be fine with it. i'll have to see. omg. i didn't know equipment can be so $$$ for some reason it's so easy for me to drop $150 on one coral than it is to invest in some equipment. would a calcium reactor be too much? i saw a setup where a guy ran his RO top off through a kalk reactor with a spectrapure litermeter3. gah....omg. so i'm going to have to buy t-5's, a better protein skimmer, a calcium reactor, OM super squirt, plumbing stuff, and a custom tank for this new project. I'll have to sell my ice probe w/ control and AquaCRemora w/ MJ1200, current USA orbit 2x65w fixture. reefing is expensive.