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  1. this was the last good photo i had before nudis got to them and the dip. now there's only 1 polyp struggling to not melt *cries*
  2. awesome! gives a whole meaning to pretty but deadly
  3. yowzers! that yuma is ggoooooooooooooorgeous
  4. another awesome tank from socal
  5. awesome! i love these softie reefs
  6. still don't know what i'm doing but i drew this up on paint using Sinistard's, winniebagel's and tigahboy's tank plans as reference. help?
  7. awesome pili! is that a seio to the right?
  8. wow a german reefer try they're selling in europe now
  9. lol wow you found that thing? great find, good thing you returned it to the sea! a hilarious story we all learn from our mistakes
  10. one of my faves! these are so healthy, eats like a beast. i should take a pic of it with it's 'lolita lips' when it's hungry
  11. thanks guys yeah the red shows brighter from the top! next time i'll take a pic of Marge in the RBTA! she just hosted today
  12. cloves are so hard to care for. i had a rock that fell on one and all the rest of it's brothers and sisters closed up too and eventually shrivelled up like the first clove and they weren't even touched by the rock!!! but if you keep an eye of them then they'll multiply as fast as zoas
  13. dennis i hate you! and here i am thinking about selling my blastos how crazy was i! well i sold my red one *cries*