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  1. FS: Refractometer $20 shipped!

    Sale pending....if it falls though, I will update this thread. I am selling this becuase I no longer have a reef tank nor plan to anytime in the near future. I sold my nanocube tank when I moved from LA to Tucson a year ago but kept some of the equiptment just in case I decided to start up again. But things changed and I decided to try my hand at zebra plecos and planted tanks instead!
  2. I have a National Industiral Supply refractometer for sale. It works wonderfully! It is black and silver and essentially brand new. It comes in the original case, with the original instuctions, calibrating screwdriver, and cheap-o water dropper. I am asking $20 which includes shipping. I'd like to get payment via PayPal (mistern2005@gmail.com). Please e-mail me at the same address with questions!
  3. I've actually got out of the saltwater game....it's way too tough to find good stuff out here in Tucson, Arizona. But I have some good saltwater equiptment for sale. Refractometer, National Industiral Supply, RHS-10ATC Salinity Refractomer. This refractomer is used, however is is absolutely wonderful condition. It comes with: -Instructions, including temperature correction -Gathering dropper -calibrating screwdriver -padded custom case The website of the compay is NISUPPLY.COM ZooMed PowerSweep 228 Powerhead:, Automatic Self-Rotating Powerhead Wavemaker, Item PS-40, 270gph. I hooked up this powerhead one time (in freshwater). It works great and is essentially "new in the box". If by chance anyoe reading this is bored or looking for a Pengin 125 filter, random Rio parts, I have some avalaible. Also I am willing to make trades if you have any of the following: -Very cool, "low-tech" freshwater plants -Eco Complete -Lightly used/new Pengin 660 Powerhead -Efifsynth, for Eheim Professional II series (model 2026) -Eheim Course Blue Pad(s) for Professional II series (model 2026) -Spare Eheim 2026 Parts PM or e-mail me if interested at mistern2005@gmail.com.
  4. Mantis Pico FS (Maybe?)

    stock lighting with fishbowl innovations moonlight. ALL IS STILL UP FOR GRABS!!!!!!!!!
  5. Free mantis, urchin, LR, etc...

    Google Maps says 95 miles.
  6. Free mantis, urchin, LR, etc...

    bump, bump, bump!!!
  7. Free mantis, urchin, LR, etc...

    bump...seriosuly, no takers?
  8. Okay.... Appearantly the deamand is not here...SO, the FIRST person to e-mail me back and guarantee s/he will come to my place this weekend (Tucson, AZ 85718) to pick up will get ALL OF MY LIVESTOCK FOR FREE. This includes: -Mantis Shrimp -Small black urchin -4lbs Fiji LR -Two pest anemones -various hermit crabs the shrimp hasn't eaten yet You will have to all ALL of the livestock, not just some of it. Also, you will need to bring some sort of containers/bags for transport as well. If you plan on flaking, DO NOT e-mail me. If you are serious about adopting my livestock AND can pick it up this weekend, let me know....it's YOURS!!! Also, if you have water containers I'll give you the 7 gallons of salt water I have lying around.
  9. I think the title of the other thread is a little confusing.... The entire set up is for sale. I am located in Tucson, AZ 85718. I'd prefer local pickup and I'm looking for $50 for the enitre setup.... Here is a link to the previous thread with all the details.... http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...0&gopid=742012&
  10. Mantis Pico FS (Maybe?)

    Everything is still for sale, I am looking to get $50 for the enitre setup. PM me if interested....
  11. Mantis Pico FS (Maybe?)

    I've made the move to Tucson, but the tank is still for sale.
  12. Mantis Pico FS (Maybe?)

    Here is a picture of Dr. Evil himself....
  13. Mantis Pico FS (Maybe?)

    Pictures of the tank...
  14. I'm looking to sell my little "pico" tank. Here is what's for sale: - 3gal Eclipse, in decent shape, back is painted black - 3" peacock mantis shrip - Small black urchin - One aptaisa and a rock anemone - Several hermit crabs - powerhead mini - Single tube moolinght from Fishbowl Innovations - 4lbs fiji liverock It's a neat little tank, the regular lighting sucks, but the moonlight sure makes for a neat nightlight. I really like this little tank, but I keep moving and don't really have the time to take good care of it. Make me an offer for all or part of it. I'd prefer local pick up - Tucson, ARIZONA 85718, but if you willing to gamble I will ship (but I have NO expereince shipping and make no guarantees). If interested, e-mail: mistern@hotmail.com
  15. So I'm debating on wheter or not to move my 3g Eclipse to Arizona with me. Right now the tank has approx 3lbs of LS and a 4lb chunk of Fiji LR, small 25W titanium heater, microject powerhead, Fishbowl Innovations moonlight, and it's home to a small peacock mantis shrimp, Dr. Evil. I'm trying to see what I can get for it. If you are interested and make me an offer I can't refuse I'll sell it. Otherwise, Dr. Evil is going to Arizona with me. PM me if interested. I will post a picture tomorrow night (11/3).