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  1. Hi All! I searched through previous posts and wanted to check my idea on acclimation and I'm still not sure about the PCs. I just switched from a hood with the following four PC bulbs 28w 6700k, 28w 10,000k, and two 28w blues to a hood with one 150w 10,000k MH and two 65w dual blue 460nm and 420nm actinics. Not sure if it maters, it's over a 30gal bow with brain, mushrooms, zoes, candy cane, leather, pulsing xena. I'm currently running the bues for 12 hours and the whites for 10. With the new hood I was going to start by running the MH for two hours increasing by 30 minutes a day until I get to 4 hours. I'd hold there for a week and incease period by and hour and hold a week repeating until back to 10 hours. IS this a good plan for the MH? On the PCs my new hood has more actinic output, 130 watts, than the total of the old hood, 96 watts. Do I need to reduce their photo period as well? I love my new Current Outer Orbit, great mounting hardware. Can't raise hood more since wife, kids, dogs, macaw all around tank.
  2. drparker

    Which Aragalive Flavor?

    I went with Figi Pink last week. It's what I expect sand to look like. Drew
  3. drparker

    Salinity and Temperature

    Thanks for link. Very good read. drew
  4. Just picked up a used Custom Sealife 4x32 watt fixture for $25. Going to use if over my 28gal bow 24" wide by 18" tall. Been reading and searching around the forum and if I've got it right coral needs actinic 03 light and if I add 7100k blue is just for looks? Also to go 6700k or 10000k is also for looks? MarineDepot has the following 32w square pin bulbs I can use; Dual 6700k, 6700k/10000K, dual 10000k, actinic 03/10000k, actinic 03/7100k blue, and 7100k blue/10000k. The fixture has two power cords, so I thought I'd have a actinic 03/7100k blue and a actinic 03/10000k turn on first. After an hour I'd have two 6700k/10000k buls turn on. That would give me two actinic 03, one 7100k blue, two 6700k and three 10000k tubes. Does that seem like a good mix? How would you do it? thanks for looking. Drew
  5. drparker

    what camera to buy?

    Read DPreview for sure. Do you already have any canon or Nikon lens. If so you should get the SLR that works with them. I have a Canon digital rebel and love it. read about shooting raw vs jpg.
  6. drparker

    free testing

    Free if buying something, else .5 for each basic and 1.00 for each Iodine, calcium, phosphate. Drew
  7. drparker

    Stocking choices for a 30g w/fuge

    We really want to go with the Flame hawk and six line. Will they cause any problems for the scooter or a cleaner shrimp? Does anyone have any thoughts on the clingfish? Thanks, Drew
  8. drparker

    What happened to my percs?

    How did you acclimate? My LFS runs the salinity very low like 1.018 for their fish. They might have gotten a shock from change in salinity or pH. I do a drip from an airhose for at least an hour before putting them in the tank. You'll find others here that do nothing and just drop them in right away. Drew
  9. drparker

    gramma or dottyback?

    I've got a 24G tank that has a royal in with a yellow tail damsel and two clowns. this seems to be a god mix. We've got some rocks glued to the back wall of the tank and the royal will swim with it's belly towards the nearest rock always. It hide for about a month but is now out and active all the time. Drew
  10. I've started a new 30 gal tank with 10 gal fuge. Wife and I have picked a few favorite fish and want some recommendations on what mixes of these would be good. From reading we think we can have 5 to 6 in this setup,is that right? We will also have a cleaner shrimp. Here are the fish we want to pick from; Flame Hawk Six line Scooter blenny purple firefish maroon clown or pair of true percula blue/green chromis yellow tail damsel Yellow stripe clingfish The cling fish seem really cool here's a link to Dr. Fosters page Yellow strip clingfish And who should we add first and/or last? Any ideas or experiences with these you can share would help a lot. thanks, drew
  11. drparker

    Can't raise Iodine, need help

    Just incase I took out the Chemipur and Phosban three weeks ago. Only thing I have is a sponge in chamber one. Everythings doing great, just wish I could get the colt to attach to something. Drew
  12. drparker

    Can't raise Iodine, need help

    DiverDave, Yes AP is Aquarium Pharmaceuticals ( had to look it up). Sorry using my own abbrevations from my log. Nitrite is at zero and Nitrate is less than 5 ppm. I understand several things use Iodine, inverts use it when they molt and I think corals also use some of it. Drew
  13. drparker

    New tank help

    I ran into this when I started with freshwater a few years ago. There a several ways to test for Ammonia. I use the AP kit with two chemicals. The AP kit with one chemical can get false positives from water and cycle additives. Some kits are more sensative, does yours step from zero to .25 or from zero to .5, Could be you see no change between zero and .5 and they see something lower than your kit gets between zero and .25. drew
  14. Help, I've had my tank running for almost 4 months and can't get Iodine levels at all. I use AP tests for the basics and was having LFS test for calcium and Iodine. I was adding triple dose levels of Kent Iodine and they kept telling me my levels were at zero. So I figured they were screwing up and couldn't test right. I bought Salifert CA and Iodine test kits and also switched from Kent Iodine and calcium to Salifert. Now, after 3 weeks barely .01 Iodide and no Iodate with the test kit. I'm adding half the weekly dose twice a day! That's 7x :blush: Got any ideas or suggestions? Do other people have problems? Here's my setup; Stock 24G Nano with added water flow from Rio 90 pump. 2 clowns, damsel, royal gramma, Cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, 7 blue leg hermits, 5 Astera, 2 turbo, 5 cirth and 7 nassura snails. Xenia, GSP, open brain, candy cane, devil hand, colt and zoo corals. Current levels test values SG = 1.025 I =< .01 KH = 8 pH = 8.1 CA = 420 Na = < 5 all other tests at zero and I do a 3 gallon water change weekly using R/O and Kent salt. Thanks for any help, I'm going batty trying to figure this out. Thanks, Drew
  15. I'm going to do a 10 gal fuge under a 28 gal main tank. 3.2 foot head from top of main tank to shelf fuge will sit on. Planning to use a mag-drive 3 pump though a SCWD. I thinking flow rate will be about 230 gph from returns into tank. Going to use a CPR CS50 overflow. Q1. How far apart should the three baffle walls, between in-flow and fuge area, be placed? I was thinking about an inch. Q2 Should the baffle from fuge to pump area be lower? Q3. Should the pump area baffle be a single wall or the three wall type? Thanks, Drew