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  1. [STOCK] amcgee

    I guess I'm out. I came home from work today to find my floor soaked in water, my tank with a huge crack down the side, and my roomates laptop power supply fried. I had the tank running for two days with live sand and live rock with no problems then bam it's all gone. Niether JBJ nor my LFS where I bought it warranty against cracks, which is good cause I punched a hole in it in frustration. I don't have the will or the cash to start over, but good luck to all still in. Andy BTW I now have a 6g hood and stock pump for sale if anyone in the open contest is looking for something to practice on. PM me with questions.
  2. Contest Start

  3. This was really tough. I'm a college student so it took some real searching. I found a lot of things in the fridge that used to be vegetables, but for your sake and mine I settled on this:
  4. My first coral, pom pom xenia

    Dosing Suggestion: If you don't test for it don't dose it. You'll usually end up overdosing without testing.
  5. My Dream Aquarium

    It's definetly a sweet tank. As Stanley mentioned with this thing there is no topping off, no dosing, no water changes, i don't even think you have to feed the fish (you can set it up to dose food too). The only thing you'd have to do is keep the glass clean, but that would be a task an a half (Also note the magfloat to clean it is $300).
  6. My Dream Aquarium

    This is my dream aquarium. What do you think it would set me back?
  7. [STOCK] amcgee

    I just got my cube from my LFS for $79.99. Just like nanocustoms without any shipping, definetly a killer deal. Pictures will follow. Good Luck to All, Andy
  8. I have a nice tuft of GSP that will grow nicely given the right conditions, and some left over green striped mushrooms that I don't need. They aren't really anything special, but both have nice coloring and I'm sure some upstart reefer would be interested. PM me with any questions. They are available FREE by pickup in Santa Barbara, CA only. I won't ship anything don't even ask.
  9. Nanocube 24g 4.36 series PRESALE

    hi Chris Will the new hood be compatible with the old hinges or will they need to be hacked off like with the 12DX? Also any update as to the eta? Thanks, Andy
  10. Xtreme Billyblanco Skimmer

    Killer job on this thing I really want to build my own. About how much did it cost in total? Could we get that diagram?
  11. Clownfish Behavior????

    My clown had a similar swimming pattern when I first got him, but stopped a couple of days later and now is quite active all around the tank. He also reverts to swimming up and down the glass for a short time any time I remove him to move my rockwork around. So I'm thinking it's just something clowns do when they are stressed. As for not touching the rockwork, mine is the same i've got a nice set of caves set up but he won't go near them. I think it's just the kind of fish that clowns are. For a fish that's active in and out of rockwork I love my six line wrasse.
  12. Moving my 24g nanocube

    Alright you guys talked me into it. Wheels are coming off, a couple of extra L brackets are going on. And I'll drain the whole thing. Am I right in thinking that i need to leave enough water to cover the live sand or should I remove that too?
  13. So I just found a killer stand for my 24g nanocube, but I have to move my tank from its current position (my dining room table) to the new stand. I was thinking that if I removed roughly half the water I could move the tank with a couple of my buddies help. The tank is only moving 2-3 feet to the new stand and I plan on moving it as slow as possible with 3 other guys. Does this sound like a bad plan, or should I be ok. Any other precautions I should take? By the way I got the stand at Lowe's, it's a black kitchen island (on wheels) with a granite top, i highly recomend it to someone looking for a 24g nano stand, as its very sturdy and quite nice looking. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. What is the coolest thing you own?

    My Clownfish, he's always out and about and so curious.
  15. I bought a small piece of live rock (a triangle about 1" by 2") and have set it nicely in a notch in my live rock arrangement with a good amount of contact between the two pieces of rock. My question is: should I take some of the Zoos and superglue them to the large live rock or just let them spread? Is there even any real advantage to one way over the other? Also what procedures and precautions should I take in removing individual Zoos from the live rock?