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  1. Orchid Dottyback

    I don't know how quickly you should retract that statement. I am only speaking from personal experience but I have dealt with dottybacks on two separate occasions with unpleasant results. The first one picked on everything, other fish, crabs; I even watched one pull a feather duster out by its cap. Ended up having to pull out all my corals and rockwork in order to catch him.... The second one was bought for my second tank, thinking I just got a jerky one the first time around. This one was more into bullying fish even though he was added last to a tank with more than enough room. Had to pull out the rock in the new tank once more to get this one out......Maybe I just got two jerk wad dottybacks in a row....... I won’t take a chance on third though =)
  2. I have a couple of 12-gallon nanocubes up and running and I've been looking into buying a new tank. I have been looking for some time now but I'm still debating my best plan of action. I like the new 24-gallon Aquapod but I have my mind set on halides, the halide version seems to be a bit low in the watt department at 70 watts. But I figure it wouldn't be hard to throw a couple PCs up there to up the wattage and add some actinic lighting. The price or this would probably run about $350 for the tank and halide (drsfostersmith.com), plus $30 or so for the Current USA nano skimmer, and plus the additional money ($30-$40) for the PC rig I would have to throw up top. My next option would be the 20-gallon Finnex M tank with halides and actinic built in from Nanotuners. The lighting and price of this system is a great deal at around $420 (don’t know if this tank includes its own pump like the pods do though). I would be getting a huge increase in lighting with this system as well as not having the hassle of rigging up the PC lights, but the main drawbacks are as follows: lose the 4 gallons extra from the 24, not a big deal, the main drawback in my eyes in that the tank is acrylic and not glass. I have always liked glass tanks for their durability, and their ease of cleaning. I always hear friends saying they have a huge problem of getting coralline off of acrylic without it taking 45 minutes and developing tennis elbow, while on glass I use a metal razor edged windshield scraper and the tank is spotless in less than one minute regardless of how coated the glass is. I also have some questions about how the back of the Finnex M tank works, and how some others have set their Finnex tanks up (if they left the filter system as is, if a fuge was implemented, how well the Finnex skimmer works?). As is stands both tanks seem to come out to around the same price, which is about $420 plus shipping and add ons like heater, thermometer, etc. Also any other tank options that you could think of for about 400-500 would be appreciated. Now that I think about it I should probably explain about the amount and type of livestock I plan on keeping. I would like to have around 3 fish all on the medium to small side (clown, some type of shrimp goby, gramma) and mostly soft and LPS corals shrooms, zoos, acan. The only livestock I would like to own that requires high lighting is a maxima clam and maybe some hardy varieties of SPS. Thanks for any input received, Max
  3. tank water dilemma

    The regular green cap drinking water from Wal-Mart is R/O filtered and has always worked fine in my nano.....just so you know.
  4. I have a blood shrimp who has only been in my tank about a week. He was perfectly healthy untill this morning, I saw him laying underneath a ridge of rock on the sandbed. he seems to be twutching slightly but not moving from that spot. I have a peppermint shrimp and some snails and hermits who all seem fine. I tested the wwater and all my levels are perfect. I was thinking maybe he is just molting, but being that I have never seen one in the process of molting I'm not sure. btw, the tank is only a little over a month old.
  5. Crab got the boot!

    Yeah, I'm pretty positive..... I have seen them in other reef tanks and have read a fair amount about them in the past (due to the fact I was considering buying one until I realized I had one as a hiker). Unless its a crab which looks *exactly* the same as a white shelled, red spotted, porcelain anemone crab (Neopetrolisthes sp). I figure it’s probably just the disposition of this one crab, considering they are relatively peaceful according to most accounts I have heard.
  6. Crab got the boot!

    I have a hitchhiker porcelain anemone crab; I thought he was interesting enough so I let him be. I noticed last week my peppermint shrimp was missing a portion of his leg. I figured he must have gotten too close to the crab, no big deal. Today I see the porcelain crab tackle the shrimp, take him into some sort of pseudo-sleeper hold, and rip off an antenna. At that point my mission became clear: the crab must go! So I cut some holes in a clear plastic cup and trapped the little guy (after about and hour of rock moving and aggravation). He’s off to the fish store tomorrow; hopefully the next person that gets him realizes they have a professional wrestler on their hands.
  7. ten gal. nitrate problem

    three fish in a 10 gallon is alot. Especially 2 clowns and a dotty, when all those fish get full size(if they arn't already) things are going to get worse. I would either get that dotty out of the tank or at least get a skimmer on the tank and keep up with 15-20% water changes per week.
  8. Petco cruelty

    "Petno: Where the Pets Die" like it's some sort of animal concentration camp. Did you see any of the other articles on that page? I know some Petcos have their flaws (I’ve seen some poor conditions in several of their stores) but I've also seen Petcos with associates who basically knew what they are doing and had very good conditions for the animals. Also to place the blame squarely on Petco is flawed logic. They state how difficult to care for animals like ferrets or birds are peddled off to unknowing consumers. I think it’s more of a consumer’s responsibility to decide if they can care for such animals or not. "Gee, I think I'll buy this bird because this 17 year old Petco associate told me I can do it." I don't know about that. Jeez, PETA cracks me up, Like the time they gave out pictures of slaughter houses and dismembered cow remains in happy meal bags to children at McDonalds......
  9. which clown in jbj

    How about black percs or saddle backs? Or if your willing to shell out some money, black onyx......
  10. Chaeto in my Display??

    I Have a cube and I use chaeto in the main display. I have about a 3-4 inch ball that I wedge between the outward flow nozzel and the side of the glass. Then I stick my mag float in front of it to keep it held in place, this also hides the whole thing. The only way you can really tell its there is if you look in the extream corner of the glass next to the nozzel. This would probably work on tanks besides cubes if it was wedged up against a powerhead or something similar, maybe even behind a powerhead where it still has a fair amount of light from above.
  11. fish first or coral?

    I was wondering what everyone’s preference was on what to add to a new tank first, fish first or corals? I've seen a couple people suggest fish first and vise versa. I was thinking corals (shrooms, zoo) might be easier to add first due to the small amount of bio-load they contribute compared to a fish (small clown, goby), but then I figure corals also would probably be better suited to a more established tank.....hrmmm. Any opinions?
  12. What is the best online fish store?

    I second that opinion on petsolutions. I have ordered livestock (inverts/fish) as well as drygoods from them on various occasions without incident.
  13. I was looking into starphire tanks recently also,here is a page thats got a good sized list of custom builders Custom Aquarium links I've been to the custom aquariums House of Fins store in Greenwich, CT, it is a little expensive but really quality work. I would just call the random places and tell them what you want and ask for price estimates, see how they filter out.
  14. Tank starting questions

    1. I agree with geekreef, it would not be difficult at all. Just keep up with weekly waterchanges and filter/ media replacment. 2. Again I agree with geekreef, go larger if possible. Check out the new 6 gallon nano cube, I know its not 5 gallon or below but its still rather small and has everything you need for your purposes. 3. Any type of hermit would do well, porcelain anemone crabs or regular porcelain crabs would work too. As for shrimp almost anything would do fine. Fire shrimp, skunk cleaner, peppermint, even a coral banded if you kept him by himself. In somehting like a 6 gallon I would only keep a small number of these though. Maybe one skunk cleaner, 3 or 4 hermits, 3 or 4 snails and possibly a very small goby, like a yellow clown goby. But thats just what I would do =)
  15. Citron Goby?

    Don't they pick at shrimp? especially if the shrimp are smaller?