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  1. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    Usually problems are caused by either the container not being rigid enough or the seal not being completely airtight. Often, if the container deforms due to the pressure, it can compromise the seal. By rigid, I mean you should barely be able to push the container in by squeezing it with your hand, if at all. I would try re-sealing, or if you aren't sealing with silicone (or something), try sealing everything. When you tested the topoff, was water lifted up into the air inlet tube? The water will not stop dripping from the outlet until it reaches a certain level (above tank water level) in the inlet tube. That's the level that balances out the pressure in the reservoir. Good luck.
  2. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    The detachable tubes are on the one pictured above (the acrylic canister with the ball valve). Basically I just put some stiff tubing through single-holed rubber stoppers. Then you can just put the flexible vinyl tubing either over or inside the stiff tubing. You refill the jar by removing either your rubber stopper (on the sun tea jar version) or opening the ball valve (on the other version). If there is pressure built up, this will release it, but afterwards it will only drip enough water to build the pressure back up. My system only adds about 20ml (3/4 oz) to re-establish the vacuum hold, if the water level is already correct. That amount depends on the volume of your air inlet tube. I don't have the link on hand, but someone on NR has built a very small version of this using a nalgene-type water bottle for their small nano. If anyone has the link, please post it.
  3. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    Doing my best. I haven't been hanging out on NR as much lately because I've been working on a 65 gallon system. I know, I know... Since a few people have asked me about this, here's a picture of the container I've been using for the last 3 years for this kind of top off (I never set up the little tank I was going to use the sun tea jar topoff with). The container is an acyrlic canister (about 1 gallon) that originally held some sort of pasta. That's probably the cheapest way to buy one if you can find it. I think it was purchased at Sam's Club. Unlike the sun tea jar, I added a bulkhead to the top with a ball valve attached to add water. The drip line and air inlet tube are going through one-holed rubber stoppers, though if I rebuilt it today I might try using some rubber grommets (like little uniseals). I've had almost no problems with this setup, except for the drip line (an IV line) occasionally getting clogged or staying pinched by the thumb roller that controls the drip rate. But I consider those very minor problems that are easy to fix. Good luck and post up any pictures of your own versions here.
  4. Top off

    My pressure-regulated, gravity-fed auto top off. It uses the same principle as the Sun Tea Jar auto top off. I've been using this for about three years without major issues.
  5. D50 or D70s

    Sorry. Your thread jus got me thinking....
  6. D50 or D70s

    Have you looked into the new Olympus EVOLT E-500?
  7. DIY Library, Nano-Reef's Most Popular DIY's

    Here's tylernt's thread on lots of different auto top-off designs: http://nano-reef.com/forums/showthread.php...&threadid=66752
  8. Easy and cheap cheesy top off.

    You can attach larger tubing to the end of your smaller tubing, but if water is getting sucked into the smaller tubing you'll probably have the same problem. To fix the drip rate you should do something on the dripping end of things. A simple knot in the tubing is probably OK. On my original setup, I have an IV dripper with a roller valve (not sure what it's actually called). I tend to adjust it every few refills.
  9. Easy and cheap cheesy top off.

    The water getting sucked up the air inlet tube is normal. The problem is when the water stays there, which is fixed by having a larger diameter tube. So you're on the right track. Good luck.
  10. Easy and cheap cheesy top off.

    queball: Have you looked at my Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off thread ? It sounds like what this mystery top-off might be.
  11. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    How about Vacuum Regulated Top Off (VRTO). Pronounced ver-to. Or Pressure Regulated Top Off (PRTO, per-to). I didn't realize we'd get to come up with the catchy name. Maybe somehow we could fit in laser or robot or even quantum to make it catchier... Sweet. ...or even NANO!
  12. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    neanderthalman: Yes, the problem is that the air inlet tube is too narrow. You could use a very wide tube as long as it is airtight. This is just pressure, like a vacuum cleaner, which is different than capillary action, which does require a vary narrow tube. Hope that helps. GrizzleBee: Thanks. I actually made one like this a while ago and originally got the (not so original) idea while looking at this: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cap/raid/topoff/sip...phon/index.html JAYJT78: thanks.
  13. Deep Sand Bed vs. Bare Bottom

    Here are some links to the only experiments I've seen looking at different substrate setups. The tanks they used were 3 gallons each, so this should be relevant to nano reefs. They seem to conclude that shallower sand beds are worse and that plenums don't do anything noticable. These are by Rob Toonen in Advanced Aquarist: An Experimental Comparison of Sandbed and Plenum-Based Systems. Part 1: Controlled lab dosing experiments An Experimental Comparison of Sandbed and Plenum-Based Systems: Part 2: Live Animal Experiments Skip down to Overall Summary for their conclusions. Also Eric Borneman wrote an interesting article here: The Old Becomes New, Yet Again: Sandbeds and Vodka
  14. Sun Tea Jar Auto Top-Off

    Glass sun tea jar: Cut spigot and drip tube assembly (sounds fancy): Top of the sun tea jar lid with silicone sealant around the air inlet tube: Bottom of the sun tea jar lid with silicone sealant. Notice the sealant around the holes where the handle on the lid is attached: Sun tea jar lid with rubber stopper (#4) and air inlet tube: Testing:
  15. Testing the sun tea jar auto top-off.

    Lots of pretty plastic items can be seen while I test my sun tea jar auto top-off. This is not actually the final design.