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  1. My pressure-regulated, gravity-fed auto top off. It uses the same principle as the Sun Tea Jar auto top off. I've been using this for about three years without major issues.
  2. Lots of pretty plastic items can be seen while I test my sun tea jar auto top-off. This is not actually the final design.
  3. This is a glass sun tea jar. Getting thirsty??
  4. This is the mounting for the drip tube on the sun tea jar auto top-off.
  5. Top of the sun tea jar lid with silicone sealant around the air inlet tube.
  6. Bottom of the sun tea jar lid with silicone sealant. Notice the sealant around the hole where the handle on the lid is attached.
  7. Sun tea jar lid with rubber stopper (#4) and air inlet tube.
  8. This is a diagram of how my cheap sun tea jar auto top-off works. No pumps or switches. About $10 US.
  9. I got a 10-pack of ricordea from a few weeks ago. This crappy picture shows two different groups of polyps.